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5 Tips For Better Brainstorming Sessions

Do you have to conduct a brainstorming session? Not sure how to make it an effective one? Is this your first time doing so? If yes, the tips mentioned below will help you conduct a great brainstorming session.

1. Assign the facilitator


What is a car without tires? Pretty much the same thing as a brainstorming session without a facilitator. A facilitator ensures the session is carried out effectively and the session’s goal is achieved.

But, a practical brainstorming session must choose an unbiased facilitator. This person should redirect the meeting as needed without any fear. Also, they must strive to ascertain that everyone is getting an equal opportunity to speak.

Also, a facilitator outlines the brainstorming meeting and ensures it follows the outline and the rules. They also keep track of the ideas being discussed and share meeting minutes with the company.

Hence, it is essential to pick the right facilitator for your brainstorming sessions with the group.

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2. Assemble a diverse team


Choosing the right group members is as crucial as choosing the right facilitator. Ensure you choose a diverse team – people from various backgrounds and departments. Of course, these team members must have a connection to the topic you’re brainstorming about.

If the participants do not feel connected to the issue, it would be hard for them to give a valuable contribution. They won’t engage in a meaningful way. So, make sure all the participants are on the same page despite having different perspectives.

Also, this group should neither be too small nor too large. The team members must be somewhere between 6 to 10.

3. Outline the team agenda


Before you start the session, you must know the session’s agenda. Each team member must comprehend the objective of the meeting. It will help them come to the meeting prepared to jump in right away and participate.

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If you’re not sure how to plan an agenda, here are some elements to include:

  • Describe the problem that needs a solution;
  • Give some prompts or ask questions to motivate the team to contribute;
  • Allow everyone to contribute;
  • Write down discussed ideas;
  • Elaborate on essential ideas;
  • Wrap up the session and make an action plan.

You may also require a few follow-up sessions, depending on the complication of the issue.

4. Inspire others to ideate


Brainstorming and ideation are not a piece of cake for everyone. Your biggest challenge could be to initiate the session. Therefore, it is essential to start it with an icebreaker.

Your ice-breaking activity intends to encourage maximum participation and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • The icebreaker can include the following activities;
  • Choosing a topic and jotting down a list of relevant words;
  • Jot down random words and ask what products they inspire;
  • Introduce a topic and ask everyone to add to it to keep a story going.

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5. Try to document everything


During the ideation process, make sure the facilitator is documenting everything. Looking at these ideas later and discussing them in follow-ups will help you develop a great solution.

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To document every important point, you’ll want to:

  • Use an audio recorder;
  • Have plenty of pens, markers, and sticky notes;
  • Use a digital whiteboard or easel pad during the meeting;
  • Send a group email after the session has ended. This email must include a recap of the session and an action plan.

All in all, it is best to plan a session before conducting it. Planning will help you achieve the agenda and make the session effective. Also, to make the most of it, use the tips mentioned above, and you’re sure to end up with a great brainstorming session.