Constantine Season 2: Rumors, Storyline, Cast & Details – 2024

An amazing sci-fi series filled with drama and intense exorcism scenes. With just one amazing part this series has managed to gain several fans. If you are one of the fans and want to know more about part two of Constantine, you are at the right place. Make sure you read till the end to know all the information.

A Peek Into The Storyline

The series is about a guy named John who is a demon hunter and a master in whatever he does. A breakthrough takes place in the world because of the darkness rising at a really fast pace, and John has to struggle and protect all the innocent people living in the world from the supernatural creatures that were released in the breakthrough. He battles them and proves to be a fearless hunter. He later uses his skills and forms a map that will help him go across the nation and make sure that all the terrors return to their world. The supernatural map helps him throughout his journey.

One of his purposes is also redeeming his soul which is stuck in infinite torment. He has to clear his sins and defeat every supernatural entity that ever enters the world of humans and keep Earth safe. Every episode is filled with lots and lots of drama and mysteries making every scene super interesting.

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Casting Choices We Can Expect

The main cast includes Matt Ryan who is the lead character in the series known as John Constantine. He is shown to be a supernatural detective. His past is a little sketchy as he used to be a con man. The other main role is of Liv who was played by Lucy. It was really hard to get her on board as she was already a part of a script in a series pilot but later she accepted the role in the movie. Another very interesting role is of Mary played by angelica, she is shown to be a psychic artist who is obsessed with the lead role John and tends to follow him on all of his adventures.

If part 2 comes out we will see the same cast but there is no information related to it. We might also be able to see some new characters in the series.

When Can We Expect The Release

The creators have not decided on renewing the series as of 2024 but we are expected to get a new season by 2024. Rumors suggest that a script is ready and waiting for approval from NBC and the shooting will begin soon.

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Things You May Want To Know About Constantine

The series might return to the DC animated movie universe but there is no confirmed information yet. Even though our spin-off series known as the city of demons has been in a lot of rumors.

Summing It Up

A series created by Daniel and David is filled with several emotions and feelings. Fans are eagerly waiting for season two to come out.