How To Stop Stressing About What To Wear To Church: 5 Style Tips


Dressing for a particular occasion or a specific venue can be quite stressful. If you are visiting a church for a Sunday mass, for a friend’s wedding, or for a funeral, then you ought to be careful while dressing. A church does not have a strict dress code, but you do not want to dress inappropriately because you do not want other people to judge you.

Why It Is Important To Dress Appropriately To The Church

You want to dress appropriately when you go to a church because you do not want to look odd or you do not want people to nitpick on you behind your back. So if you are confused about what to wear to church, you can go to You can also read this article to get a few quick style tips before your next visit to the church.

What To Choose And What To Avoid While Visiting A Church

A Crisp Suit Or A Tuxedo For Men

Both suit and tuxedo are formal dresses, yet a tuxedo is more formal than a suit. The choice between a suit and a tuxedo should be based on the occasion. If it is a formal occasion, then it is better to go for a tuxedo. For instance, if you are officiating someone’s wedding, then it is a better idea to go for a tuxedo and not a suit.

However, for a regular Sunday mass, a suit is a great idea. Suits come in various cuts, the British cut, the Italian cut, etc., and each of them has some unique features. The British cut, for instance, had developed in the British military and had slanted pockets.

Apart from the cut, the way in which you button up your suit also matters. Not buttoning up at all looks very informal, so the rule of thumb is to button at least one button. You can also button up the second and third buttons, but that depends on your personal comfort and the build of your body. If you are well-built, then you can use only one button; while you are lean, you can use two or three buttons as well.

Most men prefer to go for bold colors like brown, black, shades of gray, and blue when they are going to church. You can never be wrong with a suit or a tuxedo as it looks respectful and elegant at the same time. However, it is important to ensure that the suit or the tuxedo is well-ironed and clean before wearing it.

Bow Ties And Neckties

The bow tie or the necktie makes a dress look more formal. Wearing a bow tie is less common than wearing a necktie. A bow tie is unique, so it also sets you apart. A bow tie is more traditional and better suited with a tuxedo than a suit. So if you want to look more elegant and traditional, then you should opt for the bow tie.

Also, if you are wearing a pleated shirt, you should avoid the necktie because a necktie will be odd with a pleated shirt. The choice between a bow tie and a necktie will depend on the occasion. If you are visiting the church for your own wedding ceremony, then you would most likely go for a bow tie and a tuxedo, but for regular events, a necktie is more common.

The color of the tie can match that of the suit, so it can be dressed in all black with a white shirt, or you could also go for colors that complement each other.

Formal Dresses For Women

A formal dress can come in many shapes. You can go for a mid-length or a full-length dress. You could choose a straight cut, or you could choose a trumpet cut. In a trumpet cut, the bottom flows out just like in bell bottom pants. You could also go for an A-shaped design where the dress is cut like the English alphabet A.

You can choose any shape or design for your dress. Geometric designs look more formal, and florals are great for mornings. You can also experiment with the colors. However, you might want to stick to the specific color code norms for certain occasions like a funeral and a wedding. So for a funeral, you should go for a black dress and for your own wedding you could go for white or a light shade of pink or blue.

Skirts And Suits With Capes

Suits with Capes inbuilt in them look incredibly stylish and classy. Many women from the royal family have been spotted in suits with capes. The capes can be of different types, and they are sure to set you apart in the crowd. So if you are someone who likes to dress up well before visiting a church, you should definitely give the cape suit a try.

A suit with a Cape can be matched with any type of skirt, be it a straight cut or a pleated skirt that adds volume.

Wearing The Right Kind Of Hat

If you want to wear a hat, then you can choose a veiled hat for funerals. For other occasions, you can go for a felt hat of any color. You can also go for silk or satin hats with fancy bows and flowers pleated on top for church weddings. Most hats come with an adjuster, so you do not have to worry about a hat not fitting properly on your head.


A church does have a strict dress code that you need to follow. However, most people prefer to dress up formally because it is considered respectful.

What you choose to wear depends on your personality and comfort levels, and you don’t have to dress up formally out of compulsion. Dressing up for church need not be boring; on the contrary, it can be pretty fashionable. However, sticking to the norms for sensitive occasions like a funeral is better.