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3 Things You Must Know About Wood Wedding Rings for Men

When it comes to wood wedding rings for men, it is not something new or trending fashion, of late. It has roots going back to ages. Our ancestors trusted wood to create basic tools, weapons, and even pieces of jewelry. Did you know that handcrafted wedding bands for men look unique and exceptional on your ring finger?

It is not about just sustainable fashion but also exudes bucolic sophistication a man would yearn for, even today. According to an article published in the New York Times, wood has a significant place when it comes to jewelry, gems, and styling.

In this article, we will walk through the three most essential things you must know about wood wedding rings for men. Read on to learn more.

Wood rings are durable


Wood wedding bands for men come in a range of designs, styles, be it brazen or bold and even classy and sleek. Then, wood rings are also durable because their strength is enhanced with the use of strong encircling metal. These days, you will find wood wedding rings made from the toughest metals, thus wood bands have a solid foundation when designed.

These wedding ring varieties include wood titanium, wood cerwooden ringamic, and wood tungsten wedding bands for men. The combination of wood with these metals makes your wedding band scratch-resistant, a super finish that does not fade, and unmatched toughness and durability.

The making of wood wedding bands


Usually, the process involves curving the wood inlays or even steaming to make it more flexible. After creating the design, the wood you choose is finished and closed up to protect the material from external components. You can check out a range of wood wedding rings on or similar platforms.

The sealing or closing up process also ensures some level of water resistance. You can choose from the best hardwoods that come in rich colors and one-off patterns. The designing of wood wedding bands for men is such that they last for many years and perfect for daily use. You can pick from varied styles so that you can match your wood wedding ring with traditional and casual wear.

These days, you will get wedding bands made of wood that is easy on your budget and fit for daily use. Just because it is wood, it does not mean that your wedding band will not look appealing.

Choosing the best wood wedding ring for men

When you are out in the market to choose wood wedding rings, ask what you want. Will you like to buy a wood ring or one that has another metal such as a wood inlay? You can choose wood inlay for more durability and strength. Look at the various styles, designs, and colors. Pick something that matches your skin tone, style, and personality.

Before you purchase, look at the ring under different lighting conditions to ensure that you like the design and appeal. Choose from varied metal tones like silver-colored tungsten, black, or any other tone you like.

Reason to choose Men’s Wedding Bands :

1. Easy on Care & Maintenance


The best downside of customary wedding bands is they call for careful upkeep. With regards to metal groups, they need incessant cleaning to look staggering on uncommon events. Metal rings are additionally inclined to rust and abnormality if not looked after as expected. This isn’t the situation when you pick wood wedding rings that are not difficult to really focus on and keep up.

2. Wood Wedding Rings are in Vogue


Epic Wedding Bands made of wood are the most recent pattern. Indeed, two or three years, wood rings were not all that famous, however of late, they are acquiring footing, and wood wedding rings are presently stylish and the top choice of current men.

At the point when you purchase a wood ring for your wedding, you are picking a polished piece of gems that isn’t just popular yet stands apart from the rest. Today, style cognizant men are picking wood wedding rings. At the point when you parade that ring on your finger, your wedding visitors will ask where purchased the shocking ring from in any case.

3. Affordable


All things considered, regardless of little or personal, are costly in light of the fact that you need to pay for the setting, visitor convenience, blossoms, food, occasions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Wood wedding bands are your most ideal decision in the event that you don’t have the financial plan to spend on costly adornments.

Pros and Cons about Wooden Wedding Rings:


Wood rings are likewise hypoallergenic by and large (contingent upon what sort of finish is utilized on the rings) and are an incredible alternative for individuals who experience the ill effects of metal hypersensitivities. On the off chance that you are looking for extraordinary wedding bands as well, hand-cut wood rings each have their own stand-out attributes.

Wooden wedding rings are additionally very low on the scale with regards to warm and electrical conductivity properties. Thus, for the individuals who work around power and are worried about the risks of a metal ring – a wooden ring is a breathtaking choice.


The greatest con to these captivating rings is that they will require exceptional consideration to stay in great condition for quite a long time to come (see extraordinary consideration tips underneath). Wooden wedding bands can’t be resized either – however fortunately they are reasonable to supplant if your ring size changes as it were.

The ecological and moral advantages of wood rings can be lost if the rings are made with gold, platinum, gemstones or jewels that have not been acquired through moral or eco-accommodating assets – and if the rings are made with woods that have not been gotten through supportable methods.


Wood wedding bands for men have the best combination of natural wood and durable metals. Make your pick based on the tips above. Look special on your big day.