Hats in Summer: More Than a Fashion, A Necessity

In this article we are going to explain how wearing hats in the summer is not only necessary, but also part of fashion to look trendy and stylish. Or how we can buy them? You can also get your question’s answer just by visit on

Solar Protection


According to Conejo-Mir, “using a hat is one of the fundamental pivots for protection, especially since there are people who cannot use creams, which would be the best option, although it is never 100%. “Right now there is no sunscreen cream that exceeds 90% filtration. For a cream to be 100% it would have to be an absolutely opaque cream, and that is impossible, since it would be like a mask ».

Another limitation of the creams is that there are people who do not buy it, and that even 40% of the families who buy the cream do not get to use it, “he declares. To make up for what sunscreens do not have, you can “put an opaque body in front of your body to keep the sun out: a hat. It’s great because it removes scalp problems and with the brim slightly lowered it would be more beneficial. Better than the “American caps”, which is not the most protective model, although there are many who use them, “he declares.

Cordovan or Panama hats are great, but if they had the brim a little inclined it would be much better because the shadow would drop a little further down. The hat should not be excessively cool either, because that means that it has small perforations through which the air would pass, but also the light, so it would not protect 100% “, he explains.

Now you see more people on the street wearing hats than before, especially men, this is due, according to Rabbit-Mir, to the fact that “the hat is more opaque and men do not tend to put sunscreen on their face or leather hairy because many excipients are sticky and do not like. The hat is very clean and that’s why there are so many now, and every year there will be more,”he says.
Before, hats were used for comfort, and they stopped being used in the 40s for fashion, although they were lost in the 60s.

«Now he is going to return in the middle of the summer because it is an extraordinary weapon for men who do not want to wear sun protection anymore because it sticks you or causes you to sweat. Also in the case of bald men, because over the years practically 100% of bald men end up having solar keratosis on the scalp. That is why the hat is a good weapon and it will be seen more and more in Seville and on the beaches. I have no doubt.

Cristina Vega, head of the Maquedano hat shop, also believes that “we are becoming more aware of the need to cover oneself, so more than fashion I would say necessity”, “It is very important to become aware of the importance of being covered, either in summer -with the high temperatures of our city- as in winter. Fashion can be in young people, but after a certain age the issue of health influences more, “she says.

Benefits of wearing caps this summer


Caps are not only for sports, they are also used in everyday life and have become a fashion accessory widely used by men and women, especially in this summer season. Its use offers you different benefits, which we will talk about today. Children also wear caps to look good and to protect their heads from the direct rays of the sun and thanks to the design of these, you can protect part of the face, something very important when going out at certain times of the day where the sun is felt. Fortunately, we have for you a variety of caps that you can customize, to look good and to enjoy all its benefits.

Caps: reasons to wear them

In summer we enjoy a wonderful radiant sun that causes a lot of heat, and when we go out the first thing we want is to protect our face and head because it really feels like it burns. The umbrellas will help you with this protection, but carrying them in your hands at all times, to close them when you enter a place is somewhat annoying, however, the caps are so practical that they will not even occupy your hands.

1. They protect your face


Caps protect your face from the sun’s rays, especially when it comes to people with sensitive skin, which quickly turn red on first contact with the sun. Even if you are not sensitive skin, it is advisable to wear caps so that your eyes are not hurt by the clarity of light. When you use caps, you reduce the risk of spots on your face due to prolonged contact with the sun. In addition, they help prevent premature wrinkles caused by the sun’s rays by eliminating the elasticity of the eye contour, likewise possible sunburn are minimized with the use of caps.

2. You can skip the hairstyle


When you do not have that time that should be dedicated to combing your hair, the use of caps can save you, if one day you are late, you go against the clock, simply put on one of our caps, the color that you like the most, and personalized to your liking, do not waste time combing all your hair, buy each color and use the one that matches your clothes. Even if you are not against the clock, one day you may simply not feel like combing your hair, you have this very fast and effective alternative to look good in a second. Do those caps give you style, both you and your children?

3. Original style


If you wear sports or casual clothes, and you buy one of our personalized caps, you can add more style, you will look much better, and if you prefer, an original style by personalizing them with whatever comes to mind, you just have to choose the base color, give it a look at our catalog.