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Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Whilst most of us casually listen to music, some spend hours curating playlists, planning a social life around concert dates and perhaps being adept at playing a musical instrument or composing their own scores. Music lovers are also those who are in a band or just sing as loud as they can on car journeys. When you are looking for gifts for a couple of music lovers planning to get married, here are some special wedding gift ideas.

Unique gifts

Create a song


The best wedding gifts are those where some thought has been put into what the couple will appreciate. If you know them both very well, consider taking a favourite song of theirs and record it with new lyrics that relate to them. This can be as fun, sassy or as serious as you want it to be.

Preserved rose

If you want your gift to tie in with the romance of a wedding day, consider a gift that will last a lifetime. This is the perfect gift for those who doubted they would ever find love, taking the lyrics from the Bette Midler song The Rose: “Just remember in the winter, Far beneath the bitter snows, Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, In the spring becomes the rose.” A rose picked at the peak of perfection and dipped in 24 karat gold  is a gift they will treasure as a memento of their big day from

Wedding vows remembered


Contact the matron of honour for a copy of the couple’s wedding vows in advance of the day. Using your own artistic talent or those of another source online, create a framed picture of these vows that they can display at their home. Perhaps putting the words in a cycle in the style of a vinyl record or with another music theme that fits their love of music.


Music lovers who follow a particular band are likely to have the latest T-shirts and other merchandise, but you can always gift a piece of memorabilia from a band they both love. This could be an original promo poster from The Smiths, a vintage Metallica 1983 tour T-shirt, a rare tour poster for The Jam’s “The Bitterest Pill” tour poster from 40+ years ago. There are online sites selling memorabilia for a raft of bands past and present.

Concert tickets


Weddings usually cost a lot of money so it may have been a while since the couple has been able to afford concert tickets. Offset post-wedding blues with the gift of concert tickets to see their favourite musician, band, orchestra or another ensemble.

Streaming subscription

Whether the newly married couple wants to share playlists, jam at a party, or listen to a 3D live recording, the gift of a respected music subscription service will help them do it all. Many have a demo site so you can find the best one to suit. It is likely you already know which service they admire the most as this is something that may have come up in conversation or you have seen something on their social media accounts.

Vacation in a famous music city

Gift tickets to visit a famous music city. Whilst each city has its own rhythm, some have a strong music community like London or New York with a large number of music schools, venues and concert halls. Also consider the New Afrika Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria for those who love Afrobeat music, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado or Taipei, the centre of Mandarin pop music.

Other cities to consider are Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles, also Memphis as the home of modern American music, New Orleans for jazz, Detroit and Berlin for techno or if they love salsa, Santiago de Cuba is the place to be, with Varanasi for classical Indian music and of course Nashville for country music.

Personalised gifts

Personalised sound wave song print


Take “their” song or first dance song and have it turned into a soundwave print. You can have this print in a colour to suit their home décor or bedazzle it in a metallic style on a black or white background. You can add some text to make this a beautiful keepsake. You can now listen to the art with a print linked to a scan code so that they can play the song in the sound wave print at any time.

Couples’ Headphones

For the couple who travel, gift two pairs of headphones that use one jack. Earbuds for a couple mean that each can control their own sound without it impacting their spouse. This is a great replacement for those who have used a splitter when watching an in-flight movie since splitters literally split the sound so that each person only has sound in one ear whilst couple earbuds give full sound across both ears. Shared earbuds also have a microphone for when both need to be on the same video conference call.

Upgrade technology


There are upgrades to technology all the time and there is sure to be some item that the couple would appreciate an upgrade. Some high-fidelity earplugs specifically designed to filter acoustics to stop ear damage without stifling the sound will let them enjoy their music in comfort.

Make listening to music easy with a smart device for the home where they can listen to their favourite music with hands-free controls and Bluetooth speakers. A traditional turntable for their vinyl will play everything in their collection. Most now have aux-in and Bluetooth-enabled speakers which means they can also play their favourite music and playlists from their phone or tablet.

For the couple who has everything, gift speaker lights for some adjustable mood lighting whilst they play music from their phone, with the choice of any colour you can think of.

Party fun

Gift a family game related to music.  Encore is the best for those who love music. Simply pick a card with a word on it and you have to sing a song with that word in it to get points for your team. Another option is a Bluetooth karaoke microphone for a night of singing. This can connect to a phone and will last all night when fully charged.

Gifts for the home


Whilst another toaster is not on the registry, you can have fun with other gifts for the home. Gift teaspoons or cooking utensils in the shape of a guitar for the music lover’s kitchen.  A piano key doormat will welcome guests or decorative hooks in the shape of clefs to hang coats, scarves and bags off the floor.