How To Improve Gaming Performance On Laptop

We always want our device to perform at maximum capacity, no matter if you just decided to purchase a gaming laptop or you already have one for a while. That is the whole purpose of having a gaming laptop, increasing our gaming experience to the highest possible standards. What is the point of having a great machine if it is still lagging, has low frames per second, and generally doesn’t provide a stable and fluid experience?

Regrettably, it always seems that some problems exist, and people generally want to improve the speed and quality of their laptops, so if you are interested in buying a good gaming laptop, check out GamingBeasts.


If someone is wondering how they can further improve their gaming experience in Drift Hunters 2, fix any problems their device is having, or just do some laptop optimization, we will help you with those problems.

1. Regular updating


One of the most crucial things we have to do is to update our graphics card drivers. It is one of the essential updates we have to do, and it will show immediate results in how our machine is working. There is a reason why these updates are released so often. They are needed to fix all existing bugs and to heighten the execution of our device. Sometimes even new features are added when they release a new update. So be sure to check for them periodically. We can accomplish this in few ways. We can use the Windows Update, official websites dedicated to graphics card drivers, or committed GPU software. Whatever you choose, be sure to follow the instructions carefully in order to finish the update in the right way and avoid any mishaps.

2. Take a good care of laptop memory

Sometimes we wonder why our laptop is running so slow, but the answer is quite obvious, and the longer one version of Windows is being used, the more applications tend to be installed on that device and are running in the background. If you think they are not affecting the way gaming laptops work, you are wrong, and even the best machine can get overwhelmed. Our computer has limited memory, and it is a bad idea to spend that memory on installing programs that we are not even using. Get some of the free TuneUP programs that will assist your laptop by deleting all of the applications you are not using. Of course, there are still some programs that we use from time to time and are decreasing our laptop performance, and they are a problem, but we still need them. That is why it is good that there is an option to turn them off and deactivate them. With this option, they will not be activated and drain our memory until there is an actual need for their usage.

3. Consider adding SSD


When it comes to laptops and memory, one of the best possible investments anyone can make is to purchase an SSD storage device. It is a fact that they are just quicker than regular hard disks, which means they are a great optimization tool. While this upgrade will not increase our FPS, it will definitely decrease loading times. So if that is one of the issues you have with the gaming laptop, be sure to consider purchasing an SSD. Furthermore, most video and car games tend to read and write new data while we play, and that is something where an SSD can assist us a lot. Some of the more expensive laptops will already come with an SSD, but in case they don’t, it would be wise to invest further and get one.

4. Maintenance of file systems

Similar to how you should uninstall unnecessary programs, you should also consider defragmenting the hard drive frequently. Every time we install or uninstall something on our laptop, new data is written or deleted. That can lead to files getting fragmented, and they are just too scattered everywhere. That can seriously slow down our device, particularly the games we play. The larger the games you play are, the more necessary it becomes for our laptop to be able to gather them faster. That is why it is important to reduce their fragmentation. But don’t forget, don’t defragment your SSDs, as that will shorten their life span.

5. Antivirus is a must


Another common technique we can all profit from is using an antivirus to clean our systems. Human beings are not at their peak performance when they are sick, and it is the same with laptops. Viruses can really disturb our devices from working properly, and that is why it is vital to get rid of them on time. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but a good antivirus can be even more beneficial to either you are using a gaming laptop or a laptop for music production click for more. But there is one more piece of advice that should be mentioned here, while the antivirus should be active when we are on the internet, turning it off while we play our games will speed up our laptop. After all, it is still a program running in the background we don’t need while gaming.

6. Proper maintenance

If you are playing an online game, it doesn’t matter how fast and good your gaming laptop is if you have slow internet. There really isn’t any tip to be given here. You either have a good internet connection or will experience lags. But unlike with internet speed, getting dust away from our machine is something we can do. Yes, that will also improve the performance of your laptop. Filth may prevent the vents from working properly, which could lead to restricted airflow. And that leads to overheating. That is definitely something everyone wants to avoid when it comes to our laptops.

Summing up

As we have seen, improving the performance of our gaming laptops isn’t that hard at all. Doing a bit of research and deciding on what antivirus, cleaning app, and similar software you will utilize is a good start. Cleaning your laptop, both physically on the outside and the inside is vital and should be done regularly. As long as you are serious about maintenance, there really shouldn’t be any problem for your laptop to work at peak performance.