How to Monitor Your Heart Rate Variability – 2024 Guide 

Nowadays, everyone is getting health-conscious, especially after the attack of viruses. Heart rate variability is a record of the difference in time between every heartbeat. The difference in time between every heartbeat is regulated by a part nervous system, commonly known as the autonomic nervous system.

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In this article, you will get insights into the ways to monitor and improve heart rate variability.

Ways to monitor heart rate variability

Monitor through electrocardiogram (ECG) test


The traditional method to measure your heart rate variability is through an electrocardiogram test. The ECG test gives you the most accurate results and can be done only in hospitals. You have to visit a cardiologist to get your ECG test done.

The ECG test allows you to get a complete diagnosis of your heart. It ensures that your heart is working fine and is in good health. ECG tests nowadays are not much expensive and can be done from any medical clinic at your convenience.

Chest strap monitor

Chest strap monitors are quite useful in monitoring your HRV. If you don’t want to pay regular visits to the hospital, then better buy a chest strap monitor to know your heart’s condition. Before buying a heart strap monitor, ensure that you know how to interpret the data and read the signs and the abbreviations.

Also, you must be aware of the average values to ensure that your heart is normal and in good health. Don’t neglect if the readings are concerning. Book an appointment or consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. If you see anything unusual about your health, always get a consultant without any delay. Sometimes small problems lead to bigger health issues.



Using smartwatches is a modern approach to measure heart rate variability. These smartwatches are installed with multiple trackers to monitor the proper well-being of your health. It also allows you to customize your daily activities as per your needs.

Along with health benefits, these smartwatches offer plenty of other features that allow you to navigate your smartphone through your smartwatch. Also, you can connect these watches with fitness applications where you can see a detailed diagnosis of your health and regular fitness activities. You can wear these devices like a regular watch and get updates regularly.

Ways to improve heart rate variability

Visit your doctor regularly


Nowadays, there are a lot of heart diseases that are one of the major causes of premature deaths of senior citizens and might cause severe health issues before it’s too late. To improve your HRV, you must pay regular visits to the nearest cardiologist to get ECG tests. After the reports, the doctor will give a complete analysis of your heart’s condition and will suggest diets and exercise that will improve your HRV.

Take less stress

Stress and anxiety are other reasons that often lead to major health conditions. With the help of smartwatch monitors, you can get precise information about the condition of your heart and improve HRV and the well-being of your health. You can eat good food and get proper exercise to overcome the feeling of stress and anxiety.

Doing regular meditation is a great way to keep yourself away from everyday stress and anxiety. Try to clear your mind from unwanted thoughts and maintain the sleep cycle that will allow you to have a healthy mind and body.

Stop drinking alcohol and eating junk food


Drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy junk food can affect your heart’s condition and increase cholesterol levels that directly impact your HRV. Regular consumption of alcohol and unhealthy street food adversely affects your different body organs as well.

Try to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle to improve heart rate variability up to a greater extent. Get proper healthy eating diets from your doctor/ dietician and live longer with minimal health issues.

Do regular exercise and other fitness activities

Regular exercise and other fitness activities are very important to keep yourself fit and healthy. Regular exercise allows you to maintain your cholesterol levels and improves your HRV. There are fewer chances of falling sick if you are living a healthy lifestyle.

You can customize your daily workout sessions and keep your HRV in check with the help of modern smartwatches that come with multiple health benefits. You can keep a check on your BP, heart diseases, sleep cycles, and much more.

Stay hydrated


Drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated is of utmost importance every day. Water helps to circulate blood throughout your body and provides adequate oxygen and nutrients to keep your body healthy. Try to drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours a day to keep yourself hydrated all day long.

The adequate quantity of drinking water is based on a few factors like your body weight, temperature, the amount of work you are doing and much more. Drinking enough water keeps your HRV consistent and in check.

Effective sleeping hours

Proper sleeping plays an important role in improving your HRV. You must get 7-8 hours of sleep every day for the proper well-being of your mental health. Insufficient sleep can lead to stress and affect your mental peace leading to sleeping disorders like insomnia etc. You can use smartwatches to keep track of your sleeping hours and other activities, including a heart rate monitor.

The Bottom-line

It’s important to monitor heart rate variability regularly. The heart is an important organ, and it is your responsibility to keep it healthy. By updating HRV regularly, you can ensure that your heart is functioning fine. You can use both traditional and modern approaches to track your HRV. These are a few ways to monitor and improve heart rate variability.