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From Eye of the Tiger to We Are the Champions: The Most Played Songs in Sports

Sports rivalries and team rivalries often come hand-in-hand with anthems and songs that evoke passion and motivation. When an athlete steps onto the track, the field, or the court, they are inevitably accompanied by a soundtrack of music.

Sports and Music: A Winning Combination

Sports and music have a long history of forming a winning partnerships. Music has the power to stir up emotions and boost energy levels, making it the perfect accompaniment to sports like march madness picks. Studies have shown that when listening to energetic music during training, athletes’ heart rates can increase and blood flow increases, helping to enhance performance.

“We Will Rock You” by Queen

We Will Rock You” is a 1977 rock song by the British rock band Queen. Written by lead singer Freddie Mercury, it was originally featured on the band’s fourth album News of the World. The song became Queen’s first top 10 hits in the United States, peaking at number four on the singles charts.

This iconic song has become a popular staple of basketball games and sports events worldwide. Its hard-driving beat and chant-like chorus make it perfect for motivating an arena full of fans to cheer and clap. Over the years, many NBA teams have adopted it as their entrance song, played either when they enter the court or after every goal made at home games. The Philadelphia 76ers notably chose this track as their official entrance music from 1999 to 2005.

The stadium classic is also used frequently by sports media outlets during their coverage of NBA events and has become a symbol of powerful team spirit among basketball lovers all around the world.

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most popular songs used in sports. It has become a staple at basketball games, playing during player introductions and important moments throughout the game. It has been featured as a playable track in the NBA 2K video game series, and its infectious beat and driving guitar solos have made it an indelible part of many basketball fans’ experience.

The song was originally released on Osbourne’s album Blizzard of Ozz in 1980 and has become an international hit since then. Its empowering chorus and musicianship provide the perfect backdrop to many unforgettable sporting moments. From carnivals to Saturday morning cartoons, “Crazy Train” continues to keep sports fans rocking out season after season.

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes has become one of the most popular and recognizable songs in sports. Originally released in 2003 as the lead single off their fourth studio album, Elephant, the song has become an iconic anthem across sports stadiums worldwide.

The song opens with a distinctive bass guitar riff that immediately grabs attention and commands an audience’s involvement. This raw energy works extremely well with football crowds who crave attack-oriented music to accompany their favorite teams’ matches. Atop this aggressive yet simple instrumental soundscape, lead singer Jack White sings about conquering fear with determination and confidence. As a result of its straightforwardness and rousing tempo, “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes has become a beloved sporting anthem for many football fans around the world.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses has become one of the most popular songs used in football. This high-octane track is often played as teams come out of the locker room, and it’s well-known for its hard-hitting beats and steady drumming. The song also has a strong lyrical message about a person’s desire to test their limits – something that resonates with many football players.

In addition, “Welcome to the Jungle” has been featured in many sports films and TV commercials. Football players are often shown pumping up for the big game with this song playing in the background. It seems that both players and fans alike have an unwavering connection to its powerful lyrics and sound. It is no surprise that this iconic anthem continues to be one of the most popular songs when it comes to sports music.

“We Are The Champions” by Queen

Queen’s “We Are The Champions” is one of the most-played songs in football, and it has become an anthem for teams around the world. The iconic power ballad is the perfect song to celebrate sportsmanship, with its upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics that vividly express a sense of victory.

Though soccer teams have embraced this song for decades, “We Are The Champions” first made its mark as a football anthem back in 1992 when the Dallas Cowboys adopted it as a victory celebration. Since then, “We Are The Champions” has been frequently used by NFL teams such as the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. It is also used by college teams such as Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Clemson.

Outside of football and other sports arenas, “We Are The Champions” is recognized as a classic rock n’ roll anthem that inspired generations of musicians. Written by British rock band leader Freddie Mercury in 1977, this song became an instant success after its release later that year on their album News of the World. Queen performed many live versions throughout their career, including at Live Aid in 1985 where they delivered an audience-shaking performance alongside “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

“Centerfield” by John Fogerty

The classic rock song “Centerfield” by John Fogerty is one of the most popular songs in sports. This 1985 rock anthem celebrates baseball with its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics. It has been covered by many artists, but it remains a staple of baseball culture. As an iconic piece of music, it has been played at games for decades and is often used for energizing ball players during the game or transitioning from warm-ups to the playing field.

“Centerfield” was written by John Fogerty, who worked as a cook in the US Navy Reserve and recalled his experience when writing it, making it into a metaphor for “America’s pastime.” With its strong imagery of rusty old fields calling older players to come out and try their luck again, “Centerfield” definitely stands out when compared to other popular sports songs. The song opens with sound clips from legendary sports announcer broadcaster Jack Buck’s narration of home runs happening at decaying ballparks across America before transitioning into a light and upbeat guitar rhythm as John Fogerty sings about coming home to centerfield.



Music undoubtedly plays an important role in our appreciation of major sporting events, from blockbuster sports films like Rocky to Super Bowl halftime shows featuring some of today’s most popular musical artists. Songs that have become synonymous with both major championship games and individual athletes will remain a part of our collective sporting memories for years to come.