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Should You Use Crypto Like Cash?

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing the value of crypto. The crypto world is indeed volatile as the price of the crypto coin is gaining quickly and plunges down instantly as well. Because of its heightening popularity among investors, the influence and usage of crypto grew wide.

For instance, there are some shops and stores that accept payments in crypto. In addition, you can pay with crypto coins to purchase different things. However, you have to keep in mind that not all businesses and stores are accepting crypto payments.

Can You Use Cryptocurrency Like Cash?

Though it may not be the smartest financial decision, cryptocurrency payments can give an alternate transaction method for people who do not meet the regulations for opening a bank account or who are unable to access traditional funding in a specific location.

For instance, unbanked persons can utilize their crypto wallets to send money to others and even make worldwide transactions or utilize apps like BitPay to make crypto coin purchases with participating dealers. All this is possible without going through traditional financial institutions.


Some users may prefer to purchase items with cryptocurrency to take advantage of the transaction speed. “A lot of agreements are being struck with crypto around the world,” Danial explains. For example, if a person wants to buy a foreign car from another country quickly, he will opt to pay with cryptocurrency when he would like to avoid waiting for deposits and bank information.

As cryptocurrency transactions are generally anonymous, they have a status for being utilized by culprits to purchase and sell goods on online black marketplaces. The use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for unlawful trades continues to grow. It is because the criminals are using crypto like cash for unlawful purposes.

Crypto played a role in restoring the Colonial Pipeline, a key gas line that serves the U.S. Gulf and East Coasts. In this event, hackers closed the firm’s computer systems until they were given $4.4 million in Bitcoin. The U.S. government recovered back about $2.3 million of that ransom fee as the price of Bitcoin dropped previously.


As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gaining in popularity, many companies are eager to accept crypto payments. A few businesses may be hoping to profit from the latest crypto trend or use it as a new payment method due to their curiosity, while others speculate crypto is the path to the future.

Tesla’s recent decision to continue taking Bitcoin payments was motivated by a bullish outlook on the future of crypto. However, the company’s announcement made it clear that it would halt accepting Bitcoin payments for automobiles due to concerns about its environmental impact.

Although digital currencies may become a more common type of payment in the future, we are not there yet considering the present scenario. Currently, more investors are using crypto as cash for purchasing small-scale items like groceries and others. You can go through to know why adopting crypto is essential.

What You Can Purchase With Crypto

Though the number of organizations accepting crypto is increasing every day, significant crypto coin transactions are still uncommon. For instance, only a few real estate transactions involving cryptocurrencies have been noted. Despite this, crypto coins may be used to purchase a wide range of things through e-commerce websites.

  • Car dealerships


Some vehicle dealerships have already begun to accept crypto, primarily bitcoin as a new mode of payment. The list includes luxury car sellers who sell Lamborghinis as well as more utilitarian automobile retailers that sell Subarus.

Tesla has become the most well-known and latest addition to the list of firms that allow you to buy automobiles using bitcoin. Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, is a crypto fan who favors bitcoin. A few months ago, Musk tweeted that Tesla was banning bitcoin payments due to environmental problems.

  • Jewelry and expensive watches

Bitcoin is now accepted as a form of payment by numerous luxury goods manufacturers and shops. BitDials, an online luxury merchant, accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for Patek Philippe, Rolex, and other top-notch watches. Franck Muller, a high-end watchmaker created a watch adorned with gold and diamonds that included a QR code from the crypto genesis block.

  • Insurance


Generally, the insurance field has approached with caution when it comes to using crypto payments. Though life insurance remains out of reach, insurance companies have started to accept bitcoin payments for other products provided by them. AXA, a Swiss insurer, stated in April 2024 that it would take bitcoin as a form of payment for all of its insurance lines, excluding life insurance.

  • News media

Bitcoin is commonly accepted by cryptocurrency media outlets for subscriptions and other services. In 2014, the Chicago Sun-Times evolved as the first major media in the United States to approve bitcoin on its platform. Time Inc., a magazine publisher, also started taking cryptocurrencies for digital subscriptions.

  • Technology and e-commerce products


Some enterprises that mainly sell tech items accept bitcoin, and Newegg, Microsoft, and AT&T are among them. A few websites enable customers to buy things with bitcoin, such as Shopify and Rakuten.

On the other hand, PayPal, which used to be an eBay subsidiary, currently enables buyers to purchase, sell, and keep crypto coins in their accounts.

Amazon stated in 2014 that it has no plans to engage with bitcoin. Following the rise in bitcoin values in 2017, eBay considered allowing cryptocurrency use on its site. It has also spent a lot of money on enormous banner ads at cryptocurrency meetings.

Bottom Line

You can use cryptocurrency like cash to purchase some things and items from different businesses. However, many people do not accept and make crypto payments due to their volatility. For example, there are high chances that the value of the crypto coin might rise or fall after you made the payment.

In case if the cryptocurrency’s value has increased, it will be a loss to you. However, if the value of crypto is decreased after you make the payment, the dealer or the business will experience a loss.