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7 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Since the advent of the pandemic more and more businesses have started their own digital marketing campaigns in order to get more audience growth and client base for their business. One crucial aspect of digital marketing is social media marketing which can play a crucial impact on the marketing aspect of your business.

According to, one of the leading agencies for likes and follower generation, it is necessary that you keep your audience engaged on your social media platforms in order to ensure your customer’s continuous loyalty. If you want to ensure that your business has better growth in terms of audience, it is necessary to increase its social media engagement with other clients.

The problem is that many people are still unaware about how they should go about increasing their social media page’s engagement. Oftentimes, these businesses take the wrong marketing steps that only lead to adverse effects of discouraging potential clients from engaging with your social media posts.

If you too are one such business owner who is not completely familiar with how to increase a business’s social media engagement, don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article we will be listing several mistakes that you should avoid at all costs while increasing the engagement on your social media posts. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on these crucial details.

1. Not posting enough


One of the most major mistakes many businesses make in their social media marketing campaign is not posting enough posts daily to keep their audience engaged. As a social media page it is necessary that you at least post once per day consistently to ensure that your audience remembers your business from time to time daily.

There are various software apps and tools that can help you with this by providing your the resources to create a schedule that can help you post an adequate amount of posts on a daily basis without failure and also tell you the type of posts that you should post today.

2. Not using the stories feature

The stories feature is one of the most underrated features in marketing plans for social media. These stories are short slideshows of a photo or a video that disappear after a short while and can be viewed by your followers anytime. Because of their short duration and easy access, stories are known to generate more engagement than actual posts at quite a few times.

If you haven’t already, you should start utilizing the stories feature for posting updates for your posts, sharing relevant news or posts from other platforms and sharing feedback and reviews on your products and services. These stories are excellent ways of engaging your social media audience and you should utilize them fully.

3. You are not making your posts visually engaging


When it comes to posting on social media, almost every platform prefers posts that not only are helpful and informative, but also visually engaging and attractive.

This requirement is even more heightened in apps like Instagram where you necessarily need to post photos and only if these photos are visually attractive will you be able to capture the attention of your audience.

You should also consider using videos on your social media platforms as research shows that videos show a greater amount of retention for most social media users as compared to pictures.

4. Not using analytical data for marketing

Almost every social media app out there has an analytical data section for you to peruse and utilize for your social media marketing campaign. These analytics can help you identify exactly what type of demographic is interacting with your content, liking your posts and following your website’s link the most.

Thus, this analytical data can help you target the perfect demographic audience and cater your post’s design to be more lucrative for them, getting you an increased amount of loyal audience that will interact with your content the most. It also helps you understand what kind of content is actually proving to be engaging with your audience and which content is not.

5. Not engaging with your audience


While we are on the point of engaging, interacting and collaborating with your audience is one of the easiest ways to bring intimacy between your consumers and your brand which encourages them to buy products only from you. When your audience sees that you are still interacting with them and replying to all their messages and comments, it will only serve to create a good reputation for your business and company.

On the other hand, not interacting with your clients on social media is a sure way of giving your customers the reason for finding a new store or business on social media platforms.

6. Not utilizing social media ads

Whether it comes to Facebook or Instagram, both of these major social media marketing companies offer business accounts the chance to post ads about their post or profile. While these ads can cost a few hefty charges, considering the amount of traffic they can generate for your website they are absolutely worth it for the price.

These ads can give your profile the followers it needs, the likes you want and the comments that you require from your audience regarding feedback. Not using these ads only means missing out on a lot of potential audience growth that could have easily been yours.

7. Not integrating your website with your social media


While integrating your social media with your website might be an obvious step for many people for generating online traffic for their business website, not many people consider integrating social media platforms to the website as the same as their social media business page.

In truth, this allows your website to connect all your social media platforms in one spot and allows your audience to access them seamlessly. In a single stroke, you are not only advertising your social media pages for the organic traffic that came from google, but you are also giving your audience that arrived from social media an easy way to access your other social media with relative ease as well.


There are several mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want to increase your social media management. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.