Why The Rolex Submariner Starbucks Is The Most Popular Watch?

Rolex Submariner is a popular timepiece. Slap a green bezel on it, and it becomes more desirable. It is due to multiple factors. From the first Submariner Green bezel to the current Starbucks, the Swiss watchmaker has come a long way. Here’s everything you need to know about Rolex Starbucks.

Rolex Starbucks – Best look Submariner model

Rolex Starbucks is a nickname given to Submariner 126610LV. It is due to the green ceramic bezel paired with the black dial. The combination reminds people of the coffee chain. The watch is also referred the New Kermit since it is more of a reincarnation of the original. While the original Kermit featured an aluminum green bezel, this one got a ceramic bezel. Hence, many people even like to call it the Rolex Cermit.

Behind many nicknames is a Rolex Submariner Date with a green bezel. But it holds a special place in watch collectors’ and enthusiasts’ hearts and minds

Submariner – A watch with a rich history


As mentioned above, the Rolex Starbucks is a Submariner model. In so many decades of the existence of Rolex, Submariner has been one of the most coveted timepieces ever produced. The model was designed and developed to serve the divers, but it became a desirable timepiece in the community.

Many people still appreciate the craftsmanship that went behind creating the first-ever Submariner. It set an example for almost every watch launched from that day on. Even to this day, the Submariner looks a class apart. Due to it being relatively reasonably priced, it has also been the first luxury watch people have ever bought. It adds some sentimental value, making the Submariner a fan favorite.

The subtle look of the Submariner

Rolex Starbucks Submariner is designed to look subtle compared to other flashy watches. Yes, it looks sporty compared to something like the Rolex Datejust. But it is still not as flashy as a GMT Master II or a Day Date. It allows the person to wear the watch daily rather than take it out only for occasions. It goes well with both suits as well as casual attire.

Desire for a green bezel

Rolex first introduced a green bezel Submariner with the launch of the reference 16610LV. Due to its aluminum green bezel, the watch received the nickname “Kermit” from the community. The timepiece was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner lineup. Since then, a green bezel Submariner has been trending among watch enthusiasts. The combination makes the watch quite desirable and one of the most sought-after Rolex models ever created.

Rolex Submariner Starbucks vs. Rolex Hulk


Rolex launched the Submariner 126610LV, nicknamed Starbucks, in 2020. Before the launch of Starbucks, the only green bezel Submariner available was the Rolex Submariner 116610LV, called the Rolex Hulk. Unlike Starbucks, the Hulk had a green dial instead of a black one. The 116610LV presented a combination of a green bezel and a green dial.

Many people appreciated the combination of a black dial and a green bezel on the original Kermit. It resulted in the return of the combination with the launch of the 126610LV. However, the 116610LV Hulk managed to create its own fan base.

Community picked nicknames

Rolex Submariner Hulk was launched back in 2010. The Submariner 116610 LV looks totally different when compared to other Submariner models. It was primarily because of the unique combination of a green dial with a green bezel. It immediately rang a bell among Marvel fans, reminding them of the green comic character.

The Rolex community decided to nickname the watch Hulk. A decade later, when the Swiss watch manufacturer introduced the 126610LV, a new nickname had to be given. Now that the green dial was replaced with a black one, the community couldn’t call it Hulk.

Looking for a new nickname, many people in the community noticed that the green ceramic bezel reminded them of the coffee brand. Hence, people started calling the new Submariner 126610 the Rolex Starbucks.

Bigger case


Going from the Rolex Hulk to a Submariner Starbucks is not only about the color of the dial. It is also about the reference. Rolex Submariner Date was a 40mm watch up until 2020. With the launch of the Submariner 126610, Rolex introduced a slightly larger 41mm case. While it is a slight difference on paper, it did make a big difference in terms of comfort while wearing it.

Those who wear the 116610 will easily be able to tell the difference as soon as they switch to a 126610.

Upgrades under the hood

Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV used the caliber 3135 automatic movement. The Swiss watch manufacturer took advantage of the same movement for around 30 years. The Submariner lineup kept improving in other terms while still retaining the same movement. Even though it is still an excellent movement, it was time for Rolex to step up in the innovation game and bring something new to the table.

With the launch of the Submariner 126610 lineup, the company introduced the new caliber 3235 movement. It brings an improved 70-hour power reserve. It also offers a new rotor design and a few design changes helping to improve efficiency and performance.

Add a Submariner Starbucks to your collection

Rolex Submariner Starbucks is one of those timepieces that should definitely be in your collection. When you wear the watch, it can be a great conversation starter with friends. The high demand makes the watch hard to get via retail stores. It means that the Submariner Starbucks can stand out in a room.

The limited availability of the watch also means that there is an investment opportunity here. Rolex Kermit and Rolex Hulk both increased in value drastically. It provides that the demand for green bezel Submariner will only keep increasing. If, at any stage, Rolex decides to discontinue Submariner Starbucks, its price in the secondary market will skyrocket. It will prove to be a better investment than most stocks or crypto coins if that happens.