What Straw Hat Types Are Trendy in 2024?

Straw hats never go out of style, they are that accessory that should always be in your closet. Although many decades ago wearing a type of hat was synonymous with status, today it is a trend that is used according to the personality of the person who wears it. The hats are intended to protect the head, but also to provide personality and style. Wearing the straw hat will make each of your experiences unforgettable.

The straw hat is a traditional hat from Ecuador, specifically from the city of Montecristi. Famous around the world and known as Panama Hat, because in 1881, during the construction of the Panama Canal, hundreds of hats were imported from Ecuador so that workers could protect themselves from the sun during their workdays. It was from there that they became known and spread to the rest of the world.

Now, we can find many models of Ecuadorian straw hats, here I will show you the most famous ones and that you will surely want to wear with your favorite outfit, choose your ideal hat! For more information on Panama hats visit >> EcuadorianHands

1. Fedora – The most popular


The fedora is a classic hat that you can find in different materials, and the straw one is one of my favorites because it is very versatile to combine, you can use it to take it to the beach, wear it at an outdoor wedding or walk on the street in a big city. It’s that wonderful. The fedora, not having very wide wings, is easy and comfortable to wear. If you want to start wearing straw hats and see how you feel, a fedora is a perfect hat.

2. Trilby – A timeless hat


We could relate it as a type of fedora, the only difference is that its wings are a little smaller and this makes it a little more discreet and simple. Although yes, this does not take away from the elegance and charm that you can carry with you throughout the year. A detail of this hat is that in the front it has the brim slightly sloping down, a peculiar and precious touch. This hat is also known as a “small fedora”, although nowadays both men and women wear this hat, back in the 60s and 70s it was considered a hat only for women.

3. Pamela – A Stunning Hat


A pamela hat always attracts attention, if you are a daring person with a lot of personalities, a hat will capture all eyes wherever you go, it is a hat for the beach, a day at the pool or the lake, preferably elegant and glamorous events, but for a quiet day, it also looks great. It is characterized by its large and wavy wings with a round crown, there are many types of hats, although there are many of these hats with exaggeratedly wide brims, in a matter of taste you choose what type of hat goes well with you. Would you dare

4. Anglosajon Styple Prokpie


This famous English dye felt hat also has its version in toquilla straw, something that makes this material versatile since it can adapt the shape of any hat. It is enough to knit it by hand and then give it the desired shape. Don’t you think it’s awesome? And it is that the Porkpie is one of those hats that do not lose fame, its origin in 1830 called thus, like an English cake because its shape resembles the pig cake of England is

crazy. It is a hat that looks good in both winter and summer, short and with a slight upward curvature. It is a perfect model for both men and women.

5. Floppy


The floppy is a bohemian hat, for fresh and free souls. It is a classic wide-brimmed hat, which makes it very relaxed. This hat looks good with all boho and neohippy styles, if you like prints, wide dresses, and flowers this hat is perfect for you. It is a great complement to use in winter and beautiful to use in the summer to protect you from the sun. And as a final fact of this beautiful hat, Brigitte Bardot was the one who made this hat famous.

6. Cloche – Feminine Hat


It is a women’s hat with a flared shape. Although it is seen more in felt material, we can also find precious straw specimens, beautiful for a field trip, it is a beautiful and very delicate style. It is characterized by being a hemispherical cup, cylindrical, and with small wings. This hat had its biggest fashion boom in the 1920s, but now they are back to provide you with the comfort and style that you want to wear.

Since I have shown you some of the different types of straw hats that exist and that would come in handy with your outfit, now I will give you some tips to know which hat is ideal for you to wear according to your type of face, it is a simple guide so you can find the hat that best fits you.

If your face has a square shape, rounded hats and medium brims are perfect for you. If the model does not have a symmetrical shape it is ideal.

If your face has a round shape, medium hats are perfect for you and as a tip, remember to stay away from circular hats.

For long or triangular-shaped faces, it is advisable to wear rounded top hats with a high crown.

You should think about choosing where to buy your hat and how to combine it, straw hats are wonderfully full of history, very comfortable and precious, you just have to find the one that best suits you. Remember that a hat accentuates the best features of your physique and personality. What are you waiting to have your own? And don’t forget to make sure it is a 100% Ecuadorian hat and handwoven. Ecuadorian hats are the true fine toquilla straw hats of the best quality.