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Travel To Nevada: What Are The Places To See?

What do you think of when you hear the name, Nevada? Most people think of Las Vegas with all its glitter and as the biggest city in Nevada. Nevada, however, is a state that has incredible natural attractions, small beautiful towns and places that offer great outdoor activities like scenic drives.

Hiking, climbing, cycling, horse riding, fishing and skiing are interesting activities you can take if you are a nature enthusiast. Nevada offers opportunities to relax and enjoy what you love to do. You can choose to read your favorite books, listen to your favorite music or even play your favorite online games, including exploring

Here is a list of Nevada’s top attractions that will assist in planning your itinerary for your trip.

1. Las Vegas


Las Vegas would be the first place on the list. Las Vegas contains one of the biggest areas in the world that is filled with hotels, theatres, restaurants, gardens, and any other fun-loving place you would think of that is filled with glitz and glamour for your entertainment.

Las Vegas Boulevard runs from Mandalay Bay hotel to treasure island hotel and is one of those visited places. The hugest resorts like Paris, New York and the Bellagio are here. When seen from space, the strip shows one of the brightest spots in the world.

The old town of Fremont street, draped with a canopy of Led lights, has the most beautiful sight at night. While in the US, the best getaway in Las Vegas is also a top choice for top functions like weddings and high-end parties.

Some hotels cater for the entire family, even kids; therefore, Las Vegas is the place for everyone. You can find hiking trails near Las Vegas if you want to get a little fresh air from the hype of the city or visit the death valley national park or the valley of fire state park.

2. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe contains freshwater sparkling blue water surrounded by snow-capped mountains offering the most beautiful sights in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains on the Nevada and California border and provides a year-long travel destination.

During summer, most people visit to enjoy the beaches and camp on campgrounds. There are small towns around the lake that offer bases for exploring. It takes about three hours to drive from San Francisco and less than five hours from Yosemite National Park to the lake.

3. Valley of Fire state park


Valley of fire state park is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the state, with the dramatic rock formation and colorful stone waves creating Nevada’s most dynamic landscapes. If you would like to take drives, then the drive through the park provides a scenic view.

You can enjoy hiking on the trails that are usually short through the incredible scenery, which includes slot canyons and rock walls, among other spectacular sites where you can spot wildlife from. You can camp in the valley of life in beautiful settings of campgrounds among the rock formations.

4. Red Rock Canyon national conservation area

Red Rock is located outside Las Vegas and is one of the most popular places for hiking in Nevada. The huge red rock formations are found high above the Mojave desert and offer the most striking features and are covered with the widest range of sites and geological features.

You can take a drive for about thirteen miles through the park as you look at some sites. The national conservation area offers areas for hiking, cycling on the road, mountain biking, horse riding and having a picnic in the area as you view wildlife. There is an option to camp in its well-developed campsites.

5. Reno


After Las Vegas, Reno is the second-largest city in Nevada in terms of population. It, however, offers several attractive places and events that offer tourists interesting activities to take part in. Some events include champion air races, the great Reno balloon race, the hot August nights car convention and other popular conventions. While in Reno, you can visit Lake Tahoe, which is about one hour away.

6. Great Basin national park

Located in eastern Nevada, near the border of the state of Utah, the great basin national park offers a wide range of landscapes which has a wheeler park and the Lehman caves. There are several developed campsites and a huge range of backpacking activities.

While in the national park, the wheeler peak scenic drive is a must-do activity, as well as a drive through the baker creek rd, which you can only do during the summer holidays.

7. Burning Man


The Burning Man is an event that has been held annually since the year 1986 at the black rock desert, which is about three hours north of Reno. The event mainly focuses on art and self-expression, and attendees are involved by just not spectating but also taking part in the activities organized by the community. The event is popular; thousands of people attend, and all tickets get sold out quickly. It is therefore advisable to get your tickets earlier if you plan to attend the event itself.

8. Lamoille Canyon

At the heart of Nevada’s ruby mountain in Elko country lies the Lamoille canyon. The Lamoille road is an official national forest road that climbs up into a canyon carved by glaciers ago. The alpine meadows explode with wildflowers during summer, offering a spectacular view. The area is home to waterfalls and wildlife together with mountain goats and bighorn sheep. The lower region of the Lamoille canyon is open to activities all year long, while the upper sections are usually buried in snow during winter. You will be able to do some skiing, camping, fishing and hiking.

9. Mount Charleston


It is possible to do some downhill skiing in Nevada just like it is in California. It is easy to transform from a warm desert floor to the cool winter wonderland in Mount Charleston at the Lee Canyon ski resort. Mount Charleston is not all about snow, but it also offers a great escape from the heat as you go on hiking and see waterfalls and do some camping.