Is It Possible To Win A Major Progressive Slots With One Single Spin?

Yes, it is possible. There are some casinos across the world that still have classic slots. And then there are online casinos as well. Over the years, people have won big on slots – and this is one of the more wild luck games out there that you will ever find.

For one, when you are playing on Betway casino Zambia, you can always win big. After all, there is no difficulty in the rules of a classic slots game. There are major three reels, and the centre reel is the winning reel. If you have the same symbol throughout in the centre reel, you get the big slots win. If lady luck is on your side, you can achieve that with one spin.

And these are some of the stories we will talk about today.

On 9th April 2015, a player from the Isle of Man hit the big slots win of more than 5 million Pound sterling with just one spin.

Now you know how progressive slots work! Let us better understand some of the impressive slots wins.

Elmer Sherwin


Some of the big slots wins in online casino history have come from Megabucks in Las Vegas. Although the online casino offers progressive jackpots, land-based casinos find larger prizes.

If you have been playing slots for quite some time, then you might be familiar with the story of Elmer Sherwin. In 1989, Elmer Sherwin won an impressive $4.6 million by playing Megabucks in Las Vegas. A few years later, in 2005, Sherwin hit the jackpot again at the age of 92. This time, the amount was $21.1 million. Sherwin was a generous man, and he donated much of his big winnings to help people and charitable causes.

Jon Heywood


Online progressive slots started competing with offline casinos and raised their jackpots. They even connected those slots, making them multiple online slots. And in 2015, did you know Jon Heywood happened to hit a stunning 13.2 million Euros jackpot on the Mega Moolah slots machine? And Heywood even could make it to the Guinness World Record for the biggest online slots win.

The Anonymous Australian Player

Online slots are no less than offline ones. And the anonymous proved it when he managed to win an impressive $10.4 million (Australian Dollars) on the Dark Knight slots wins gambling. However, as we know, it has been discontinued owing to some gambling license issues.

Retired Flight attendant

In 1998, the Megabucks in Las Vegas reached a massive $20 million for the first time. And a retired flight attendant wagered a little more than they wanted to in Palace Station. But as luck would have it, the flight attendant received $27.5 million against their $300 bet! A year after this, the Caesar Palace Megabucks paid out a whopping $21 million from a spin of $10.

Kerry Packer


Yet another big slots wins was by Kerry Packer. Not all slots fans visit Las Vegas with the dream of becoming a millionaire. Packer is an Australian billionaire for whom the Vegas trip was just another adventure. in 1997, he made around $20 million to $40 million by playing baccarat and blackjack during journey. There were rumours that he gave the dealer a million in tips. Unfortunately, a few years later, Kerry Packer lost $28 million at a London casino.

The Woman Who Won $680,000

An old woman in her early 60s won $680,000 while playing The Wheel of Fortune at the Palace Station Hotel. Many of us could go out and blow all that money immediately. But the woman kept playing on other Vegas machines. And a few months later, she won a staggering $27 million in the Megabucks jackpot! The bottom line- if you stick around for long enough, you might get lucky!

Amy Nishimura

Amy Nishimura, a resident of Hawaii, visited Vegas frequently for vacations. The 71-year-old woman used to play at the same big slots wins machine at the Freemont Hotel whenever she was in Vegas. She said that she talked to the machine to give her some luck. During one of her visits, she played for 3 hours and wagered less than $100 and hit a jackpot of nearly 9 million dollars!

John Tippin


John Tippin, a postal worker, hit the Megabucks jackpot in 1996 while he was on vacation to Vegas. You can imagine that the massive $11 million wins changed his life completely! However, in 2001, Tippin published a book describing the aftermath of the Vegas trip experience. The book ‘I Did It! My Life After Megabucks’ goes on to paint the downside of becoming a millionaire. Tippin penned all his way through isolation and paranoia in the book.

LA Software Engineer

A massive slots win happened in 2003 at Las Vegas. A Los Angeles based software engineer hit a huge $39.7 million jackpot on the Megabucks machine at Excalibur. The young engineer was just trying to pass some time before a basketball match. This is the biggest slots wins in casino history. The engineer was paid out in 25 yearly instalments of $1.5 million.

And sometimes luck does not favour you much

And not all the big slots wins a payout. This happened with Katrina Bookman, who played on a big slots wins machine at the Resort World Casino. Bookman was showed a winning ticket of a massive $42.9 million!

This might have been the massive casino win ever. But it turned out that the machine had malfunctioned. The slots machine had a maximum payout of $6500. Katrina Bookman was offered a steak dinner instead!

These were some of the big slots wins in casino history, along with a funny mishap! Do you think Australian progressive slots can favour you with a few million dollars? Do not forget to check out some incredible Australian progressive jackpots. Who will know when luck might decide to favour you!