3 Surprising Things Your iPhone Says About Your Personality

If someone asked you what is the thing you wake up with and go to bed with every day, would the answer be your loved one? We’re afraid it wouldn’t. What would the answer actually be? Well, the phone.

In the 21st century, the telephone took its glory to a higher level. Today, most people regardless of age, gender, religion, or financial status own this small device. We store our entire lives inside of them, we confide our deepest secrets and buy a ticket to a thing called social life.

Today, in the time of expansion of social networks, these devices are more than necessary for every person. It is almost impossible to communicate with someone without using the phone. Considering that all our data fits into that small device, we can say that with the help of our phones, other people can discover many things about us.

If you own an invention by Steve Jobs, the iPhone, good for you! Here are a few things it says about your personality:

1. The color of your phone

It’s not that the color of your phone is a crucial test of your personality, but it is certainly an indicator of some of your characteristics. So here are a few things that the color of your device says about you:



The color white has always been associated with cleanliness. And, how could it not be when it is the most difficult one to keep clean. In addition, the white color always associates us with simplicity, so the owner of a white phone is often an austere, tidy person who does not like to complicate things.


Black color has always been considered sophisticated and elegant. However, if you are a teenager, then it can only mean the period of puberty in which you want to prove how rebellious you are. And that’s totally okay. If we were to associate the color black with the genre of music, we would always easily associate it with rock and metal. But if you still own a black iPhone, it shows that you are professional and stylish. This color has always represented power.


It would be said that you are a calm person full of understanding. Somehow the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the color blue is the sky and the sea. Those two things calm every man down. Also, it can mean that you are a reserved person. Either way, you are definitely the Dalai Lama among phone colors.


This color is more common among the fairer sex. It usually associates us with wealth, however, it can mean the aspiration toward that wealth. In any case, it also represents knowledge as well as an extroverted person in society. Usually, people who own a gold iPhone are blondes – 80% of the time!



No, you are not a basic girl if you have a pink phone. This actually tells you that you are a creative person. You are often described as a positive and sociable butterfly.


Ah, red is the biggest association with love. Well thanks to the marketing move of all the companies for Valentine’s Day, but either way it certainly represents you as a passionate person. Although it is the least sold color among these devices, it actually says that you are someone who likes to stand out, and you can also be impulsive.

2. Your phone ringtone

This is the most important thing. It’s true that nowadays people often put their phones on vibrate or completely turn off the sound, but this little thing represents you in society.

How? Well, if you decide on a ringtone that will be the sound of a chimpanzee or a lion, everyone will certainly think that you are not ordinary. Again, if you decide on a melody that represents you, your interests like your favorite series or movie, you certainly won’t be basic.

And if you are in doubt about which melody to choose, quickly browse the options over at

Now that you’ve done that, or if you’re still not sure which one to choose, here are a few things your ringtone says about you:

Vibration or tone off

You are very busy, and most likely an introverted person. You don’t like to be disturbed, and that’s why you’re that character who is always frowning. More specifically, your middle name is very likely Grumpy.

Classic music

You are very likely an old soul even though you are 20 years old. Or maybe you used to play piano or violin and that’s why you love Mozart so much.


It girl in society. Like the queen Britney Spears herself, you are the main character in a movie called life. Or you just like old mainstream songs.



A Ph.D. dissertation could be written about this. You can be so many things depending on what kind of rock you listen to. In any case, you are someone who is probably in his mid-thirties or someone who really wants to be popular in society, but it doesn’t work out for him.

Hip hop

These are mostly kids or guys in their early twenties who think they are cool. Judge for yourself whether they are really cool.


We hate to burst your bubble, but as much as you want to look cultured, jazz doesn’t say all that. Okay, we understand that you are very special and that you listen to jazz before bed because it relaxes you a lot. But is there really a need for your phone to ring like this? Someone might find you snobbish.

3. Your sense of fashion


As strange as it sounds, research has shown that iPhone users follow fashion much more often than Android users. You are most likely a fashion icon and your Instagram is full of top models like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, or Hailey Bieber.


In any case, you are the one who decides in which way you will personalize your phone. There are countless options from wallpapers to ringtones to highlight your personality, but be careful because it’s the image you leave in society.