How to Overcome Procrastination When Writing a Term Paper

Let’s be honest: any type of academic paper makes a student stressed, anxious, and depressed. You must look for good ideas for essays, plan your time, and write it in the end. It’s not a surprise that many of you fall in the arms of procrastination and don’t see a way out. But this isn’t what you should do – there is no chance to avoid doing your homework.

What to do with procrastination


Procrastination means postponing your tasks, plans, everything including happy things too. A person who prefers delaying actions literally delays his or her own life. This is a very deconstructive behavior that doesn’t let you feel alive and important to this world. Many users said that they can’t stop procrastinating. They found thousands of reasons to postpone a need to write essays, term papers, research papers, and other academic tasks.

So the answer to the question ‘what to do with it is simple: you have to overcome it, and as soon as possible. It sounds like a perfect plan but most students don’t know how to reach this goal. A fear of changes and leaving your comfort zone also plays against you in this struggle.

First of all, it’s fine, you are not alone with your problem. Most students experience procrastination at least once per semester. Even a very rational, focused, and successful student has such moments time after time. Second of all, there is no lose-lose situation. No matter how anxious and depressed you are, there is an exit.

So let’s make you feel better and find enough strength to write an essay, term paper, or another type of academic assignment. With the following tips, you will definitely overcome procrastination. Besides, it’s better to save these recommendations for the future so you can easily defeat such an annoying issue in your life.

Make a writing schedule


No matter the type of assignment and educational level, you have to finish your paper on time. That’s why your deadline is important to you and your grades. It may be urgent or standard, but this is a must part of your writing process.

If you experience any signs of procrastination, your deadline is in danger. By delaying your tasks, you stay at the same spot and don’t make any progress. Such an approach can’t lead you to make a successful paper and receive a desirable mark.

So make your personal schedule. You have the date X when you must finish your assignment. Mark it in your calendar and also mark a date you have to start an essay. These days will create a timeline you have for your job. This is exactly the period you must plan. Schedule your days to plan when you will write the exact part of your term paper.

Use online tools to focus


You may write a term paper without using any online writing services and instruments. Decades ago students have done their assignments this way. Maybe, old-fashioned individuals still refuse to make their lives easier but continue to struggle with ordinary things.

But you are experiencing procrastination and can’t organize yourself. Besides, hi-tech tools are the achievement of modern technologies and such helpers may play a great role for your sake. That’s why you should try online calendars, remainders, calming music apps, and other tools for developing your focus on the current task.

Also, it’s great to use modern online tools to improve your writing. You can try synonymous vocabularies, plagiarism-free checkers, and other popular instruments. You’ll see that the writing process becomes faster and simpler.

Create a reward system


Unfortunately, we are used to disparaging ourselves for any mistake but forget to reward ourselves for doing good things. If you have got up early in the morning, cleaned your working space, writing a part of your term paper then you did a good job. Our everyday routine consists of small things and we must appreciate your activities.

Every time you do a good job is an achievement. That’s why you need to make a reward system. Plan the list of rewards and actions you must perform to get a reward. For instance, write one page of your assignment and have a 10-minutes break.

Make revisions in your term paper and let yourself buy something you want at the moment. Such a system is a perfect way to teach yourself planning and hardworking. You’ll see how easily your rewards will motivate you to follow your to-do list.

Design your working space


So many students say ‘I can’t write my essay’ and believe that they aren’t capable of doing something. They can find thousands of reasons why their homework couldn’t be done. But only a few people understand that the problem isn’t in them. The problem surrounds you.

Let’s talk about your working space. Is it comfortable? Do you have enough fresh air and natural daylight? Is the atmosphere there positive? There are so many factors that influence your productivity, and a comfortable working space is one of them.

You need to organize your working space and make it comfortable for you. Try to clean it well, design like you want, get a comfortable chair and a good computer, etc. Once you feel it suits you and provokes your productivity, you can start doing your job.

Stop looking for excuses


When you experience procrastination you don’t just sit and stare. You keep finding reasons for why you can’t do the exact job at the moment. These feelings steal the time and energy you may spend on writing a term paper and finishing it on time. But unfortunately, you don’t do it.

Looking for excuses is a very strong scenario that makes most students anxious and unproductive. There is no one-and-done tip to prevent you from looking for excuses. You should just stop doing this.

Anyway, you can definitely beat procrastination. You are a powerful, strong, creative, and amazing person who can make everything. Just find a desire to do something inside yourself and keep developing it. With the listed above recommendations you’ll do any job fast and without excuses!