What are Weed Pens?

It is challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving modern ways of getting high. How does one choose the best smoking device when options range from using whatever is handy (like an apple) in middle school to purchasing cutting-edge smoke-free vapes? Weed pens are a good option if you want something discrete, discreet, and clean. Weed pens are another inexpensive and efficient method of inhaling heated cannabis to achieve the desired effect.

What is a “Weed Pen”?

What is a Weed Pen


Let’s answer that burning question: What exactly is a “weed pen”? Weed pen from TRĒ House are portable vaporisers that allow users to inhale vaporised cannabis. The cannabis extract in a weed pen becomes a vapour when the pen’s heating element is turned on, resulting in a strong, pure high. You take in the vapour instead of inhaling smoke from a joint or bong. It’s thought by some to be the more wholesome choice.

The discreet design of weed pens has contributed to their meteoric popularity. They are compact enough to put in your wallet or pocket and block out most odours. In addition, they don’t need as much care and cleaning as other pot inhalation devices, including bongs, pipes, bubblers, and chillums. Imagine a joint without the hassle of rolling it or cleaning it up; that’s what a cannabis pen is like.

Types of Weed Pens

  • Disposable Pens

Disposable pens are ideal for occasional smokers or people who don’t want to lug along a charger and have extra energy with them. Compared to other types of cannabis pens, this one is the least expensive and easiest to use, but it also has the shortest lifespan until it needs to be thrown out due to a lack of power.

Its battery has already been charged and is pre-loaded with certain cannabis oil, making it ready to use with a single inhale. The convenience, portability, and lack of maintenance required by disposable pens make them an excellent choice. However, you cannot alter the strength or substitute other flavours.

They may be more affordable, but their utility could be improved. Not much variability exists in terms of physical characteristics, either. In conclusion, a disposable pen is convenient for a limited number of uses but offers minimal customisation. When their power source runs out, it’s game over. This could be the ideal option if you’re always on the go, but eco-conscious stoners should look into reusable cannabis pens instead.

  • Cartridge-Based Pens

Without discussing cartridge-based pens, a cannabis pen guide would be meaningless. Compared to their disposable counterparts, pens that employ refillable cartridges are superior in longevity, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. In comparison to disposable pens, cartridge-based pens are more durable and consistently deliver the same level of strength and flavour.

Glass cartridge pens are usually bulkier than disposable pens, taking on a larger, cylinder-like shape or a shorter, boxier form, often approaching a marker in appearance. The battery may be recharged, but the cartridge must be replaced when it runs dry.


The THC content in cartridge-based pens can be as high as 70–95%, compared to the THC level of dried flowers, typically around 30%. You can choose between Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid cartridge, just like marijuana.

If you anticipate using the pen frequently over time, the savings offered by cartridge-based pens will be worth it. The cartridge can cost anywhere from $20 to $40, while the pen can be purchased for as little as $50. The batteries vary from $10 to $20, depending on the model of pen you choose.

All of it will have to be replaced at some point. Because of the universal 510 thread, most batteries and cartridges can be used with any other. Some cartridge sizes are universal, but most are not.

The pen, like most electronics, could suddenly stop operating. Before choosing a cannabis pen over a regular smoking device, consider that disposable pens may have malfunctioning technology. Buying and breaking a reusable pen will cost you more in the long term. If there is no return policy, you may have a problem and lose money regardless of whether it is remedied. Dispensary strictness varies widely.

Read cartridge labels and avoid those with dangerous substances or glycerin-cutting agents. Several firms make natural cannabis cartridges, but it’s always worth checking.

  • Refillable Pens


The convenience and versatility of refillable pens make them ideal for frequent smokers. Because you can reuse the pen’s cartridge and battery, it’s the greenest choice and gives you the greatest leeway regarding the liquid you use. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of refillable pen styles.

However, keeping the pen clean and well-maintained is essential, and refilling it may be messy. When considering portability, remember that refillable pens are bulkier than disposable ones but still offer the best value for money. Again, be wary of what always goes into your pen ink.

Now that we know what varieties of cannabis pens exist, the next hot question is how a pot vaporiser functions.

Using a Weed Pen and Its Functions


Two or three components comprise most of a weed pen’s anatomy. The base is the main body of a vape pen, and it typically features an LED battery indication light, a USB charging connector, and an on/off button (unless it’s an auto-draw device). What you’re about to grasp in your hand is this.

The second component of a weed pen is the oil cartridge, also known as the heating chamber, dab cart, or atomiser, which contains cannabis oil.

The other half is an inhaler, often known as a mouthpiece or drip tip. Thanks to this section, the oil in the cartridge won’t leak into your mouth. This mouthpiece may or may not be permanently linked to the heating chamber for hygiene reasons. It’s necessary to disassemble the pen to clean it.

How do you vaporise cannabis oil? In a nutshell, cartridges for pens generate heat by conduction. A ceramic coil, wick, metal plate, and wicking substance like cotton make up the heating element.

The battery provides energy to the heating element (or atomiser), generating enough heat to vaporise the cannabis extract. The hotter it is, the more severe it is. Clouds of vapour generated at lower temperatures are softer, and their flavours are purer and more enjoyable.


There will probably be a lot of cannabis pens at whatever dispensary you walk into. To ensure the safety of their products, reputable companies do extensive testing and adhere to stringent guidelines. Don’t be shy about asking the budtender about the quality of your cannabis pen if you have any doubts. Always check ingredient lists and go for items that contain as few ingredients as possible.