How Many Years do TV Aerials Last – 2024 Guide

The antennas are one of the most important aspects of delivering television signals to our TV screens. Although it may seem like the same TV aerial lasts forever, it’s not quite so. When living in an apartment building we can often forget they exist at all, leaving the maintenance up to the figures responsible.

However, those living in houses may find it fruitful to know that TV aerials do have an expiration date. While the antennas have been around for quite a while now, the issues with them and their longevity are still not ideal so it’s likely they’ll require a replacement after some time.

Knowing when to replace them and how to prolong their lifespan can mean the difference between having quality TV signals and experiencing bad reception. Let’s check some important aspects of it in the following article.

So how long do TV aerials last?


The first thing one should educate themselves on is the lifespan of TV aerials. This can heavily impact our viewing experience and even compromise the safety of our home if the device gets its structure compromised or weakened. The rough estimate of the TV aerial’s lifespan is around 10 to 20 years.

Of course, this lifespan heavily depends on the model and how much maintenance has been done on the aerial over the years. The lifespan can extend to as much as 30 years if the item has been properly maintained. Of course, the installation itself carries a certain amount of impact on the item’s longevity. If the professionals working on the aerial did a good job setting it up, it’ll likely last far longer.

Looking at the numbers, you may be concerned by a huge gap between the low and high estimates for TV aerials lifespan. After all, the idea that somebody could only switch one TV aerial while somebody else has to switch out four does make us wonder how we can make them last. This can save us a lot of money while also keeping the signal as clear as possible.

Improper installation


Let’s get started with the most basic factor that can screw up your TV aerial’s lifespan, bad installation. Poor installation can include any type of mistake during the configuration and setup of the device. This can cause an issue with channel availability as well as a sudden loss of reception.

In case the installation leaves our antenna’s connections too loose, we could face a situation where it will become a lot more susceptible to weather conditions or interference. This can heavily lessen its overall lifespan and cause it to be less effective.

If your TV aerial has already been installed, make sure to invite professionals to check it out and discern whether the installation has been properly done. To do so, contact your local aerial fitters and get them on the job. If you live in London, you should check out where you can find some exquisite deals for aerial fitting.

Wear and tear


The TV aerial can wear off after a long amount of time of being used. The technology is also frequently changing, which can result in TV aerials that we are using being less efficient at its job. The more modern equipment could also end up giving better reception.

The wear and tear of consistent weather events affecting the TV aerial shouldn’t be underestimated either. Over time, rain and snow can take a toll on our TV aerial.

To enhance the antenna’s lifespan, we should maintain it and make sure it’s properly cleaned. The structural damage that appears over time cannot be mended forever though, so keep in mind that replacement may be in order eventually.

Tight or loose bolts


The simplest and most routine work can end up being less than optimal due to an innocent mistake. Such is the case with tightening the bolts on the antenna. This action is pretty standard, however, even experienced fitters could make a mistake and tighten the bolts a bit too hard. This causes improper shapes for both antenna’s stability and endurance.

Over time, this shape can lead to quicker deterioration of the antenna shortening its lifespan greatly. Be expedient about solving this issue as rougher time periods could seriously ruin your setup. Making sure the antenna is secured is also highly important, that way signal will stay consistent and the hardware of the antenna won’t be damaged.

The longevity of antennas that have been properly fitted and secured should be over 20 years. Of course, this number includes semi-frequently maintenance as a qualifying factor. While you shouldn’t be worrying about the TV aerial the whole time, giving it a look every once in a while is more than desirable.

Badly made TV aerial


In the end, there’s a chance we simply made a mistake during a purchase. The aerial we got is far from standard equipment and is basically scrap metal. The choice could’ve been made in order to cut money, which is understandable but also not the best approach when it comes to cutting costs.

If you want to look for cheaper TV aerials, contact professionals that have been verified as trustworthy by other customers. This will more often than not result in a fully satisfactory purchase. One that is only enhanced by the knowledge that you needn’t replace the TV aerial after a few weeks because the strong wind blew it away.

Keep in mind that the issues can occur if you are using a very old TV aerial too. These receivers aren’t as good at picking up signals during bad weather conditions and will lack the more robust signal transferring capabilities of more modern models.

The past owner of the item may have been barely considerate of the state that it’s in, leading to faster deterioration. This means that you have been left with something that’s barely operable and needs a quick change.


While TV aerials can live to be 20 years or even 30 they won’t last too long if you aren’t taking proper care of them. There’s a multitude of solutions you can take when maintaining them, assuming you can easily access the item.

Some, however, are a lost cause and should be replaced as soon as possible in order to enhance our TV viewing experience. Don’t forget to consult professionals when uncertain about the choices you are making, they can help you quite a lot in these endeavors.