Deception Season 2 – Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Aired on ABC, Deception is a crime drama series that highlights an FBI-civilian collaboration in solving mystery cases. Even though the show invited criticisms on various grounds, there exists a remote chance for the release of its second season.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Deception revolves around Cameron Black, the protagonist of the series, a skilled illusionist and magician. However, he got his career ruined in a scandal. To fulfill his ambitions and to make the best use of his skills, he finds an alternative.

Mostly driven by the hatred towards the world which had spoiled his happy career, he joined the FBI and used his magical skills in solving high-profile, mysterious cases. While he uses all the tricks he knows in solving mysteries, he sometimes runs short of time and invents new competent feats.

Soon after the show was released, the series was criticized for the protagonists’ narcissism, characters, and FBI- civilian collaboration, which was deemed to be “unthinking cliches”. The storyline was much similar to that of Scandal, another TV series. Also, the series lacked suspense- it was easy to guess what will happen next. In other words, the climax of the ‘mysteries’ was quite transparent.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


If there will be a season 2 of Deception, we can expect eight notable characters. Jack Cutmore-Scott will play the role of the magician Camron Black whose narcissism drives him into the FBI. He will also play the role of Jonathan Black, Camron’s twin. You might not be surprised to find Ilfenesh Hadera, who will play the role of Kay Daniels in the anticipated Season 2.

Daniels is an agent affiliated with the FBI who works with the illusionist.  Lenora Crichlow will play the role of Dina Clark, who will be the producer of the protagonist. Justin Chon will play Jordan Kwon, a street magician who finds a prominent place in the team of Black.

While Laila Robins will play the role of special agent Deakins, Amaury Nolasco will be Mike Alvarey, another agent who is also a secret admirer of Black’s skills and crime-solving ability. Stephanie Corneliussen will continue to be the mystery woman, and Naren Weiss will be Dekker, the mysterious woman’s weapon visionary. Vinnie Jones will play the role of Gunter Gastafsen, the best illusionist in the world. Along with the main cast, there will be many recurring and guest characters in season 2.

When Can We Expect The Release

Season 1 of Deception, released on 11th March 2018, was monotonous and dull for the viewers. The series only witnessed a declining graph of viewers and ratings. Moreover, Deception received criticisms from different groups of viewers. Considering these factors, the possibility of Deception Season 2 is low.

Summing It Up

Written by Chris Fedak, Deception Season 1 was called off after completing 13 episodes. The idea of Season 2 doesn’t appear to be a near possibility considering the failure of the first season. The series was built upon the blueprint of Scandal, and it led, inevitably, nowhere.