7 Essentials Every Golfer Needs To Have In His Golf Bag

Nowadays, golf is one of the most popular sports all around the world. Professionals like Tiger Woods have lifted this sport to legend – but its history is actually far longer than we think. Although it is considered reserved only for the rich – that is not true. However, the fact is that you need equipment for this sport.

Golf: Available To Everyone Or Fun For The Rich?


Golf is one of the sports with a long history. It was developed in Scotland in the 14th century – but there are also many older games in different countries that preceded the development of golf. An interesting fact is that this sport got its name from the abbreviations of the word Gentlemen-Only-Ladies-Forbidden. It is so because initially in Scotland, where it originates – golf was only allowed to be played by men. Yet, although it is considered a sport of affluent circles – today almost everyone plays golf. The point is in enjoying good company, having fun – and learning fair play. However, it is indisputable that this sport requires adequate equipment – which is implied even when it comes to recreational athletes. Here are the essentials you need if you decide to go golfing.

Things You Need When You Play Golf

No special clothing is needed for playing golf – but golf clubs often make dressing for playing. At least they require a golf T-shirt with a collar and decent pants. You can always find out about the dress code before coming to a club. Golf clothes should be very comfortable and not interfere with swing, that is, golf kick. Golfers use hats, caps, and gloves to protect themselves from the sun – and they mostly have an umbrella and a raincoat in their bag, in case of rain. Here’s what else you need to have with you on the golf course.

1. Golf clubs


Each golf club consists of three basic parts: Grip, Shaft, and Club head. The grip is the upper part of the club on which you hold it when making the impact. Grips can be thicker and thinner – and are made of leather and rubber. Grips can wear out, so they can be replaced with new ones. The Shaft makes up the largest part of the golf club – and is made of various materials. Once it was made of wood. Nowadays, it is made most often of steel and graphite – but also aluminum, hard plastic, and various new materials. Golf clubs are made in harder and softer variants – that is, that they are more or less flexible. The clubhead is the final part of the golf club – the one with which the ball is hit. It can have a greater or lesser slope – or so-called Loft.

2. Balls

There are basically two types of balls. First, we have those for practice (which is forbidden to play on the course) – and balls for playing on the golf course. There are also more types of balls, such as softer ones that achieve better control – but are less resistant to damage and are more expensive. We also have harder ones, which are longer-lasting and cheaper. The hardness of the ball is denoted by 80 and 90 for softer and 100 for harder. Due to the growing number of players – it is often mandatory to additionally mark your own balls with a waterproof felt-tip pen.

3. Gloves


Gloves are usually made of leather, but they are also made of other materials. It serves to better hold the golf club and is very useful in the prevention of possible blisters. They are most often used on the one hand – although they are often used on both.

4. Markers

Markers are used to mark the ball on the Green when it blocks another ball on an imaginary path to the hole. According to Vivipins, they are made mostly of plastic. It comes with almost every glove fastened like a button. A small coin can also be used as a marker.

5. Tee


Tee is a small T-shaped nail – from which the ball is fired at the initial blow. It is made of plastic or wood. Tee is driven into the ground to about half their length – so that the ball stands a few inches above the ground. That is necessary for a good kick. There are also so-called winter-tees made of rubber.

6. Shoes

Golf shoes are specially designed to protect the terrain or grass. They are specific for nails on the sole – called Spikes. They once used to be made of steel, while lately only the so-called Soft Spikes are allowed on a golf course. There is almost no golf course where you are allowed to use classic steel crampons. Fortunately, it is easy to unscrew them and replace them with soft ones. Golf shoes are mostly produced in a classic shape – and also a more comfortable shape similar to sneakers.

7. Other equipment


Other equipment includes things that are not necessary – but can be helpful. Towels – usually two smaller ones are attached to the bag (wet and dry). One serves for cleaning sticks, the other for wiping hands and face. Golf equipment often includes patches – as well as a small first aid kit, shoe repair tools, and anything you may need.

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Ball Retriever

Golfers know the challenge of navigating hazards like water bodies and tall grass. A ball retriever proves to be an invaluable asset in such situations, rescuing golf balls from unreachable spots and ensuring a smoother play. It alleviates the need to wade into possibly dangerous or unpleasant areas, making it a practical addition to any golfer’s toolkit. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned golfer, the convenience offered by a ball retriever can significantly enhance your golfing experience, allowing more focus on improving your game and less on retrieving balls.

The Shielding Essence of Sunscreen

Exposure to the relentless sun makes sunscreen an essential companion for golfers and if you don’t own a 1998 club car, you’ll need sunscreen. Its protective essence guards the skin against the deleterious effects of UV rays, especially critical under the blazing sun. Utilizing sunscreen is more than a precaution—it’s a health necessity, reducing the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. For those spending extended periods on the course, reapplication is key. Remember, a day of enjoyment shouldn’t compromise your skin health, making sunscreen a non-negotiable element in your golfing arsenal.


Although anyone can play golf – it still requires certain essentials and equipment. Keep in mind that golf cannot be played in an artificial environment. It must be played in nature. Nature is exactly what makes golf so special. None of the two golf courses are the same – and nature makes each one unique and special. Today, golf has become an industry that is developing rapidly. It has a special place in the development of tourism – so today, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Tunisia have become new European centers for golf in the winter months. That fact significantly extended the golf season with top guests and good consumers. If you have been thinking about starting this sport – we wish you a lot of success.