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Tales of Betrayals: Here is my True Story

I am a 45-year-old man teacher in a high school and have been married for about 5 years to a very beautiful girl, but something in my relationship is not going right, I feel dissatisfied both sexually and mentally and I joined some time ago in extramarital dating and beyond.

I want to share with you my experience in this world of betrayal that is carried out through specialized sites to tell you about the adventures I have had and the oddities I have encountered so that you can treasure them for your first approaches to these situations.

The people I have met on extramarital dating sites have been the most diverse

The kind of women you can meet almost immediately are those who are registered to pick up clients for a fee. In short, prostitutes.


You will notice from the very first message they will be very kind and helpful they will call you ‘love’ and ‘darling,’ and after a chat of a few minutes, they will offer to meet you live in exchange for a few ‘roses’. Roses cost euros, for example, 200 roses cost two hundred euros.

I have never used this type of service as I do not like to go with women for money, and I had signed up to try to do dating normal married and committed women like me. You are warned.

Other types of women I’ve encountered on cheating sites are those who actually… are men. Yes, this happens too, don’t be scared.

Especially with one who sent me some very nice pictures in an email and kindled all my hopes of a night of extramarital sex unleashed then on the first phone contact (I, of course, had pre-equipped myself with a secondary phone that I kept hidden in the office and never brought home to prevent my wife from finding out) I heard a very heavy guttural voice that simulated that of a woman but it was clear that it was not.


I didn’t hang up right away as I wanted to understand what this fake woman where was going with this but when she started masturbating in an obvious way (by a sound I could tell) I couldn’t take it and ended the call in great disgust. I am not gay and have nothing against those who have different sexual tastes but teasing people in this way, I really don’t see where it can lead. And you are warned about this as well.

The third type of women on extramarital hookup dating sites like is that of the so-called time wasters.

They are there not to meet someone but to vent their repressions and problems with their husbands. They chat for hours with you, implying that sooner or later they will meet you for who knows what phantom exceptional experiences, but in the end, they do absolutely nothing and you will have basically just wasted your time.


How to spot them? That if you talk to a real woman on such a site she too should be interested in concluding something there a concrete, and if after a week or so this does not happen, well forget it will practically never happen!

At this point, you may be wondering but then extramarital encounters on the net can never be arranged practically?

Well, this is true I have managed to cheat on my wife several times with normal women–yes there are those too, fortunately. Some were very nice, some were much less so but I wasn’t very subtle, to be honest, and so I accepted pretty much anything that came my way.

For example, some married women have lasted several meetings with others for even several months, because if you talk too much, there is always the risk of sentimental embarrassment that will bring other problems into official relations, so it is better to avoid and close them at some point, especially when sexual interest in a novelty begins to fade and it always happens on time.


I am writing this to you because I have noticed that other articles that deal with this topic are either reviews of extramarital dating sites done more or less disinterestedly or they are articles that simply describe what these sites are and how they work but never what kind of experiences one can have.

As I said, having a lot of experience in extramarital affairs, I was finally able to be useful to someone and my fellow swindlers. If you need more advice or have any ideas or questions about this, you can leave comments below this article and I will be very happy to answer you through the comments myself.

At the moment, just to wrap things up I still enter these sites from time to time, and in the past, I have also used other dating sites such as (although I am not single, of course ), Tinder, and Ok Cupid with mixed fortunes but always with the fear of being found out as in these sites you have to put your photo to get anything done.


So I’d either put one where you couldn’t really see the face, or I’d put pictures of someone who vaguely looked like me and then I’d just say it was me but that I didn’t look good, that those who fall for it and don’t say anything and those who do tell you to fuck off but I always aimed for quantity and never quality certainly not looking for the love of my life.

Oh, I forgot that the sites of extramarital dating always cost a subscription that varies depending on what you choose (careful in your choice, eh), from 10 euros per month up to about 30.

I spared no expense and used a prepaid card that was not linked to my checking account so I would have peace of mind in case my wife wanted to check my statement.

I did this despite the fact that all these sites guarantee that in the bank, you can’t tell where the charge is coming from in the sense that you don’t see the name of the site but a semi-anonymous company but I still didn’t trust it as I wasn’t sure.

Now I will say goodbye and wish you all good luck.