9 Famous Music Stars Who You Probably Didn’t Realize Wear Wigs

We can notice that many people became interested in wigs in recent years, and there are many advantages of choosing to wear them instead of dyeing your hair. A wig or a hairband can help you to prepare for some special occasion in less time or to protect your hair from heavy weather conditions, sunlight, and more.

Another advantage is that you can experiment with different styles without the risk of damaging your hair. As you know, frequent visits to the hairdresser can harm your hair. Nevertheless, choosing the right one for your style is quite simple today since you can visit some online stores and choose between many colors, lengths, sizes, and more. If you are interested in buying a wig, you can get more on this site.

Furthermore, you might be surprised, but many celebrities wear wigs all the time. If you noticed how some of them are changing their haircuts more often, you should know that they are not spending a lot of time at a hair salon since they are using a much simpler solution. Here are some of the most popular music stars that are wearing wigs all the time in public.

1. Gwen Stefani


Gwen is known for her beautiful blonde hair, which helps her to stand out and attract the crowd wherever she goes. However, keeping the natural hair in such a condition will require a lot of effort. Therefore, she is wearing a wig for years already, which helps her to remain her style while her natural hair is not affected by chemicals from various cosmetic products. You can notice how it is impossible to see that it is not natural hair, which is one of the main advantages of wigs.

2. Jennifer Lopez


The famous pop star and actress is often in many magazines and keeps delighting her fans with her shape. People are amazed by her attractive appearance because she is 51. Jennifer is proof that a healthy diet and physical activity can make you look much younger and gorgeous. She also decided to wear a wig in public and avoid struggling with annoying haircuts and dyeing all the time.

3. Katy Perry


If you are interested in dyeing your hair in a purple color similar to those that Katty is wearing all the time, that process will require bleaching and constant coloring, which might damage it in the end. The famous American pop star is aware of those risks, and she is wearing wigs on during her performances and public appeals. Also, she has a couple of combinations, and if you ever wondered how she manages to switch between various styles all the time, the wig is the best solution for that.

4. Lady Gaga


Another music star is for her extraordinary and unique performances during live events along with excellent voice and many pop hits. She often chooses to wear some unusual outfits that leave people impressed. Also, her haircuts represent a part of her amazing outfits. Therefore, it is not a surprise that should also choose an alternative instead of coloring her hair more often.

5. Beyoncé


The fans of Beyoncé got used to seeing her in various styles. She is known for experimenting with outfits and haircuts more often. However, you should know that she is wearing wigs since the start of her career. The interesting fact is that her natural hair is black and curvy. There were only a few rare occasions where she was wearing her natural hair at some public event.

6. Nicki Minaj


It is not so much of a surprise that Nicki is wearing headbands all the time. When you watch her attractive music videos, you can notice that she sometimes wears different colors during the same song. Also, she often chooses some uncommon colors like dark red, pink, purple, green, and more. Switching from one color to another on your natural hair can cause all sorts of problem with both the roots and the quality of locks.

7. Rita Ora


Rita is one of those singers whose hair appears natural, even during live performances. However, there are some leaked photos where she was hanging out with friends where people could saw her natural style, which is short and blue locks. That was a surprise for many of her fans, but also real proof that it is not simple to notice if someone is wearing a headband.

8. Phil Collins


There are male singers in this list as well, and first of them is Phil Collins, who was wearing a wig all the time in his younger days. The main reason is that he started losing his natural hair in the late 20s, and the idea of being bald was not so attractive to him. Therefore, he chose this alternative and wore it for a long time.

9. Elton John


The famous British singer and composer is another man on this list. He was also struggling with baldness since his mid-20s. Therefore, he decided to go for a hair transplantation process. Also, he was wearing a wig all the time until the results of the procedure were completely successful. He is experimenting with various styles even today.

Last Words

As you can see, many celebrities choose to protect their natural hair by choosing this excellent alternative. The great thing about them is that you can choose between all sorts of designs, and buying one is quite simple with the ability to order it online. Also, you can choose between human hair and synthetic materials. There are various benefits and downsides when we compare these two alternatives. If you are looking for high-quality wigs and good wig suppliers , New Times Hair is a good choice for you ,you can visit

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When it comes to human hair, it can last for a much longer time and provide you with a more attractive style. On the other side, synthetic is more affordable and easier to maintain but can last for a shorter time. For both choices, you should use oils and other methods of proper maintenance that will help you to use the same one for prolonged time.