Moonwalk that changed Salif Gueye’s Life Forever

Ellen DeGeneres Describes “He blows my mind.”

Moonwalk that changed Salif Gueye's Life Forever


  • Salif Gueye is a French artist, who dances often on Paris streets.
  • His dance majorly influenced by Michael Jackson and Les twins.
  • He often tributes Michael Jackson, sometimes in thriller costumes or in “Billie Jean”.
  • He uses signature moves, slopping over to right on the single foot and side gliding, often to mesmerize the audience.
  • His Moonwalk dance clip on Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You Remix” has been watched more than 35 million times.
  • He danced in the World of Dance (French) stage in front of a live audience.
  • He is one of the few dancers, who have been featured twice in The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  

The story of being sensation

As a MJ fan, I admire artists regardless of any profession. One fine day, as usual when I was scrolling my Instagram feed I found this amazing artist dancing on the street showing off perfect glance of Moonwalk, which actually no MJ fan has ever to attempted as smoothest as Salif Gueye himself.

The amazing part of witnessing that masterpiece is that it was shared by none other than Dwayne Johnson (the rock), who has happened to be more than 170 million followers on Instagram.

He posted the video along with the caption “How I strut into the gym… and how I get down in the bedroom after a night of tequila.”, followed by another video part 2, “How I wake up on cheat meal day…. and how I break it down in the bedroom after a night of tequila. Don’t sleep on my skills, Smoothness by the master himself @salif_crookboyz. His pre-chorus breakdown I”.

Later, I found, it was not just the rock, who shared it, but also LeBron James, basketball player, Andrew Bachelor, the comedian, and Complex, the media company.

According to some French media, apparently, the 24-year-old had around 8000 to 9000 subscribers before posting the video (OCT 17, 2018) which later reached 1 million within 2 weeks. He has more than 2 million subscribers as of now.

Salif has been living in the dream, since then his dance MOONWALK video got viral..

He got a chance dancing with his idol Les Twins.

He made an appearance in Will Smith’s short video clip….

He can be seen being little funky with Ellen in the video

And finally, I get goosebumps every time watching this one. This was posted on Dec 4, 2019.

I hope he does good in life to keep entertaining us…