10 Proven Tactics to Get More Visitors, Subscribers, and Fans On Your Blog

Blog promotion is necessary if you want to earn it. When traffic on your blog grows, it becomes interesting to advertise. Engaging many readers and making a blog popular is not easy. We will tell you how to promote your site, what mistakes make development slow down, and how to attract a regular audience. But there are a few steps you must follow before even hitting the publish button to make sure your blog is in top condition.

You may need to add interactive elements and correct content. So it will be necessary to revise the relevance of topics, the correctness of the texts, add thematic videos, learn to work with editors, as well as make a youtube intro and use Crello Unlimited that will provide visual superiority and novelty. When all the steps are completed, then you are ready to move on to proven tactics for promoting your blog in various ways in 2024.

Tactic #1 Set Goals for Blog Traffic


Right before you start promoting a blog, you need to clearly indicate how many visitors you plan to attract and what’s the deadline per each goal. For example, for a start you may strive to get 50 visitors per day, then 200, 600, 1500. Keep your goals in mind or write them down to a sheet or notebook, you even can hang them in a prominent place.

Mark the achieved checkpoints and move on to the next ones. This will surely help focus efforts and not be distracted by secondary tasks, and will also provide motivation to move on.

Tactic #2 Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Other bloggers already have their own loyal audience. If the subject matter of their blog intersects with yours, then it’s potentially also your audience. There are such options for cooperation with other bloggers as guest-posting (you write an article as required, the blog author posts your bio and link to the blog); writing an article in co-authorship; agreeing to announce your article or blog in the mailing list, and so on.

Tactic #3 Use Well-Known Brands in Order to Bring Attention to Your Blog


People and companies which are seriously engaged in brand promotion monitor their mentions on the web. If you write the article and post it on social media with hashtags or mentions, there are high chances that this article will be noticed and reposted.

How to attract the attention of experts and brands? Write a compilation article mentioning people/brands that are related to your blog topic. Or it might be a product review/photo with the product (you just need to add the hashtag). The product doesn’t have to be related to the blog topic.

Tactic #4 Create Powerful Articles

This tactic cannot be used often, as it takes a long time to write quality material. But if your article goes viral, your blog could be known among thousands of people. To create a viral article, find a popular topic in your niche. For example, see which articles in top blogs have already received a lot of views and comments.

Or you can try to improve the existing posts by adding citations from translated articles, diagrams, links to research, and statistics. Then you need to announce it where it’s possible: in profile groups on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tactic #5 Write Content Regularly


This is important for both reader retention and partners’ search. If articles appear regularly, you have bigger chances of keeping your audience on site. Other bloggers while looking for mutual promotion partners and potential advertisers are also evaluating how regularly new articles appear. If the blog is live, updated, you can collaborate with it.

Tactic #6 Develop a Personal Brand

Promoting your personal brand will help you to make your blog popular as well. You can start by commenting on posts on social networks, articles in other blogs that are somehow related to your topic. It is important to leave thoughtful comments and questions that characterize you as an expert.

Tactic #7 Make Subscribing Form for eMail Newsletters


Most part of the blog visitors leave after the first visit and never return. In order not to lose them, post a subscription form to the newsletter on the blog and offer to receive new articles by mail. With the contacts of visitors, you can inform them about new articles in the email newsletter and attract them to the blog again, but with less effort.

Tactic #8 Promote Your Blog on Facebook

The easiest way to promote your blog is to advertise articles on your Facebook profile. But in order for them to be read not only by friends and parents but also by the target audience, you need to promote yourself as an expert. Then people will look for you on social networks and read the page. The second way – to announce a post in the relevant groups.

Tactic #9 Boost Promoting of Blog via Instagram


There are several methods to help your blog through Instagram:

  • Add a link and blog description to your profile.
  • To announce articles from the blog: the post makes an eyeliner and a link to the publication which is placed in the profile header.
  • Promote your blog in Actual Stories if you have more than two thousand subscribers.

Tactic #10 Promote Your Blog with SEO

Search engine optimization work begins with internal blog optimization. What you need to pay attention to:

  • Site loading speed. The recommended time is 2-5 seconds.
  • Adaptation of the blog for mobile devices.
  • Optimization of articles for search queries.

Also, there’s a need for relevant external links. How to get external links? Post guest-posts, exchange links with other bloggers, communicate and provide links on forums.


There’re so many blog promotion tactics in 2024, it’s impossible to use them all at once. But we have advice for you to start off with 1-2 blog promotion tactics and see what works best for your site. Then try to add another one and another one, until you find what works exactly for you.