Your Around-The-World Packing List – What To Put In Your Bag When You Travel Alone

Travelling around the world for a couple of months or even a year is different than leaving your house for a week or two. As a long-time traveller, you need to look differently at your pack because your entire gear and wardrobe are in your backpack, and they must work for the different locations you want to visit. Don’t worry if you experience a lot of anxiety when you first leave your home; you’re not the only one who embarked on an adventure around the world alone.

This is a unique experience you should enjoy and have at least once in a lifetime. The planet is vast and offers countless destinations to pick from. Whether you want to spend your vacation on a beach relaxing, or you want to engage in an interesting cultural exchange, your solo excursion can meet your interests. Travelling the world alone may seem intimidating at first, but it also leaves you with the option to cater the trip to your desires and make your decisions without considering others’ opinions. There’s a sense of freedom in travelling solo you don’t have with any other form of vacation.

As a solo traveller ready to leave your house for a long period, you need to be ready to pack light. Why?


– Fewer line-ups at the airport. You can wave at the people who are watching the line of bags, trying to figure out which one is theirs. By the time they find it, you’re already at the hotel having a nice shower.

– You can easily walk around without having to worry that you must carry heavy luggage. You also don’t have to worry if the accommodation facility you rent has an elevator because you can take the stairs.

– Save money because you can take a bus rather than paying for a taxi.

– You’re less of a target for criminals who try to steal from people with multiple bags because they cannot pay attention to all of them at once.

– You have fewer chances to lose your luggage on the way, so you won’t waste time and money shopping for stuff.

– You don’t waste time packing and repacking your belongings.

– You save money because you don’t have to pay extra charges for budget flights.

– You carry only what you need.

As a solo traveller, it makes more sense to pack light because it’s less challenging to move from a place to another.

Travel essentials for a solo traveller


When you get ready for leaving your house for a long time, you have the misconception you must pack all the items you’d normally use during that time if you’d stay at home. But remember, you have to carry all those items, and it’s tricky to enjoy your adventure while you move multiple bags from a place to another. Here is a list of essentials you need for an around the world trip.

– Your travel paperwork. Save copies from your travel paperwork on your Dropbox or Google Drive account so you can access them even if you lose your mobile device. Alongside the digital copies, you should also have paper copies with you. Together with your passport and visas, it would help if you also had flight information and hotel confirmations.

– Travel insurance. Travel insurance is essential for long and short trips. When you travel alone, your travel insurance works like a safety net that guards you no matter what happens and where you are.

– Cash. Even if you have a credit card, it’s best always to carry cash, especially if you want to visit remote areas. Some service providers accept only cash payments, and the last thing you want is to get hungry in Africa because the local store accepts no credit cards.

– Practical stuff. Sugru recommends packing mouldable glue in your luggage because it can prove quite helpful if your shoes break, your phone charger wire splits, or you need to repair something while on the road. Besides the multipurpose glue, you should also have a couple of resealable plastic bags and a few feet of duct tape in your backpack.

– Personal items. If you need long term treatment, ask your doctor to write a prescription to get your medicine while on the road. Add to your luggage a water bottle, supplements, and vitamins because you’ll need an energy boost while on the road. Also, you should add to the packing list a small first aid kit and care products like a brush, floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, face cream, hair products, and razor.

Now let’s figure out the clothes


To pack smartly, every item must go with many things, and no item should have a single purpose. You need clothes fit for a range of activities and shoes you can wear both when you go out or travel on foot. Let’s check the packing list.

Shoes – two pairs are enough. Get a pair of street shoes and one of functional boots if you want to hike and explore outdoors. If you need hiking boots, wear them on the plane, and pack the street shoes in the luggage.

Pants – three pairs or two pairs and a skirt if you’re a woman. Wear the most comfortable pair on the plane.

Tops – four tops, one camisole and a light sweater.

A light jacket – depending on your destinations, you may need a light jacket to wear at night or when it rains.

Scarf – a large scarf has many uses, from head cover if you visit places that require women to cover their hair to beach cover-up.

Jacket – you need a functional jacket to keep you warm if you travel during the cold season or you visit a destination with temperate climate.

Bathing suit – considering that you’ll travel for a couple of months you’ll probably visit places known for their beautiful beaches, and it would be a pity not to have a bathing suit to swim in the ocean or sea.

Fundamentals – three pairs of cocks, five underwear, two bras or sports bras, and a pyjama.

Are you ready to head to the airport and start the greatest adventure of your life?