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How Much Weed And Rolling Paper Should You Use For One Joint – a 2024 Guide

Although we now have vapes and edibles, joints are still, perhaps, the most prevalent ways of enjoying marijuana. However, if you’re a beginner that is tired of asking your mates to roll your joints instead of you, you should be aware that it’ll take you some time to learn how to do it properly and quickly.

But, before you discover the steps you should take in order to create that ideal blunt, the most important thing that you must learn is how much weed and paper you have to utilize. Luckily, the 2024 guide below can help all individuals that are in the same situation, so, without losing any more time, here is what you should know and do:

First Things First – Determine How Much Weed You Should Use


As mentioned, before you can roll the perfect joint, it’s important that you determine how much you should use. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s best if you use 1⁄2 grams of marijuana and 11⁄4  size rolling paper. Why?

Well, it’s the most suitable amount for a couple of people and the amount won’t cause you to feel sleepy or unwell. Hence, start small and if needed, you can always roll another joint and increase the amount of weed.

Choose The Rolling Paper That You Want


There is a wide array of rolling papers available on the market, including flavored ones. Hence, you’ll need to opt for something suitable for yourself. Since you’re a beginner, it’s best if you stick to 11⁄4  size paper, mostly because it’s the simplest to use. Again, once you learn how to do everything properly, you can choose to use large and longer options, as well as ones that’ll allow you to create larger and fatter blunts.

The Steps You Must Follow

Since you now know how much weed you must use and which paper might be the most suitable for beginners, you must also learn how to create a blunt correctly. Now, you should keep in mind, that you’ll need a lot of practice, and, of course, patience, hence, if you don’t succeed immediately, simply unroll the blunt you tried making, and start all over again. The tasks you’ll need to complete in order to roll that ideal blunt are the following:

Step 01: Gather The Materials & Tools You Need


There are several things you’ll need before you can start, including the marijuana of your choice, rolling papers, a filter, a grinder, scissors, as well as tobacco (but using it is completely optional).

You should know, that using tobacco will help you with ensuring a consistent burn and if you’re a beginner, it could help you figure out how much marijuana you need to place in the blunt. Nonetheless, it’s completely optional, but I do advise you to try it.

Step 02: Grind The Marijuana + Make The Filter


Once you gather everything you need, you should start grinding the marijuana and as mentioned, the amount will entirely depend on your preferences. You could use scissors or your hands for completing this, but utilizing a grinder will make everything faster and you can guarantee that you don’t spill any of the marijuana. Simply place the amount you want in the grinder, give it a few turns, and your weed will be prepared.

Next, you should make a filter. Is it really necessary? Well, according to the experts from Smokea, it’ll keep the blunt stable, the marijuana won’t fall out while you smoking it, and more importantly, you could prevent yourself from burning your lips!

There are prerolled filters, however, you can make one yourself by utilizing a piece of thicker paper or thin cardboard or you could utilize the tips that came with the papers you opted for. Simply make an accordion on one side, roll it, and that’s it!

Step 03: Place The Marijuana (And Add Tobacco if You Wish to)


When you prepare the two aforementioned things, you should then place the mixture onto the paper. Now, you’ll need to simply put the tip on one side and then spread the marijuana evenly on the paper.

Keep in mind, if you prefer it, you could add a bit of tobacco to it once you spread it, but then again, this is completely optional, thus, you can skip it if you don’t feel like mixing these two ingredients together.

Step 04: Start Rolling!

This is the step that’ll be the trickiest and that’ll need a lot of practice. The concept is simple – you should move the paper back and forth between your fingers while at the same time, holding the tip you created.

It’s important that you don’t squeeze the weed too tight, instead, you should simply allow it to pass through your fingers. Since it’s quite tricky, it might be best if you take a look at some videos so that you can see the entire rolling process.

Step 05: Tuck it & Secure it!


This is an important step, mostly because it’ll influence how slow or fast your blunt will burn. Hence, if you want it to burn slower, the tuck needs to be tighter and if you like it to burn quicker, it needs to be looser.

You should begin from the tip you made and you should ensure that there aren’t any spaces on the paper. Use your right hand to tuck the paper nearest to the end first, and then you should move on towards the rest of it.

Again, you might need to repeat the entire process a few times until you understand what you should do, nonetheless, once you’re finally satisfied with your blunt, you should lick the paper so that everything adheres together.

Some people lick and seal the top part, and then they go to the other one, however, you could also choose to lick the entire glue part and adhere it together – but this might be a bit daunting at first. When you secure it, you could light your first joint!


Initially, it might be completely daunting and complex for you to roll a blunt, nonetheless, if you follow the tips and complete the tasks we’ve mentioned above, you won’t only assure that you make the whole process easier, but you’ll also guarantee that you roll that perfect joint that you could enjoy with your friends!

Since you’re now well aware of all the things you must do, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your free time reading 2024 guides such as this one. Instead, determine how much weed you’ll require, opt for the perfect rolling paper you prefer, and then practice rolling a blunt!