2 Things That Australians Love Above All Else

Countries across the world have their own unique identity. Their people, culture, taste and fashion forge certain perceptions and identities for which their nation eventually become known and are stereotyped. For example, when people talk about India, they associate it with a rich history, culture, and tantalizing spices. When they talk about Gulf countries, they associate it with Islamic culture and an eclectic cuisine. Similarly, different countries bring with them unique traits shaped by their people.

Australia, Australians and Their Distinct Characteristics


But few countries enthrall people and their minds with its majestic beauty and certain features. One such country is Australia and its citizens. From the elegant beaches of Sydney to the artistic beauty of Melbourne, the country never misses leaving an impact on its visitors. The Australian residents are known for their cool, stylish, and bold traits.

They have special preferences for their holidays and enjoy their lifestyle as though it were a mandatory ritual. There are a few things that Australians can never forget. These things can include red dirt in Winters, royal casinos, eye-catching wildlife, Australian rock music, long bushes, and soothing coffee, among many other things.

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With every passing year, Australia proves its mettle in every aspect that garners love and respect for the nation. Apart from casinos, there are few things that they love above anything else in the world. So, let’s have a look at where Australians’ passions lie:

1. Adventurous Summers


Australia is one of the many countries that have exciting and enjoyable summers. They are hot and warm, but at the same time, they offer unlimited fun and entertainment. One of the things on any Australian’s bucket list is to relish the summer season. With a multitude of beaches across the country, people can be sure to enjoy every day of the season.

Generally, the Australian summer is marked from November to March, with January usually being the hottest month. There are several activities that are native to the residents. People usually go for adventurous sports and activities with their family. The following adventures are perhaps the most popular during the summer season:

• Long adventurous horseback rides – on tall mountain ranges, usually by hiring a horse from a private sanctuary.
• Water activities – taking a ride underwater at high speed on Seabob Cayago. The cayago helps the diver swim and splash at lightning speed, which is somewhat reminiscent to a dolphin’s movement.
• Hanging out in rustic and antiquated vines – various concerts are regularly held in such vines. It complements the vibe of a relaxing summer, perfect for chilling out with friends and family alike.
• Sunbathing on a fake swimming pool-type beach – this is quite popular in Brisbane. The artificial beach gives a picturesque view under the warm sun.
• Kayaking – in oceans surrounded by mountain peaks. Queensland is the best location for such an adrenaline-packed adventure.
• Riding a dirt bike in muddy locations – few nations would understand such an activity under the scorching heat, but Aussies certainly have a penchant for this one!
• Mastering the skill of sailing – specifically in Darling Harbor (Sydney).

Apart from the above activities, Australian summers are known for swimming, scuba diving, and several other aqua sports – all unsurprising since it’s a continent surrounded by waters! As can be seen from the above list, Australians are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to summer activities.

2. The Endless Excitement of Festivals


Because Australia has so much to offer when it comes to its richness in cuisine, wine and an overall jam-packed events calendar, so it’s really no surprise why many people across the globe keep choosing this place as their number one holiday destination. Known for being a very cheerful nation, Aussies certainly know how to enjoy life and relish experiences, and the extensive lineup of different festivals is a testament to this. There’s always some kind of festival happening throughout the year, and the following list (although not exhaustive) attempts to give a glimpse of the most popular ones both locals and visitors gear up for:

Byron Bay Blues-Fest

This is a 5-day music festival held annually, with many international contemporary musicians taking up the scene and livening up the place. Without a doubt this festival is perhaps one of the main reasons foreigners flock to Australia!


A festival that celebrates historical culture, it is perhaps is one of the most elegant Australian festivals. It is a perfect blend of the world’s ancient culture and advanced technology. Celebrated mainly to create awareness about Australian natives and Aborigines, this festival is a one of the kind celebration.

Adelaide Festival


Celebrated in March, every Australian is hooked at their seats for the most-awaited arts festival, that’s offered at Adelaide Festival. Showcasing vivid art forms from rich ancient eras up to the present times. Attracting tourists from all over the world to witness the finest art event, the Adelaide Festival comprises activities revelling literature – both classical and modern, theatre, contemporary music, and dance.

Christmas to New Year’s

Australia’s filled with a strong sense of jubilation and gratification from Christmas to New Year’s eve. So it is not uncommon to witness Australia lit up with colourful fireworks, mesmerizing light shows and memorable parties. The Australians love to be in Australia around this time because the positive vibes they get in their native country is unparalleled.

Woodford Folk Festival

One of the world’s most magnificent and important music festivals, Woodford Folk Festival, is one festival that grabs attractions from all over the country. It is better and bigger than any cultural fest as it stages over 2000 artists and 438 events encompassing the majority of Australia. The festival happens around the country in 25 different venues, where events such as debates, workshops and circuses are but a few of the activities attendees can enjoy.