6 Tips for Finding Professional Aerial Installations

Improperly installed aerial devices can be quite troublesome to deal with. You’ll get tons of signal issues, and after hours of meddling with the antenna, you’ll realize the only solution is to get it reinstalled. The best way to prevent this scenario is by hiring a reliable professional service right from the get-go.

Still, sometimes, finding a good installer can be quite difficult. There are too many companies to choose from, and the search gets overwhelming when you don’t know where to look.

So, in this article, we’ve decided to make your search a bit easier by providing you with some useful tips on finding the right aerial installation service.

1. Use Google (and use it wisely)


According to, whenever we’re looking for some kind of information, Google is the first thing that comes to mind. Usually, we’ll just review the first two companies that come up on our results page. However, that’s not always the right way to go about it. Even though Google ranks its websites by relevance, that doesn’t mean that the first company that shows up on the search is necessarily the best one.

So, to get better results, we suggest you make a couple of searches instead of just one. Use different keywords to find the best possible solution. For example, search “ Aerial installation” + your location, then “Aerial services” + your antenna model, and so on.

Once you find a list of potential installers, compare their prices, experience, and proximity. In this way, you’ll ensure you’re getting the best possible aerial installment service available.

2. Read reviews

Now, when you’ve found some interesting aerial servicing websites, it’s time to hop on their “testimonials” page. The feedback people leave can tell you a lot about the company. We suggest you focus on those “average” star reviews as they’re usually quite realistic. If the company doesn’t let people leave reviews on their website, you can probably still find it online. Join some local communities and online groups and see whether there’s any info out there.

There are also companies and government entities that can help you reach the right servicer. For example, in the UK, there’s an organization called Confederation of Aerial Industries(CAI) that keeps only the best installers in the industry as their members. They also have a handy search tool on their website, so you can look for members in your area!

Of course, if you cannot find any reviews, give the company a call. You’ll be able to determine how responsive and professional they are by just calling them and asking for a quote. It may seem like a waste of time, but it could save you from hours of lost TV content.

3. Consider their prices


Check the average pricing for aerial installations in your local area, and then compare it with the prices you’re being offered. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t go for the cheapest servicer around, as you’ll risk getting poor service. Of course, make sure you’re not overpaying either, there’s simply no need for that. Some people think that high prices are the best indicator of quality but that’s not quite true.

The price should be clearly stated after you’ve consulted with the servicer. You shouldn’t have to wait until the job is done to know how much you now owe. Transparency and reasonableness are what you should be looking for when it comes to service charges.

4. Consider their previous experience

Ensure that the company of your choice has a long list of satisfied clients that came before you. While aerial installation is not rocket science, it still takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be done properly. A good servicer will know exactly where the local stations are, and what the best aerial positioning would be for your specific situation. They should also possess quality equipment, and their workers should be professional and knowledgeable.

So, don’t hesitate to ask them about their previous work experiences. They should know how to resolve your problem after a single look, so if that’s not the case, you might want to switch to another service.

5. Continuous support


A reliable aerial service company should be at your disposal whenever you run into problems with their installation. So, the company should also provide you with reliable customer aftercare services. Some services, such as the Manchester-based Mikeharrisaerialandsatellite for example, also offer 1-year guarantees on their installations. You should certainly look for something like that if you don’t want to end up waiting for days to get your signal back.

Overall, make sure to look for installers who’ll take care of your aerial needs long after the job is done. So, ask them whether they provide such services or not once you call them to get your quote. If the company doesn’t offer any kind of support, you should consider switching to another service.

6. Ask for referrals

If you’re unable to find a service that fits your criteria online, then it’s time to ask around. If you have any friends in the industry, make sure to seek their advice first. For example, you probably have a family electrician that you call whenever there are issues with your appliances. They’ll probably have some colleagues working in the aerial business, so they can be a great source of information.
Otherwise, you can always ask your friends and family for recommendations. They would never recommend a service if they were not satisfied with their work, so they’re also a great way to find a good aerial installation service.

The bottom line

Most satellite and antenna issues stem from poor installation practices, so you must hire professional services to help you with the installment. If you want to find the right installer, consider their pricing, availability, and their portfolio of work. You can use Google or ask your friends for recommendations, but make sure to compare several different companies before you make your final choice. In this way, you’ll ensure you’re truly getting the best service at the best price available.