What Are the Speaker Types Available on the Modern Market

There are so many new accessories and appliances available on the market, especially when we talk about speakers, which is why it sometimes can be pretty difficult to pick the best one. Now, the biggest problem here lies in not knowing the types of speakers, even though they are the most widely used tech devices across the globe, but once you know all the options, picking a brand or a model that suits your purposes the most should get much easier. That is why we will further focus on that, and for those who want to get even more info on this topic, you learn more about different types of speakers here.

1. Wall-mounted



Wall-mounted speakers can be one of the best options for rooms when there is not enough space to put the speakers on the floor or the shelf. Depending on their size, some speakers require a lot of space, and it can be pretty challenging to fit them into a tiny room. When it comes to the wall-mounted ones, we do not need to worry about the space they will occupy since, as the name suggests, we put them on the walls. The sound they produce is high level, which makes them an even better choice for every room. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the product itself, so it is necessary to pick the best possible one we can afford.

2. Home theater

Regardless of what movie genre you are fond of, there isn’t anything that can be compared to that two hours spent watching a movie. Going to the cinema is one of the best ways to escape everyday duties and responsibilities, as it is time reserved for resting and easing the mind. On the other hand, in this fast-paced world, even going to the cinema is not an option for many, as they simply don’t have enough time, especially those who have to spend at least half an hour to get to the cinema the first place. Of course, this is just one of many reasons why home theaters are so popular, but it is one of the most important and common ones, and the fact that you can watch a movie from the comfort of your home just contributes to the overall level of relaxation.

The fact that makes a home theater such a great option for every home is that it’s not that costly to buy one, and it still provides an exceptional experience that is close to the one you get by actually going to the cinema. As for the home theater speakers, in order to get the best possible experience, you need to go with more quality ones, and this is where most people make a mistake. Namely, to save a few bucks, they pick the best projector and quality video source but are reserved when it comes to speakers. Understandably, this is not something we would recommend as if the sound lacks and isn’t quality enough, everything else will lack too. Besides that, it’s also pretty important to adjust all the speakers to get the perfect sound, and another important aspect you shouldn’t overlook when picking a home theater is the size of the room.

3. Built-in


There is an even better choice than wall-mounted speakers, speaking about tiny rooms without enough space, and if we decide to use built-in ones, we do not need to worry about the space at all. Since they are hidden in the walls or ceilings, they do not require extra space and can be put almost everywhere, no matter how small the room is. Another benefit they have is their price, as it is one of the cheapest on the market, but it is important to hire a professional to install them, or you can end up with a low-quality sound due to the wrong installment. Their price is lower since, unlike some other types, they do not have a cabinet and only have a front panel instead.

4. Directional speakers

Okay, if someone needs speakers to use in public areas, railway stations, or places where specific sounds need to be played, then this type is the best possible choice. The fact that makes them great for such purposes is that they emit sounds in a narrow beam, unlike standard speakers we use on a daily basis, as they have a much wider spread of sound. The secret lies in the sound waves as they travel through the air. Namely, the frequency these types of speakers use is pretty high, which is why they also have high usage in diagnostics and testing various structures for cracks.

In essence, the shorter the wavelength of that high frequency, the more narrow the beam, and due to modulation, we can hear it even though it is an ultrasound. Now, with all this said, one would think that installing them is a pretty challenging thing to do, but that’s not true, as, in fact, it’s actually pretty easy to assemble them. All that’s needed is a power source and an audio input. Of course, since it can be used for different purposes, depending on what you need them for, there are various options, and it’s also where you can show your creativity.

5. Tower


Tower, also called floor-standing speakers, are, in most cases, put on the floor, hence the name, and when we speak about their size, they are usually three or four feet tall. They come in various sizes and shapes, and the unwritten rule is that the bigger the speaker, the louder sound it produces. It does not mean that the bigger speaker will have a sound of better quality, and it is necessary to buy the right one, but it is certain that it will be louder. Besides that, their size is also great for producing more bass and perfect for stereo systems as they are usually used as front right and left speakers. All these features make them the best choice for larger places and one of the most common types of speakers in various events, but they can also be perfect for home usage, especially if put in some wider room.