Which Headset to Choose for Long Gaming Sessions

Sound plays a key role for all games, without exception, because it is from the quality of the atmosphere around that all the emotions from the game are revealed.

To choose a good gaming headset, you need to decide on its tasks and name all possible selection criteria. Having decided and choosing the right device, it will be much more pleasant for you to play your favorite MMO projects with a new soundtrack or listen to music. The headset will boost you, and your character in RuneScape 3 and other games will help to boost .

Criterias of choice:

• Sound
• Microphone
• Connection type
• materials



High-quality sound is the key to a good game, so it must be approached responsibly and with the calculation of your own financial budget, since the pursuit of perfect sound is an almost endless and expensive story.

There are several types of sound that can be found in gaming headsets:

Stereo is a classic kind of sound that is familiar to anyone who has had wired headphones for their phones. The essence of stereo sound is the distribution of sound in both directions with equal distance, but there is no question of surround sound with the transfer of all key elements of sound. Stereo sound does not reveal the equal distance of the characters and the game world from you, but simply conveys the sound atmosphere.

5.1 – A type of sound in which the atmosphere is transmitted to the player from five equidistant sources. The sound in such headphones will be more voluminous and open, the player will more clearly distinguish the degree of sound separation from him. For example, in CS:GO, the player will more clearly hear and understand the location of the enemy, the direction of movement and the place where the shootout is currently taking place.

7.1 is the most optimal type of sound for games – a sound stage is created around the character from seven equidistant sources and evenly transmits all types of sounds, but giving the player a clear understanding of where and with what intensity the events take place. These headphones are ideal for competitive gaming and realistic simulations.

7.1 sound is divided into two types – virtual and real.

Virtual 7.1 – the main sound stage is created by the software and allows the player to hear all the changes around him to the smallest detail. There is a minus, since the program is not always able to perfectly convey the sound stage, but the price for real 7.1 sound will be a plus, which we will talk about later.

Real 7.1 – the sound in these headphones is created using components inside the device. Real 7.1 is able to perfectly reproduce the sound image around the player to the smallest detail, but to implement this type of headset, your motherboard must support it, and an additional sound card may also be required.



The quality of the microphone in the headsets is plus or minus the same – the only thing worth paying attention to is the design of the microphone.

The microphone is:

Built-in – such a microphone is often inconvenient for broadcasts and gaming sessions, as it has a compressed and poor-quality sound.

Retractable – convenient for those who most of the time do not need a microphone, and the headset is used only for sound.

Detachable – similar to the previous one, and it makes sense to take such a microphone when in the future you plan to buy a stationary microphone and use it with your current headphones.

Elevating – the most common format, the microphone is lowered and raised as needed, which is very convenient when the microphone is not in use.

Fixed is not a very convenient format, as it reduces the number of positions in which you can put the headphones without harm to the components, and complicates transportation.

A separate microphone is for those who often perform in public, conduct podcasts and generally strive for clear sound. The microphone must have a built-in sound card.

Connection type


Wired and wireless headphones

Wired headphones have cleaner sound and ideally fast response when receiving an audio signal. Of the minuses – binding to the wire during gaming sessions.

Wired headphones are a good choice if you’ve got all your wires organized around your gaming space. If you love games and have the perseverance without the habit of walking around the room listening to a book, or thinking during a pause, then the wired solution will be a reflection

Wireless headphones have mobility and freedom of movement, but have a slight delay in sound, less clear sound, but it all depends on the manufacturer. Of the minuses – higher cost, periodic signal loss.

Wireless headphones are more comfortable for both gaming and leisure due to mobility – you can think about gaming tactics during breaks just by walking around the room, or get up from the gaming place and go to the kitchen without giving up the soundtrack and music.



The build quality of the headset directly affects the duration of gaming sessions without harming the ears and the comfort of the player.

It is worth choosing a headset made of quality materials – leather, or a good leather substitute. The plastic should be flexible and comfortable and fit snugly around the ears.

If you skimp on build quality, you may end up with headaches and ear discomfort.

A good manufacturer always supplies not only high-quality ear pads, but also braided wires, which wear out longer and do not affect the sound quality.

If you constantly do not have enough space on the table for headphones, then you should think about wireless, or a headphone stand that will remove all unnecessary wires.