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8 Negative Health Side Effects of Marijuana Use

Marijuana use has become a hot topic of interest, and almost everybody is talking about it. Indeed, the primary reason for this buzz about marijuana is the changing international laws and regulations regarding use.

Many regions worldwide have legalized the use of this drug for medical and entertainment purposes. Hence, products packaged in pre roll boxes from are now more easily accessible than ever. Simultaneously, people are curious about finding the positive and negative effects of marijuana use now more than ever.

Furthermore, marijuana is the most popular and widely consumed in the United States. And with softening of the legalities, its consumption is also increasing worldwide. People of all ages, gender, and ethnic backgrounds are now consuming products. However, it is best to know any drug’s potential positive and negative effects before consumption.

Here, we have enlisted the risk associated with excessive marijuana use to help you make the best decision for your health. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. Higher Chances of Depression and Stress

Excessive use of marijuana is harmful to your emotional and brain health. People who consume heavy doses of high-potency products are prone to anxiety and stress. Nowadays, people often consume products to get relief from stress and depression. Indeed, the use of this drug seems helpful in the beginning.

However, consuming high-potency cannabinoid products becomes unhealthy for your emotional health, and you start feeling stressed and anxious rather than relieved.

2. Development of Social Anxiety

The use of marijuana can make a person socially anxious and stressed. An addicted person does not feel comfortable and confident in public gatherings and tries to detach himself from the public. Indeed, such anxious and aloof behavior is highly troublesome for personal growth.

Additionally, people already dealing with an anxiety disorder are more vulnerable to this side effect of marijuana. The leading cause of the onset of social anxiety is the high potency of the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. This cannabinoid has the natural tendency to give you the signature “euphoric sensation” or the “high effect.”

Commonly, people use products to get this “high” and enjoy its tranquilizing and soothing effect. However, if you consume highly potent THC, then it will make you anxious rather than relaxed.

3. Risk of Paranoia

Another common side effect of consuming marijuana is a high risk of paranoia. Excessive absorption of THC in your blood can damage regular sensory operation. Hence, the user becomes hypersensitive and paranoid over imaginary scenarios.

The intensity of paranoia varies from strain to strain. Some strains of marijuana are more potent and intense than others, hence can be more harmful to your brain health.

4. Decrease in Memory, Focus, and Concentration

As stated earlier, the powerful side effect of consuming potent products is the loss of brain health. The absorption of Phytocannabinoids in your system directly affects your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is responsible for regulating the human body’s cognitive function, emotional balance, and numerous physiological functions.

Regular use drastically affects ECS, thus inducing a decrease in your mental strength. Users often lose focus and concentration from daily chores and have difficulty remembering things even in the near future.

5. Reduce Athletic Performance

In addition to losing brain power, excessive use of high-potency marijuana can also affect your physical performance. The high dosage of THC in your blood negatively affects your timing, muscle coordination, energy, and movement of your limbs.

At the beginning of taking a high dosage, you may feel energetic and physically active, but over time you will experience a loss of physical performance. Therefore, if you are a competing athlete or have to perform the best at your job, it is best to stay away from such addictive drugs.

6. Heart Damage

People already having cardiovascular health problems are at high risk of heart damage with marijuana use. Medical science has shown that marijuana use can increase the heart rate and dilate the blood vessels. In turn, the heart has to pump faster to fulfill its nutrients and oxygen needs. This condition can give rise to many heart issues, including myocardial infarction (heart attack).

7. Loss of Decision Power

In the state of a “euphoric high,” people are often unable to think straight. It is common to lose your best thinking ability and decision power under the influence of potent THC. Otherwise, if people make decisions, there is little to no possibility that they will make the best decisions.

8. Decrease in the Testosterone Level

A high intake of THC can cause a decrease in testosterone levels. The lower testosterone level can lead to several health issues, including weight gain, loss of sexual desire, and sluggish behavior.

A Glimpse of Positive Effects of Marijuana Use on Human Health

Though there is a long list of harmful effects of marijuana on your health, it can be beneficial if taken within the specified limit. This recommended limit of marijuana is different for everyone as it depends on our metabolic system.

Some people have fast metabolic systems, so the drug washes out of their bodies sooner than those with slower metabolic systems. In short, if you consume marijuana wisely, you can enjoy its benefits.

  • Relaxes your muscles and helps you get rid of muscle aches.
  • Relieves you from anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Enables you to fall fast asleep.

Helps treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

In Conclusion

Recently, we have seen a rising interest in the use of marijuana products. Undoubtedly, this is an alarming situation, and we all should be vigilant about the potential adverse effects of any drug we consume.

Indeed, marijuana has been medically proven to help people deal with specific health conditions. However, unsupervised use of marijuana, especially for teenagers, can be more harmful than beneficial.

Moreover, this is a highly addictive drug. So, it is best to seek additional treatment if you see any of your loved ones dealing with this addition and enduring harmful effects.