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7 Working Ways To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation turns out to be a common problem which is often seen under the men aged 40 years. This problem of premature ejaculation is getting common day by day and needs to be worked upon to lead a happy and better sex life. A lot of men suffer from this common problem and the reality is you can last longer on bed and get rid of this problem very easily. This is a situation when you reach orgasm before you and your partner have actually wanted and end sex.

This is a common condition that is seen to have affected around 1 out of 3 males which further leads to anxiety and sometimes frustration in men. Such a condition takes place due to a number of factors including depression, health issues, stress, genetics, fear, infection in the urethra or prostate, embarrassment and performance anxiety, etc. However, when a man finds him unable to last longer on the bed or suffering from premature ejaculation, he starts to look ways to stop this unwanted condition.

Condoms have been seen as a measure to restrict this common problem of premature ejaculation up to some extent. Use of atlas condoms from guarantee you to have a pleasurable experience and can also help in delaying premature ejaculation. Apart from atlas condoms, there are some other working ways that can stop premature ejaculation. Let us have a look:-

1. Master yourself in masturbation


Mastering yourself in masturbation is one of the most powerful and working ways that can stop your problem of premature ejaculation. Try masturbating with a woman’s imagination in your mind but not your own imagination. Just try to relax as soon as you reach ejaculation or about to cum.

Remember, not to ejaculate, just hold on to there and start again with a gap of 2-3 minutes. This can help you enhance your sex time as well. Practicing masturbation and stop yourself at the time of ejaculation can make you a perfect man of sex. This can lead to a long time sexual activity between you and your partner.

2. More foreplay is required

Foreplay is yet another working way that can help you delay your ejaculation and enhance your sex time. Before getting your genitals or sex organs touched with each other, try stimulating your partner with foreplay session which may include kissing, rubbing and cuddling etc. More foreplay leads to more sex and thus it leads to getting rid of premature ejaculation.

For some people penetration is the only way to have sex, but it is entirely wrong. Being engaged in vaginal intercourse from the beginning will certainly let you do ejaculate early. So, it is always advised to stop doing penis-in-vagina sex from the beginning. Get yourself into lots and lots of foreplay before starting actual penetrative sex. It will help you last longer and enjoy this intimate and loving moment with your partner.

3. Use of condoms


Use of atlas condoms is a great way to help you stop premature ejaculation. Atlas condoms are durable and impart you enjoyable and ever-lasting experience that can help you last longer with your partner while having sex. These condoms are widely available in different sizes and are designed by keeping in mind the reviews and needs of the customers.

On the other hand, a condom also plays a pivotal role in delaying or stops premature ejaculation. With a condom on, you can actually stop this problem of premature ejaculation since the stimulation will be at its lowest while being indulged in sexual activity.

4. Apply “start and stop” method

If you feel you are reaching climax or about to orgasm, try stopping yourself there as it will help you overcome problem of premature ejaculation. While you penetrate, if you reach at the point of ejaculation, withdraw your penis out of the vagina and relax so that ejaculation can be delayed and you can enjoy your love making time more and more. By starting and stopping like this several times, you will find yourself mastering in delaying ejaculation.

5. Just press but avoid thrusting


Try not to thrust, just press her. Instead of penetrating her deeply, go inside her by focusing on the shallow areas. You should focus on penetrating her G spot. You can thrust but avoid rigorous thrusting of the vagina. This can help you overcome premature ejaculation easily.

6. Medications are also helpful

Last but not the least, some oral medications and creams are also effective in stopping this premature ejaculation problem in men. These oral medications involve gels and creams such as prilocaine, idocaine and benzocaine etc. which can assist in reducing the sensitivity of the penis. Apart from this, condoms have also been seen to desensitize by reducing the stimulation and therefore enhancing the sexual act. It can further help you in overcoming premature ejaculation.

7. Practicing makes you perfect


You can master yourself in masturbation to learn about the physical sensations and their sexual responses. Delay in masturbation for a long time itself speaks a lot about delay in ejaculation. Delay in ejaculation is a must when you are going to have sex with your partner for a long time. Regular practice can also help you stop impending premature ejaculation.

To conclude

With the above 7 best and working ways, it is very well cleared that premature ejaculation is not taboo and can be easily overcome. You just need to look out and follow these working ways and you will just find you and your partner last longer in bed and enjoying this beautiful time of love making together.

Always keep in your mind that premature ejaculation can spoil your mood during sex. If ejaculation occurs early, it can immediately stop you from having sex further or will spoil your mood entirely. On the whole, these are some of the best ways by following which you can surely avoid or stop premature ejaculation and enjoy sex for a long period of time.