Tips to Capture Those Perfect Moments Using Your Smartphone

In the modern world, everyone loves to click pictures as smartphones have become the rage now. While some people buy smartphones to get the maximum utility and comfort, there are some people who buy just for the camera and photography options.

Keeping this in mind, smartphone companies are also manufacturing mobiles highlighting camera options and settings.

So, if you’re using your smartphone only for clicking pictures and you want them to be spectacular, there are some camera tips and tricks you should know. Knowing these tips will let you explore the existing camera settings in your phone so that you get the final pictures in the way you want.

For instance, while clicking scenes where you have to cover a wide picture, you need to know about panorama and HDR mode. And during the nighttime, you have to set some options in the camera so that it can click clear pictures during less lighting.

So, if you have a good camera phone but are frustrated with the low-quality images that you’ve been clicking, you have come to the right place. Here, you can know the tips which are easy to read and follow so that you can have amazing and Instagram-worthy pictures.

Tips to Capture Perfect Clicks with Your Phone


Clicking pictures with your phone is more than just pressing that white button. Anyone can do it easily; however, if you wish to preserve the moments in perfect clarity, then you’d have to know the following tips for sure. So, let’s dive in without any delay:

Focus and exposure

Focusing on the object or person you want to click removes the chances of getting a blurred image. For instance, if you’re clicking a picture of a tree, just tap on it on your phone, and your camera will automatically adjust focus on it. It is called manual focus and many phone cameras come in-built with it.

Likewise, if you’re clicking a picture of a group, your camera focus will automatically detect the faces of the persons (it’s called a face detection option) and click the picture with clear and happy faces.

Once you focus on the object, you can adjust the brightness using the exposure option. To do it, you have to slide up and down your finger after you’ve focused on the object. You can do this entire process within seconds once you’ve become a pro in it.

Make use of natural light


Everyone knows that you get amazing pictures in natural light. However, you should know there are certain tips that will let you use natural light in the best way. For instance, if you’re taking pictures in the early morning sun, you could capture special effect pictures like falling sun rays if your object is against the sunlight.

However, this trick may not work in the evening sun. Because if your object is against the light, the image will be silhouetted by the sunlight making the picture darker and blurry. In such cases, make your object have as much light as possible when facing the sun.

Three by three grid rule

You might have observed a nine-grid on your camera app while clicking pictures. Known as the three-by-three grid rule, you should ensure to get the important parts of your image like treeline or people’s faces near the corners of the segments.

By doing this, you’re improving the composition of the picture. You get a perfect click where the height and width of the photo seem perfect and of course, the objects or people in it.

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Keep your phone steady


You may think you are holding your phone still while clicking a picture; however, when you tap on the button, the image can get the slightest shake. It’s visible only when you see the picture on a laptop or PC.

These kinds of motion mistakes are easily rectified in a professional DSLR, but a smartphone cannot. To overcome this, you can buy a tripod. It may be costly, but you can use the cheap ones that are designed specifically for smartphones.

As a tripod cannot move while clicking a picture, you can get perfect clicks even if you see them in high resolution. So invest in a tripod if you wish to take pictures like family photos that you’d like a frame on the wall.

Burst shot pictures

When you want to click the perfect pictures in motion, make use of the burst shot option in camera phones. It is activated when you long-press the shutter button and it clicks continuous pictures as long as you hold the shutter button.

Later, you can see all the burst images and delete them after keeping the best ones. It’s highly helpful when you are taking an image that is in a continuous but steady motion. For instance, a lady twirling, a kid crawling, etc.

Edit images on the spot


The best way to store that one perfect click is by editing it on the go. Whenever you’ve taken a picture and you think it’s the best, open the edit option in your photos app and do some changes to get the perfection. You can apply a suitable filter, crop the image, straighten or sharpen the picture, increase or decrease the brightness, etc.

To save you this trouble, many smartphone cameras come with an auto edit option where it changes a picture to its better form. So, to have the perfect images, you should also have good editing skills along with photography skills.

Explore the camera settings

When you are free and just browsing on your phone, try opening your camera and begin exploring its settings and options. You will find a range of settings that help you click the best picture. Options like timer, shutter sound, shutter options, flashlight, HDR, ratio of picture’s height and width, and many more are helpful when you click a picture.

You can also make a mental note about what options are useful at what pictures. For example, when clicking your pet’s picture, make a note that you’ve to use burst mode as you can’t get a perfect shot in just a single click.

Show Your Professionalism While Taking Photos!


Knowing tips and tricks of smartphone photography lets you show off your skills during family time. It can become one of the good reasons to get a family photo by creating interest in your family members by showing your camera skills. Along with your entire family knowing about your photo skills, you can get a happy family photo as an end result which can be really cool! To know reasons to get a family photo look here