Stanley Cup Memorabilia: A Deep Dive Into Hockey’s Most Treasured Collectibles

If you are a fan of some team in any sport, then you know how amazing it can be when you get an item from some important game. A lot of people are interested in getting various items. Some of the most popular options are signed jerseys, pucks, trading cards, and more.

Getting anything from some event can be a great decoration in your room. On the other side, you can even gain profit by selling some of them. That is also one of the reasons why so many people are interested in these collectibles.

Therefore, collecting hockey memorabilia can be a very interesting and profitable hobby at the same time. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most valuable items.

Signed Jerseys

Signed Jerseys- hockey memorabilia

It is not a surprise that this is one of the most popular collectibles. The price can depend on various factors like the player, event, year, and more. There are many websites available where singed t-shirts are sold, mostly through auctions.

Keep in mind that there is always a chance to get one from a young player that will become much more popular in the future, which means that your collectible will also gain a much higher value.

There are many examples where jerseys are sold for huge amounts of money. For instance, one worn by Wayne Gretzky during the 80s was sold for over $400,000. It is not a surprise considering that this player is one of the best who played hockey.

Another interesting example is related to the shirt from Bobby Orr, which was sold for nearly $200,000. The jersey is from the game where Bobby managed to win the title of the best defender in the league during the 70s.

One of the most expensive items in this category is the jersey worn by Paul Henderson, with the value of over $1.2 million. Besides that, there are many other items in the same category where the price is over $100,000.

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Sticks as memorabilia - highs values

We have to mention that you should never rush with your decision to buy anything before you are sure it is authentic. When it comes to sticks, proving that the one is from a particular game or used by a particular player can be more challenging. It is crucial to pay attention to some details. Also, consulting a professional is always the best solution.

If you are interested in buying or selling online, be sure to check the website is reliable. Having a stick used by some popular players can secure a large value. For instance, the one used by Gretzky is valued at around $500,000.

The most interesting story is related to one of the oldest sticks ever used in a hockey game. This item was sold for over $300,000. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the person who bought it spent only $1,000. Moreover, the oldest stick used in official games is valued at over $2 million.

Trading Cards

Trading Cards hockey - memorabilia

It is a very old tradition common for over 100 years that officials will release cards of players for the following season. Factors that can affect the value are the same as for all other items. Also, there is another details, which is the fact that creating a special collection can be more challenging.

That is the main reason why there are some cards valued for over $100,000. If you are collecting cards, be sure to keep them in proper condition since that can secure an even higher value. Some of the most expensive samples the card of Bobby Orr, sold for over $10,000, and a signed card of Gordie How, with a similar price.

Other Interesting Items

Any item that was part of some game, or used by some player can be considered as hockey memorabilia. That includes pucks, helmets, photos, and more. In that matter, all of them could provide you with a large profit at some point.

We also have to mention the popular digital assets available these days. For instance, animation of players stored on blockchain, the popular NFTs, and more.

A Profitable Hobby

A Profitable Hobby - hockey puck collection

As we already mentioned, one of the main reasons why so many people are interested in collecting memorabilia is to gain a much higher prize for them. Still, it is not always that simple. You have to be aware of various factors.

The crucial one is to make sure that the shirt, puck, or anything else you are buying is authentic. There are many websites and stores where you can buy these, but not all of them are reliable. In that matter, there is a risk that you could spend a lot of for a copy.

If you are focused on profit, that will require a proper approach. Finding some gem is very rare. Therefore, a much better solution is to focus on players that are active today, especially young and talented ones, with a chance to set new records and have great results.

Investing in trading cards is one of the best options since that is quite affordable. The average set of new cards costs around $30. However, if you manage to create some special collection, the value will instantly become much higher.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that people love owning something special that belonged to some legend of the game, and some of them are prepared to pay a lot for that. Getting something from a Stanley Cup can become especially valuable.

However, if you are planning to start investing in this market, keep in mind that making profit will require some time. You will need luck to find something for a lower price, and then earn a lot by putting that on the auction.

In the end, collecting hockey memorabilia is a great hobby is you prefer watching games all the time. You will fill your room with a lot of interesting decoration. Also, there will always be a chance that some of those items could provide you with large amount of money.