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Smart Hacks to Improve Your Home

Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, you can improve them significantly by automating some items. Smart automation hacks will help you to boost the functionality of your home without sacrificing space or comfort.

So, here we go, with the best ideas of home automation.

A Lifting Desk for Your Home Office

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If you work from home, you can arrange your office in the way you want. Don’t hesitate to get a proper desk. You can use a special tool online called Desk Builder to build your perfect desk directly on the company`s website. This tool allows you to choose the desk components one by one. By clicking on a component, you are adding it to the construction.

Once the perfect desk for your home office is created, you can buy it.

If you cannot find the option that you like, contact the manufacturer. Most companies offer such an option as a customized desk. Of course, it will cost more, and manufacturing such a desk is going to take more time. But in the end, you can be sure that you are getting just the item you need.

Kitchen Is the Most Important Place in Your House

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In the kitchen, you spend at least some hours every day. It is important to have a highly functional and comfortable kitchen. But what can you do if you cannot buy and install even a small part of those devices you have been dreaming about? And even if the kitchen is big enough, those devices look bulky when they are fixed on the surface of the kitchen cabinets. Hiding them in shelves is not an option, too: then, you will never use them.

We have a solution for you though. This tool is called a lift column. Fix it in one of the cabinets, and you can get one more kitchen device. What about a new food processor?

Well, let us check how to build a lift column:

  • In a cabinet, install a lift column. It can be also a usual linear actuator. Make sure it is powerful enough to lift the device that you want to fix on it. also, its stroke length shall be enough to lift the device on the cabinet top and to hide it completely when the actuator retracts.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening. It shall be big enough to let the device pass.
  • Install hinges on the opening, make and fix a cap. The cap will close the opening when the device is hidden.
  • Now, make a platform for the device and fix it to the actuator. By extending, the actuator will lift the platform. When the actuator is in a retracted position, the platform is hidden inside of the cabinet.
  • Finally, fix the device on the platform.

That’s it, the lifting column is ready. When the device is hidden, the cabinet top can be used as you usually do it. When you need the device, you can lift it to the cabinet surface with a click of a button.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one lifting column only. You can install as many of them as you want. The main thing is to get and to accommodate all the devices that you have been dreaming about.

Another interesting project for your kitchen is a drop-down rack. You can arrange like this a rack for kitchen utensils or spices, whatever you prefer. To do so, fix on a linear actuator a rack. The actuator can be installed on a wall behind the shelf or inside of a shelf. If you choose the second option, you need to make an opening in the shelf bottom to make the rack pass.

Fix the rack to the other side of the actuator. In the extended position, the rack drops down from the shelf to the level where you can use it effortlessly. In the retracted position, the rack is hidden either on the shelf or behind it, depending on the installation option you have selected.

An Automated TV Lift Will Adorn Your Home

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One more nice item to consider is a TV lift. It will help you to hide your new big TV set either in a cabinet or behind a furniture piece. In any case, the device will be protected and will not clutter the space.

If you are going to fix the TV behind a furniture piece, there is nothing special in the installation. Just fix the lift so that it moves the TV to the needed place to watch and in the retracted position, the TV is completely hidden behind the furniture piece (a bookcase, a cupboard, or whatever).

If you prefer an installation in a cabinet, you need to make an opening at the top to let the device pass. Then, you install the lift on the bottom inside of the cabinet, fix the TV set, and use it. If you believe that the opening in the top is too big or if you want to use the cabinet when the TV set is hidden, you can fix a cap. It can either slide or be fixed on a hinge to close and open.

Bottom Line

There are many more ideas about how to improve your home. For example, along with an office desk, you can automate your dining table. Just imagine how happy your kids will be with such an improvement.

You can get more storage space by automating your bed and installing a huge box beneath. Some beds are already built with ample storage space but even in such a case, you can automate the bed frame to use the space more conveniently.

Another option is to make a reclinable chair. This project is pretty complicated and requires some skills and knowledge. So, if you love the idea, read the guides and start with it only if you have already gained some experience.

And if you believe that some project is too complicated or simply not worth the money, energy, and effort, buy a ready item.