Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 – Release Date and Review 2024

This cute romantic action story has created a little home in the hearts of its viewers. Now if you are one of those and wish to see whether Masamune can take his revenge, we need to wait till the second season! Here’s everything you need to know about Masamune Kun no revenge season 2.

The origin

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It is adapted from a manga with the same name which was written by Hazuki Takeoka and released on 27th October 2012. The manga itself became so popular that a publisher named Ichijinsha decided to convert it into an animated TV series! So the story began with its premiere in January 2017 and ended with the season finale on March 23rd.


The series is also driven as per the comic’s plot. Masamune and Aki meet as kids and Masamune instantly falls in love with Aki. Masamune confesses his love to Yoshino who is the best friend of Aki but Aki turns him down and gives him a humiliating nickname.

The entire story ahead is just how Masamune plans to get revenge on Aki for doing this to him.

Followed by a series of plot twists, the anime becomes way more interesting than we would expect a regular romance manga to be.

Will there be a second season?

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It’s been more than 3 years since the story ended on the television series but until today there have been no hints of a second season. Neither the production nor its author has even let a thread out of the yarn.

During social media tweets or even their interviews, everybody refrains to talk about a second season for the beloved Masamune Kun no Revenge. So, there is no way of knowing whether there would be a second season.

Not to worry, it doesn’t seem like it is canceled. As the show received popularity and good ratings, it is unlikely that the publishers would cut down the series altogether. We can assess several factors like its earnings, response, and ratings to know whether there are chances of getting a second season to this series.

Response to Season 1

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As per the reviews, Masamune Kun and Aki’s love story was more of a cliché than something out of the box. Even then, the story has managed to hook the audience up to its plots. After growing up, Masamune and Aki’s romance is more like ‘one step forward two steps back,’ said a review.

It’s one of those stories which make you itch and yearn for the characters and the audience loved this whole saga. This is why, even with average ratings, the show has managed to survive.

Summing it up


Taking all factors into consideration we do estimate that we might see some sparks about the second season in 2024 or 2024. After all, it is pretty common for anime series to have years and years of gaps between two seasons. Well, we are just fans after all. All we can do is wait while the producers make do with the abundant manga content they have!