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What to do If Your Teacher Is Not Happy with Your Essay Even After Revising?

Sometimes, it is difficult to write a perfect essay that your teacher likes. Even if you revise a lot, you cannot give your best. But if your teacher is unhappy with your performance, then it can affect your overall grades. You need to do something to improve your performance and impress your teacher.

Sometimes, you may not detect the issues present in your essay, and it is hard to understand your teacher. But now, the point is what a student should do about an essay that is hard to correct. Even if you have revised it thoroughly, you need to have a look and find some faults. There must be something that your teacher is not liking, and your grades are affected.

If you want to improve your image in your class, then you should know about the things that you can do to overcome the situation. This write-up will help you know what you can do if your teacher is unhappy with your revised essay.

1. Pay Attention to Your Teacher’s Remarks


When you give your essay to your teacher, she will write remarks on the paper and give them to you. If you want to know what is wrong, you have to go through the remarks thoroughly. You have to note all the mistakes you have made in your essay. Try to understand them and come up with solutions. Sometimes, it is hard to observe the mistakes that another person can detect.

But when you know about them, you can work hard to correct them. Ensure that you pay attention to those remarks and research more about the solutions. If there are grammatical issues, you can correct them by knowing the grammar rules. You can learn various grammar rules and apply them in your essay.

Once you are done with the correction, you have to check the entire essay again. There are chances that you will make more mistakes than your teacher might not have noticed. Before you give it to your teacher, it should be perfect.

2. Learn from Your Mistakes


It is okay if you have made any mistakes in your essay. But make sure that you never repeat them once you note them. Try to understand your mistakes and know what is wrong with your essay. After detecting the issues, you have to learn from them and correct those issues. When you learn something, the chances of repeating them become less.

You must observe what your teacher has marked in different essay lines. Once you understand them, do some research, correct them and learn not to do it again. Click here to order an essay online and get easy solutions for your mistakes.

3. Ask Your Teacher for the Improvements


If you cannot detect your mistakes in the essay, it is better to ask your teacher. She can tell what is wrong with your essay and suggest some improvements. She will not explain everything, but you have to collect the hints she might suggest. It is important to pay attention to what she is speaking and understand her suggested improvements.

Once you understand them, you can make changes to your essay and correct it. You must know why your teacher is unhappy with your essay. There must be something wrong that she does not like an assignment. When you ask her, she will tell you about the crucial things you must note for the correction.

4. Avoid Arguments


You can get stuck in a situation when you and your teacher are in an argument. It is better to avoid such a situation because it can affect your grades and your image in the class. If you think that such a situation is happening, you must stop saying anything to your teacher.

You should always respect what your teacher teaches you. Claiming yourself right every time is not a good idea. Therefore, you must provide authority to someone to share her thoughts and opinions on your essay. You may learn various things from your mentor and improve your performance.

5. Discuss Your Problem

When you find any problem, you need to discuss it with your teacher. Sometimes, you may be right about some facts, and you cannot express them. You should tell your mentor and get suggestions about it. Sometimes, you can resolve any problem through a simple discussion.

When your teacher is unhappy with your performance, she will explain the things wrong in your essay. You need to ask your teacher to spend her time on a little discussion. It can be important for your better performance and grades.

6. Talk to Other Good-Performing Students


If you think that your teacher cannot help you, then you can approach other students who are good at writing essays. You know which student has got the high grade for the same essay. You can talk to him and ask about the mistakes in your notebook.

Students will tell you why your teacher is not happy with your essay and what you should do to improve it. Your friends with good grades can help correct all the issues you make in your writing. You must talk to them politely and ask for help. You can learn different things from them and implement them in your essay.

Final Thoughts

If your teacher is not happy with the revised essay you have written in the class, then you can do all the mentioned things. You need to understand all the mistakes you have made and try to correct them. Even if you try a lot, sometimes, you cannot get the solutions. But again, you can ask for help from other students or the teacher herself.

You must keep your patience and work hard on the improvements. Once you are done with the corrections, you can handover them to your teacher for further remarks. Try to be confident and perform well in your essay to get good grades.