How Many Seconds Should A Ringtone Be?

The use of phones is something that’s become standard in today’s age. Everybody has their own smartphone and a ton of people to call and pick up calls from. Therefore, our ringtone can become quite an important part of everyday life.

The concerns with them are usually ones of audibility, as some crowds can be quite loud and drown out the ringing. However, there are far more things to consider when picking one out, and we will go over them and especially focus on length.

Why you could consider changing your ringtone?


Ringtones are often neglected as far as customization goes. The most frequent thing people do is leave the default ones and get used to their sound. However, after a while, it’s possible to run into multiple reasons why we would like to replace them.

The first reason is that default ones can get stale, and our ability to recognize them vanes as we end up not picking up that the phone is ringing right away. This routine sound can help some recognize the sound easier, but it often leads to fewer people responding to the phone. In such cases, a switch to something new can be quite helpful.

The second reason one could consider changing their ringtone is the inability to distinguish it from other phones ringing. When we are out and about, surrounded by a lot of people with similar ones, a single call could send a lot of people reaching for their phones. That means every time we hear that recognizable ring, we may go for ours. This can get rather annoying when our phone isn’t on hand, making us check for calls while it’s out of reach.

Another reason we may consider changing the ringtone is the simple fact of customizability. Even though it’s a minor detail, a custom one can feel like a nice touch to our overall style. Some people may choose their favorite song as such, though it’s bound not to stay favorite for long after so many replays, or opt for something that’s easy to distinguish.

A ringtone should be unobtrusive


The most important part of a ringtone is that it’s not annoying to other people around us. It should be chosen in a way that maximizes our chances of hearing it and answering the phone without the downside of the sound being overly obnoxious for everybody else to deal with.

While very loud and shrill noises can be difficult to ignore and are guaranteed to get us to answer the phone, the same intrusiveness we feel can impact others. Nobody is keen on having their daily obligations interrupted, and even if we are in a busy location where noise is muffled, the sudden sharp sound could unsettle them in their daily activities.

Basically, you are supposed to keep others in mind even if you are picking your own ringtone. The standard option that comes with phones is usually what most people go for. Their balance between noticeable, apparent, and unobtrusive usually makes them a decent fit. However, not everybody will find them apt as a pick. In which case, we’ll need to find ourselves some new ones.

In terms of unobtrusiveness, we should aim to find distinct sounds that can be distinguished even while occupied but do not excel greatly in terms of annoyance. To avoid the constant concern about picking the right ringtone, we should check some of the already available ones. Among them, we can find one that fits us best while also being unobtrusive. To find the right ringtone for you, check out

Make sure the picked ringtone is distinguishable

The key part of picking a ringtone is making sure that it is a sound we’ll easily hear no matter where we are. In an empty office or a busy bus, we should be able to notice that our phone is ringing and be sure that it isn’t somebody else’s.

While a distinguishable ringtone may be simple to find by just opening a list of songs they’ve listened to recently, the difficulty in discerning the correct one to go for to cover other concerns. The concern of being obtrusive with our chosen sound is especially difficult to avoid when just picking from songs.

Duration of ringtone


Now onto the main concern. The duration of a ringtone. This is something that’s frequently considered because a lot of the ringtones can feel a bit ineffective after a few seconds due to them having lulls in their tone. This goes double for songs that can often have a pretty inconsistent tone across the duration of the song or even in the initial minute of it.

This concern is usually circumvented partially by proper choice of ringtone sounds, but it is no less important to know how long a ringtone should be until it starts to loop. The usual suggestion is between 20 to 30 seconds, after which time the ringtone will start anew. The reason for this duration is twofold. Firstly, we can clip or pick sounds that are right for our phone and loud enough to hear while also having certain parts of them punctuate the need to respond to a phone call.

Secondly, this duration is perfect for those that miss out on the first round of ringing. The loop starting over can act as another reminder to answer the phone and will kick in before a call is automatically declined.

With those two benefits, we are more likely to answer the phone than usual and can rest easy that the chosen tone will be distinguishable.


There are a few concerns that we need to consider when picking a ringtone. Among these, we have to consider duration as well. While some may assume that a full song is an alright choice for this purpose, more often than not, we’ll find it to be either ineffective or possible to ignore.

To make sure our ringtone will always be heard, we should pick and choose the proper length of around 20 to 30 seconds for it. Additionally, making it properly distinguishable by choosing one that’s easy to hear yet unobtrusive is also recommended.