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Make Sure You Have These 6 Apartment Essentials

A home is a place to which we gladly return from work, a place where all the troubles disappear as we step into the house and see our loved ones. Above all, the expression dream house is much more than just a saying, as it is a place filled with memories. That is why buying one or building one is such a special time in our lives. Furthermore, moving is an adventure of its own, especially when someone is moving to their first apartment, as there’s nothing as thrilling as that!

No matter if you’re a student heading off to college or ready to move out and live on your own, that time to move out eventually always comes. In such times, there are plenty of things to think about, lots and lots of duties and responsibilities, and it’s easy to forget the staples that make life possible.

Luckily, living in this modern digital age comes with many perks, meaning that one can always easily find a device or gadget they need, whether online or by going to a store. Of course, it may seem that manufacturers simply don’t want to make our life easy, as somehow they always have some new house appliances that we simply “must” have.

That is why making a list of the most important things that one will surely need when they move to their first apartment is of great importance since in that way they will buy only the necessary things. For those who don’t have time to do so or want to check twice if they got everything, continue reading as these are the most important things you should have in the apartment to ensure that you can make this space feel like home as quickly as possible.

1. Basic Tool Kit


An extraordinarily basic tool kit can take you pretty far! Focus on finding or making a kit with at least a screwdriver with multiple heads, a pencil, a hammer, a level, and a wrench. This tool kit is the most basic one out there but will mean a world in times of some emergency.

Although one of the perks of living in an apartment is that one can always call their landlord if anything goes wrong with the property, these tools can help you in a pinch and help build and take apart the furniture on your own. This tool kit does not require a lot of space, and many people will be surprised how often we need some tool from this magic box.

2. A Plunger


This one is also vital and something that many forget about until the exact moment they need it. Invest money in a middle-of-the-line plunger that can help if anything has trouble going down. For those with more than one bathroom, you still only need to buy a single plunger to take care of the apartment; it can just travel between bathrooms which is not a problem.

3. A Key-Catcher


Now, this may not seem important, but apartment and house keys are the most commonly misplaced or lost items. Set a spot near the front door, where you either hang a hook for keys or place a dish for keys to be tossed. Although one may not always remember to set them there, building a habit based on this will allow you to place the keys right where they are supposed to go much more often. It can be difficult in the beginning, but it can save us a lot of time when we are in a hurry and need our keys immediately. In this way, we will always know where they are, and there is no need to think about that.

4. Command Hooks


Command hooks are a fantastic way to get away with hanging items without having to worry about damaging the walls or losing a security deposit. Even though these hooks can cause mild paint damage if ripped off without foresight, these are still far less damaged than a nail or thumbtack. Invest in a twenty to forty pack before moving in! We can use them for almost everything, and they can save us a lot of space in every room.

5. Lamps and Bulbs


Many rental units don’t have enough lighting. If you’ve been looking at Arlington apartments at websites such as and you don’t see much natural or artificial light in a space, the solution is simple, just add some with lamps!

Adding lamps will allow you to decide where to place them and how bright you want the room to be- while bringing bulbs will ensure the color of the light will be something you actually like. Although investing in smart bulbs can save a lot of money in the long run, electricity bill-wise: it’s not worth it if it will cost a ton of money upfront that one doesn’t have at that very moment.

6. Multiple Phone Chargers


Keeping at least one phone charger per room in which you spend five or more hours a day will save you a lot of stress. It means ensuring that the phone can stay charged without a charger ending up in random parts of the home or vanishing entirely. Put time and money into keeping three or four spread all over the house. In that way, you do not have to run through the house and try to remember in which room the charger is while the phone is about to shut down.

Summing up

There are many little things that can make our lives much easier, and these on the list are only some of them. Having them in our apartments or houses is always a good idea because we can never know when we will need some of them, and having it will save us a lot of time and nerves. Every home and homeowner is different, and they need different things in their apartments, but these listed essentials are some of those things that every home need to have.