Can a Satellite Dish Be Used as a TV Antenna?

We all want to have a top TV signal that will ensure that we watch television without interruption and spend a good time with dear people while enjoying our favorite movie or series. In order for this to be possible, in most cases it is necessary to have both a TV antenna and satellite dish because each of them has its own role in this task.

However, you may not be able to get both, so you’re wondering if you can use satellite dishes as a TV antenna? Below you can read more about this and find out the answer to this question.

What is the difference between a satellite dish and a TV antenna?


The satellite dish is the one that the TV operator will mount on your terrace or the roof and which is recognizable by its plate-like look. The way the satellite dish works is to transmit signals from communication satellites to your TV, so that all your favorite channels on the TV can be broadcast.

On the other hand, the TV aerial contains a receiver and has the role of transmitting a signal from the broadcast tower to the TV. It is placed on the roof if it is an outdoor antenna, and you can locate it in your home in the case of an indoor alternative. In a practical sense, TV aerial allows you to watch more HD channels.

It works in conjunction with a satellite dish, which allows the television to connect to a communication satellite, while the antenna transmits signals from the tower. Together they are a winning combination for an optimal TV reception as they ensure stronger signal.

Can a satellite dish be used as a TV antenna?

Based on this story you can conclude that you get the best result when you use both of these options together. However, sometimes this is not possible, so you may be confused about whether you can use your satellite dish as an antenna.

The good news is that there is a way to transform your satellite dish into a TV antenna, and for that you will only need a few extra parts, a little time, and a good will to put the idea into action.

If you are not skilled in this field and you feel that you need the help of experts, we definitely advise you to contact a professional company and find out how they can help you with your TV antenna needs. You can read more information at

In case you decide to make this your DIY project, you will need to visit a hardware store and purchase: coaxial cables, clamps, screws, pilers, and clip-on antennas. Of course, if you already have some of these supplies at home you can use them too. The next step is to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

How to transform your satellite dish to a TV antenna?


Make sure you unplug all your satellite receivers

Before you start with a specific job and installing the antenna, it is necessary to first prepare everything for work. This means that you will collect all the tools you need and that you will turn off the power sources. It is necessary to turn off and unplug all your satellite receivers.

This is the first and most important step as it prevents you from getting injured. After making sure that there is no current flow through them, you can proceed to the next steps.

Access the satellite dish and disconnect the antenna


Once you have unplugged the satellite dish, it is time to access it in order to disconnect the antenna. In case the satellite dish is on the roof you will need to climb, probably with the help of a ladder. Here it is important to take all precautions and prevent any injuries.

If you are not sure how best to access a satellite dish, consult with professionals beforehand. And of course, you can always hire someone to do all this work for you. Once you reach the satellite dish, access it from the back and separate the antenna from the rest of the dish.

Set up the clip-on antenna

The next step is to take the clip-on antenna and place it on the satellite dish. The center of the antenna housing should be securely attached to the dish. Make sure the clip-on antenna is oriented in the right way, so that it can function properly.

Place the antenna back


Once you have installed the clip-on antenna it is time to reattach the main antenna using screws and clamps. Take the time to do this slowly and make sure everything is stable and ready to go. The last thing you need is for the satellite dish to fall apart because you haven’t fixed all the parts well.

Use coaxial cables

Now it’s time to connect the coaxial cable to the end of the antenna and insert it into the house. You need to plug this cable behind the satellite receiver. Connect the other end to the inside of the antenna and proceed to the final step.

Plug in and enjoy your new, updated satellite dish


Plug in the satellite dish, but leave the satellite receiver off. Then select the antenna mode on your TV and click on the automatic program mode which will provide you with a wide range of channels and good TV reception.


We all want phenomenal TV reception and a wide range of TV channels that we can enjoy after a hard day at work. The best way to ensure this is to have both a TV antenna and a satellite dish. Each of them contributes to the signal strength and channel spectrum, so the best result is achieved.

However, if you only have a satellite dish you can use it as a TV antenna. For this you will need several supplies from the local hardware store, as well as some time and effort. In case you are not skilled in this, we suggest that you contact professionals who will implement this for you.