What to Wear When You Go Hiking

Hiking is a lovely adventure and needs specific dressing. If you are a hiker, you already know there is nothing like bad weather. Putting on inappropriate clothing is what makes hiking disgusting.

Each weather has its own kind of dressing. What to wear for hiking when it is cold is different from the time it’s warm. If it is hot, you then need light clothes and vice versa.

Accessories also play a huge role in ensuring that you are dressed for the weather. Sunglasses are ideal for use when it is sunny. Heavy socks and a cape are important when the weather is cold.

Today’s article will guide you on what to wear when hiking in both winter and summer. Have a look. Having a checklist to ensure that you have all you need for hiking is excellent. Follow websites like  Hiking Gear Lab to learn more about cute hiking outfits for you.

What to wear for hiking

1. Hiking pants


Getting long hiking pants is excellent. If they are lightweight, they make your movement quick and easier. The lovely thing about them is that you will not experience mosquito bites, and are antibacterial.

Depending on the place you want to go hiking, you can choose the heavy ones or lightweight. Choosing to have hiking tights instead of pants is awesome.

2. Sports underwear

Sports underwear is known for the removal of moisture in the body. One of the major reasons sports underwear is important is the absorption of heat. Your body, therefore, remains dry for longer periods.

The chances of having discomfort are minimal when you are on sports underwear. One with wool material is excellent for facilitating long distances.

3. Hiking shorts

Having a pair of shorts is perfect for hiking on a hot day. When the weather is sunny and hot, shorts are better than having pants. They promote air circulation and make your movement swift.

You will, however, need to take some caution, especially with the terrain. When you are on a short, and the terrain is tough, you get exposed to injuries. You will therefore have to wear pants no matter what the conditions will be.

4. Hiking footwear


There are numerous shoes you can comfortably use for hiking. Boots also play a huge role in promoting effective hiking. Footwear is, however, dependent on weather and the terrain.

Some hikers would prefer a running shoe while some would stick to boots. Your preference is perfect for it promotes your comfortability. Protection of your legs is also essential in making the best choice.

Before settling on shoes, consider the terrain of the place. If it is rugged, boots will serve better. When the weather is rainy, you will need stable and weatherproof boots.

5. Running shoes

Running shoes are unique because they have a trail. Their cushioning is of great quality hence protecting your feet from rough surfaces. Such a shoe has a tread pattern that ensures your forward movement is easy. Follow websites like to find reliable trail running shoes for your next hiking.

Running, at times, forms part of hiking. You will find it lovely to put on these shoes as they keep you comfortable. The chances of having a run while hiking are very high hence inconveniencing to change shoe.

6. Sunhat

A sunhat is essential when you are hiking in hot or warm conditions. Getting one that has an added layer for protecting you against sunlight is perfect. Sunhats are wide hence protecting a bigger section of the body.

When choosing a hat, get one you are comfortable with. Get the best material that will make you comfortable. If it is cold, the hat should be warmer.

7. Thermal layers


When choosing what to wear on hiking, thermal layers must feature. It is because they are the next dressing after your body. Their major role is to maintain body temperatures when warm or cold.

Thermal layers are best when they are long sleeve. You will get the best conditions when it is cold and when it is warm. When it is cold, they ensure you feel warm and vice versa.

Nylon and wool thermal layers are the best. One thing to observe when it is cold is to put on warmer ones.

8. Performance shirt

A performance shirt is essential as it enhances comfort. If you get one with fabric, you will enjoy the best conditions. When choosing the performance shirts, ensure you have those of merino of cotton wool.

Wool based shirts are perfect because of the lightweight nature. They quickly absorb the soap and dry quickly.

9. Hiking gloves

During winter, gloves may not be necessary. When it is cold, there is a need to have your gloves on. Some people are prone to cold hands hence the need to have gloves that keep them warm.

When buying hiking gloves, consider those that are weatherproof. The most amazing thing is that there are gloves designed for multiple purposes. Having sporting, jogging, and hiking make excellent choices.

10. Shell jacket


A shell jacket is essential for all hikers. However, the jackets are dependent on the weather, either as cold or hot. The jacket has a multi-layer that keeps you off from experiencing windy conditions. It has a lightweight design that also ensures you are safe from extreme conditions.

The lightweight jackets also make your movement from one place to another very swift. When you have attacks from insects, you enjoy perfect safety. The loveliest thing about them is that you can fold them for easy traveling.


Choosing what to wear when hiking is the best way to ensure you have fun. When you have the right attire of excellent quality, you will have more fun. A checklist is an essential thing that will ensure you have all your gear on for the best hiking.