Outthemix Net Worth 2024 – Biography, Age, Net Worth

The music industry generates millions of talented people every year. You will see that many of these names are attractive for a couple of years, and then they fade. At the same time, the most creative and innovative ones manage to establish quite a successful career for themselves. Since we have the internet now, making a name for yourself is easier than it has ever been.

People who enjoy what some artists don’t only listen to the music artists produce, they are also able to support their work through various platforms. Fans either buy the music they produce or support their work generally through Patreon or some similar platforms. With that in mind, it becomes clear why some household names today have started through the internet.

One of the names that have emerged recently is Outthemix, better known after his artist name, Outthemix. If you want to take a look at Outthemix’s latest works, you should pay a visit to the artist’s Instagram account, where you can find all the information and the links regarding his work.

Today, we want to talk about Outthemix, his music, net worth, and biography in greater detail.

Who is Outthemix?

Outthemix was born in Houston, Texas. During his early childhood, he had exposed to a rich musical culture, which is a pretty common occurrence in Houston. As you know, this city is home to countless successful musicians, for practically all genres. While he was growing up, Strickland Jr was fortunate to meet many artists and learn the craft from them.

Furthermore, he was a curious child and was playing with sonic vibrations and interconnected sounds. After years of exposure to these sounds, and music generally, he has emerged as one of the new faces from the local music industry. Like pretty much any young artist during his time, Outthemix has spent countless hours working on his music in his bedroom.

When it comes to the background, Outthemix comes from a traditional family. He often credits his parents as the biggest influences in his life since they taught him some of the most important traits for having a music career, determination and perseverance. These two traits have influenced young artists in pursuing their careers and are important to this day.

Sure, coming across numerous challenges during working on music is nothing new, and you will see that it happens pretty often, no matter what artist we are talking about. When it comes to the household names who have inspired this young man, you will see that he often points out Kanye West, Donald, Glover, and 50 Cent. He even stated that their approach to building their brands inspired him.

Educational Background

Outthemix doesn’t have formal education in music. However, you will see that this is the case with practically all the musicians of the newest generation. The reason is quite simple, all the information they need can be found online. Naturally, being as consistent as possible and creative enough to make sense of things on your own is quite a challenge.

Besides that, it is not only about being able to learn about musicians someone admires, but it is also crucial to experiment as much as possible. Fortunately, the sounds and software artists need to improve their craft are available on the internet and can be obtained relatively easily. Some of these are free and all you need is to download them. So, you can see that education is not crucial in this day and age.

Biggest Influences

Every young artist has several household names he or she admires and strives to follow their example. We’ve already named a couple of names that have influenced Outthemix when it comes to establishing his artist name, Outthemix as a brand. But when it comes to the music itself, you will see that the list of influences is a bit different.

The list of influences is nothing short of exceptional. We are talking about Roger Troutman, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder. Since Outthemix is both a rapper and producer, this list wouldn’t be complete without including some Hip Hop household names like Wu-Tang or 2Pac, names of the older generation, or Eminem or 50 Cent, names of a new generation.


Since Outthemix is at the beginning of his career, you will not find any formal awards or accolades. However, you will see that he has been able to achieve a respectable level of popularity in his home state and a couple of states near it. He performed at numerous festivals and shows, and his name has started to appear on the map of the music industry.

Once again, we would like to point out that the two most important traits for Outthemix’s career are determination and perseverance. He has been building his career slowly so far and has been able to appear in places that are quite impressive for his young age. When you compare a lot of other names out there, you will see that Outthemix is on a path to becoming a household name, that’s for sure.

Net Worth

The final aspect we want to talk about is Outthemix’s net worth. While there is no solid information you can find on the internet, it can make estimations from the festivals he has appeared at, and the music he sold online through various platforms.

Based on the information we have an insight into, we can see that his net worth currently lies between 500k and 1 million. Of course, this is not something we can compare with the household names of the industry, but it is important to say that this is a solid foundation for the growth of his career in the future.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, we are talking about quite a creative and determined individual who strives to achieve a great career in the future. Here, you can take a look at the most important points from his career.