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6 Tips on How to Pose for a Wedding Photographer

Wedding day is one of the days we remember for the rest of our lives. It is the moment when everything starts to change. The word “me” or “I” starts to change to “we” and “us”. You no longer can make decisions independently.

That means there are no longer individual trips, budget planning, etc. Don’t consider this as something difficult or dangerous. On the contrary, things start to become more entertaining and beautiful. Apart from that, you are becoming a serious person and a team player at the same time.

However, there is also a “dark side” to every wedding day. Couples that plan to get married need to take care of a huge number of duties. First and foremost, they need to find the perfect place where all the guests will enjoy this beautiful day. A

part from that, they also need to determine which band will play music, what food and drinks will be available to guests, and…who si going to be a photographer.

1. Finding the right wedding photographer


The good news for all the people is that there are many wedding photographers with experience. You can click here and find one option among many that will meet your requirements and expectations. The last thing you want to think about on your wedding day is how to get dreamy and romantic shots that you can enjoy watching for the rest of your life.

Investing in the right photographer will definitely ensure that you have high-quality photos of your dream. But, you also need to know that photographers do not have a magic stick. They have a good camera and skills to edit images after the photo shooting. But, the way you will pose is completely on you.

Couples often are not creative enough to think of the poses for their wedding pictures. Because of that, we prepared a list of tips you should apply on your wedding day. We guarantee your pictures will look much better if you listen to us. Because of that, let’s find them out!

2. Forget the Photographer Is There


The most beautiful and unique images are those where people are natural. You need to think only about your partner and the environment that surrounds you two. That means the last thing you need to think about is the photograph and the fact that he is getting a picture of you two. In many cases, people immediately freeze and they do not know how to stand or how to act while someone is taking picture of them.

The truth is that the greatest picture occurs when people change their mindset and start focusing on other positive things. For instance, think about that you finally reached the day when you are getting married, also think about the person you are in love with and you want to share your life with. Additionally, try imagining pictures that you want to see for 10, 20, or even 50 years.

Logically, you want to see a picture of you and your partner looking at each other with love, how they are holding hands, kissing, smiling at each other, etc. The last thing you want to see in the future is a picture of your wedding day where you are looking uncomfortable, tight, and insecure. Therefore, relax and bring those dreamy pictures into reality.

3. Trust Your Wedding Photographer

You need to realize that you will never get the wedding pictures that you want if you do not trust the wedding photographer your hired to do the job. Mutual trust is the key to good collaboration which will lead to taking perfect wedding shots of you and your partner. The three of us need to make a connection and understand each other.

Therefore, it is very beneficial to talk about the locations where you want to take pictures, lighting, and styling. As an experienced wedding photographer, he could even give you some new ideas and at the same time, he is going to get a clear vision of what you and your partner want from the wedding shooting. Additionally, trust the process and trust the photographer’s sense of the art.

For instance, even though he wants to repeat some pictures over and over again, do not get frustrated. In the end, you can actually be very pleasantly surprised with the results. Therefore, allow your photographer to express his creativity.

4. Get Comfortable


One of the most important rules that you need to accept is getting cozy and comfortable to the fullest with your partner. That means that you should not be ashamed to express your emotions. You should prepare yourself for lots of touching, hugging, kissing, getting very close to your partner, and enjoying each other in front of the camera.

If you are feeling uncomfortable next to your partner while taking pictures, as good as the photographer is, your wedding image will not look very great. Therefore, relax completely, and try to create as much closeness with your partner as your can. This means that you want to express affection and love and create intimate wedding moments that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

5. Do Not Make the Mistake of Over Practicing


Some couples try to practice their poses for the wedding shooting. They literally practice, their smile, how they are going to walk, how they are going to stand, etc. This is absolutely unnecessary. It is much better to create unique and natural pictures right at the time of the shooting.

Otherwise, you are going to be too focused on the rules that you have practiced as a couple and you two will not look relaxed at all. You will get to the point that you are going to be too stressed about it. Just enjoy every moment with your moment, kiss each other lightly, give a smile at each other, and most of all have fun while making these lifetime images of your special day.

6. Let Love Lead Everything


Photos that are taken on your wedding day just need to reflect who you two are, both as individuals and as a couple. The best thing you can do is to let the love shine through all of the photos you took, so let the love lead your overall shooting. This is going to be the best day of your life, so enjoy it to the fullest.

Logically, if you have any insecurities you should be free to speak about them. Your behavior should reflect you, so if some of the poses that the photograph recommends are the ones that seem natural to you, change the pose. In that way, your photo shooting will be successful for both you and your photographer.