A Critique of “Interview with the Antichrist” Movie

During these difficult times, most people are staying home and are trying to get their minds off of the stress and daily problems they face. The easiest way to distract yourself is to sit down and watch a good movie. In 2024 there weren’t too many great movies that came out, and when you have so much free time, it is hard to find a film that is interesting, captivating, and that will expand your views on different things.

If you are looking for something good to watch, and if you want to make sure you are going to like the movie before you decide to play it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you more about a specific piece that came out at the end of the last year, and we will give you a critique of it. Continue reading if you want to find out more about the “Interview with the Antichrist” movie, what it is about, and if it would be something that you could be interested in.

General information


“Interview with the Antichrist” is categorized as a thriller movie, and its official release date was scheduled for September 2024. However, fans were excited about the film coming out, and they got the chance to see this masterpiece on Video on Demand at the end of December, last year.

The writer and director of the film, Timothy A. Chey already has a lot of successful projects, and he’s best known for his work on “David and Goliath” (2015), “Gone” (2002), as well as “Final: The Rapture” (2013).

This piece was filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the runtime is 100 minutes, the movie currently holds an overall rating of 8.7, and even though the rating may change, it is expected to keep this amazing number. As of last month, the film raised 10 million dollars in P&A and it is said that the special release will help out a lot with the overall fundraise and advertisement.

Ego Mikitas, who you probably know from “The OA” (2019), “Deadwood: The Movie” (2019), and “Westworld” (2024), takes the leading role of the Antichrist, and his co-stars include, Aaron Groben, Brian J. Ames, Glenn Lawrence, and Nadia Maximova.

Even though the members of the cast are not some of the biggest names in Hollywood, they have done an amazing job portraying their roles. In this film, you can see some top-notch acting that will put you on the edge of the seat throughout the whole piece.

If you want to watch the film and avoid reading more about what happens, check the movie here.



This indie film represents everything that is evil and impure in our human race and it follows the reporter, played by Groben as he has a discussion with the Antichrist. The meeting is broadcast all over the world, during the final year of the Great Tribulation.

As you can see in the trailer, the movie starts as the famous interviewer talks to the person who is said to be the Evil in the world. He confronts him as the world is almost coming to an end. Even though the film starts as the reporter almost blaming the protagonist for leaving everyone who doesn’t want to wear his mark, to die, it soon continues as an interview talking about more important subjects and portrays the world as it is.

In this piece, you can see the Antichrist talking about many tragedies that have happened around the world, including mass shootings, 9/11, and even death squads. Throughout the film, you will notice that the answers the main protagonist gives are not something that the reporter expects, but the tension is high and the dialogue is more than fluid.

Just like the film, after you watch it you will be left with some great questions about mankind, the current state of the world, and what we can do to change it. It is a constantly unpredictable piece that goes from a deadly serious topic to cynical, and somewhat satirical, and sometimes even funny discussion.



Most of the reviews you can find online nowadays, contain a lot of spoilers, so if you want to keep yourself away from knowing too much about this piece, we recommend you to stay away from them.
One thing that is noticeable, no matter who you talk to when it comes to this piece, is that everyone agrees it is truly an amazing movie that is so much different than anything we’ve seen before. It is said to be an extraordinary film and probably one of the most important pieces that you will see in your life. No matter if you are an atheist, a believer, or something in between, you should give it a chance, as it will show you the world in a different light than you could ever imagine. Know that it is better if you watch it with some prior knowledge of the Bible and the things explained there, so you may want to do some basic research in case you haven’t read it before.

One of the reviewers suggests:

“Explosive in its content, thrilling in its presentations without losing the rhythm and the movement, this comes as one of the most absorbing films ever made.”

All the reviews have the highest ratings, and this is usually rare when it comes to movies that are not too well-known. It is definitely something you need to see but be prepared that it is not a light piece that you could watch before bedtime.

Final words

This film will leave you thinking, and at some points, you may even get angry at yourself, humanity, and everything we are doing. It is something that will open your eyes about the things we are doing wrong, about the way we treat each other, and it will show you a deeper meaning of some of the biggest tragedies that have happened around the world.

Don’t forget to watch the trailer, and know that no matter what you agree with, chances are, you will like this movie, and you will be thinking about it for days and even weeks after you’ve seen it. It is something that you will want to watch at least several times so that you can pay close attention to all the topics discussed.