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What Does High Volatility Mean in the Crypto World – 2024 Guide

As Cryptocurrencies are touching many fancy investors, so is the volatility of the prices moving upwards. Cryptocurrencies are showing high volatility in their prices over the last year.

As of October 2024, the bitcoin price was the highest, touching 67,672 USD in the market. Let’s learn more about the causes of the high volatility in crypto. Here is the guide for what does high volatility means in Crypto- 2024 Guide.

Price discovery Stage


This is the primary stage of the volatility in cryptocurrency and its awareness. As all the new holdings and concepts take time to be learned, the investors try to find their feet in the initial stage of the market while figuring out the price gain or loss of the cryptos.

After a few years pass by, the cryptos market portfolio report gets established, which helps in telling about the equity and maturity rate of that crypto in the market.

Cryptos have gained the market across the globe in a very short time. But there are many high and low swings in the market. Sometimes the market crashes too. Tesla said they would not include bitcoin in their payment and the bitcoin market crashed.

But the owner Elon Musk who is highly interested in crypto wrote on Twitter about ‘Doge’ because of which Dogecoin’s value went up. This is the influence of celebrities on the market. That is why the Crypto market is called a Highly volatile market. You can check to learn more about the volatility of the crypto market.

Lack of Controlling Agency


There are only some controlling agencies and governing bodies because there is a shortage in the market and a lack of knowledge among people. The lack of rules and understanding of the market presents trading as highly speculative, which leads to high volatility.

There is no governing body for crypto in a country like India. The world is still getting aware of this new thing, which makes the crypto market go low and high at a high rate, making it volatile for investors.

Learning about the market and studying the experience of that crypto will help one understand more about the crypto they are investing in.

Crypto is currently developing, and the market is turning face. Investors are taking a high risk, but they also turn out to make a profit from it. The expansion of the crypto market is derivative, exhibiting healthy volatility as we see in the mainstream market.

Sentimental Factor


Today crypto is still not known by many people. But soon, when more people will be aware of the crypto market and it becomes accepted and more popular, the influential factor of the investors will make their move. And a lot of things will start changing, then the movement is speculated, and the selling and the buying of crypto are based on the sentiment.

People have started believing that the assets they are investing in, like cryptos, will make their profit in the large run. And many people daily started trading too, and most of the investors aim to earn quickly. That’s not at all possible.

Because a person can lose a big amount too, seeing the market’s volatility. And this volatility makes cryptos different from other forms of market investment. A few days ago, one investor’s earnings touched Rs 90,000 but suddenly fell to Rs 30,00 within a few hours. And investors face such a rise and fall twenty-four-seven yearly.

Major Holdings and limited supply


There is a limited supply of bitcoin, which is set to 21 million, after which it will extinguish. Because it is one of the most popular cryptos and many other famous cryptos too have limited supply which helps the entity in major holdings of that cryptos in the market, and there is the influence on rising or falling of such cryptos, which adds to the overall volatility of the market.

There are crypto names such as Litecoin, which has a maximum supply of around 84 million, while some, like Ethereum, have a limit of 1 billion. In contrast, the crypto market is a digit asset whose price fluctuates with the rate of demand and supply. And the high rewards come with the volatility of the high risk. But when the returns are good, investors turn towards that market to maximize their profit.

To invest or not

Before investing, make sure to know the nature of that crypto and look at the past graph of that crypto like Bitcoin, whose value has been dropped by 30%. So can one imagine how they can bear a loss of 30% in one day?

And if this is breaking a person, then crypto is surely not a good investment for a person. But as told earlier, there is a rise and fall in the crypto market surely think that a person can make 30% profit the day and bang, everything changes. This is the power of digital assets like crypto in the market.

Developing Technology


Bitcoin is a blockchain technology that is still evolving, and the coin’s functioning is growing daily in today’s world. There are chances that physical currency will mostly get extinguished, and all the payments will turn in the form of bitcoin and digital modes. This is not happening soon as many governments are still learning these cryptos and planning to launch their cryptos in the market.


Unlike any real-state or the stock market, cryptos are very advanced in today’s generation, making them more fragile. Investors come here for quick gains, and when things do not go according to them, they take out money from the market while losing their patience which leads to volatility. Investors can keep their money while indulging in losses because they never know what the next hour brings.