5 Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Kitchen Spice Cabinet

It seems that for all of us there is a place that is especially interesting and that gives the most happiness and joy when we are in that part of the home. That’s certainly the kitchen. Above all, the kitchen is the space we love the most because that is where some of the most beautiful dishes are made, which entice each of us and create a wonderful feeling and comfort.

It is also the space where each of us shows our cooking skills, and it is good to note that each of us has a talent in the kitchen and every time that talent gets better and better because he is constantly cooking, his skills are improving. , and thus every meal is more beautiful than the one you made before.

Apart from the fact that this part of the home can be called an arena where some of the biggest culinary battles in the home are fought, we can also say that this is the part of the home that hides the most secrets. How is that possible? It is possible because the kitchen is usually the place where each of us keeps an interesting ingredient or a recipe that can be the reason for creating a wonderful dish.

Especially when it comes to salty dishes it is good to say that in the kitchen there are a number of ingredients that are inserted in salty specialties, which no one should know. We are joking, of course, you can find out, but they are still considered a little sweet secret of the cook, and the best example of that are the spices.

Everyone next to us keeps spices in their kitchen cupboards. They are the main part of every beautiful dish that enriches the taste and brings the food in a new direction, in a new dimension, much more beautiful and more interesting for research. Spices can be said to be the number one weapon of anyone who wants to show their culinary skills, so it is necessary that they are always well placed, well arranged, and stored in the right way as needed. to be kept.

Since we are sure that most of you have already piqued your curiosity, we decided to give you some interesting information in the form of tips and tricks that will help you in storing and arranging the spice that is intended for storing spices. And what is it that we bring to you? You can find out more about this in the continuation of today’s article.

1. You can divide them into herbal spices and stronger spices that enrich the taste – to have the proper organization of the space and at any time you can take what you need, we advise you to arrange your locker and set the spices according to their nature.

For example, on one side you need to have spices that are herbal in nature, ie primarily obtained from herbs, and on the other side, you can leave all the more intense spices that are obtained from plants, fruits, a mix of several vegetables or fruits and the like. That way you will always have a tidy and simple space in which you will always be able to easily find what you need.


2. You can decide and simply place them in several different types of jars and according to the appearance of the jar to recognize what dish the spice is for – what is also a great idea is to place the spices in beautiful jars that will have their own symbolism and which will be able to give you a direction for what the spice in that jar is for.

That way you will be able to distinguish these dietary supplements, but they will also be protected and will look much nicer, and you can find such special containers for storing spices at Cookinglife, which are always the number 1 help for all cooks. and for all the people who love cooking as a hobby, they will surely be able to help you. This idea seems like a great proposition that you can implement right away.

3. You can order them according to the intensity they give to the taste – the proposal is great and sort them according to the intensity of the taste they can give.

So you can arrange in one part of the cupboard those that give a slight significant change in taste, then put those that change the taste to some extent and make the meal much more interesting and at the very end, you can put the most intense and the strongest spices with the strongest aromas and flavors that can change the taste of the meal to unrecognizable. That way you can best handle them while cooking and you will know exactly which combination to make.

4. You can put them in beautiful storage containers that you can hermetically close and will not lose their freshness and smell – one thing is very important for spices, and that is that they should always be properly closed and stored properly because they have their own aromas and flavors that they must not lose, and in contact with air they can very easily lose them.

It is, therefore, necessary to find beautiful jars that will have the ability to provide an airtight closure so that the spices will not be allowed to lose their natural taste and aroma, and thus the dishes will not be allowed to remain insufficiently and inappropriately seasoned to give the right feeling when tasting.

5. Of course, you can put them in classic small bottles with holes for easy application – another way is to store them in small bottles that will have holes at the top so you can apply them more easily in food. Usually these small bottles are in smaller quantities and are always within reach, so it is good for you to do the same in the moments when you want to cook something quickly.

Dear gourmets and even dearer cooks who prove to be great masters in the kitchen of your home, this is our selection of suggestions that we are sure will give you a great direction in terms of how to store spices and how to best store them in your kitchen cupboard, and all you have to do is apply them and enjoy cooking.