Top Tips For An Unforgettable Desert Safari In Dubai

If you’re seeking an exciting adventure that will awaken you, consider going on a desert safari in Dubai. You can enjoy exhilarating dune bashing rides, ride camels, and experience traditional Arabic entertainment. Your desert safari in Dubai will be an unforgettable experience you’ll remember for a long time.

But with so many activities and options, planning the perfect desert safari can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this guide with our top tips for making your desert safari in Dubai truly unforgettable. Get ready to discover the best desert safari experiences in Dubai and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose the Right Time of Day for Your Safari Adventure:


Selecting the best time to enjoy your desert safari adventure in Dubai is essential. Planning your desert safari in Dubai during the early morning or late afternoon is recommended. This is because the sun is not too hot during these times, and the temperature is cooler, making your experience more comfortable.

These times also offer breathtaking views of the sun rising or setting over the dunes, making for great photo opportunities. Additionally, some tours offer different activities at different times of day, so it’s crucial to research the options and select a package that best suits your interests and schedule.

Pick the Right Desert Safari Package for Your Needs:

Regarding desert safari packages, there are plenty of options in Dubai. Choosing the perfect desert safari package in Dubai will depend on your available budget, interests, and the amount of time you have. Some packages include dune bashing, while others offer sandboarding, camel riding, or quad biking. Make sure to read the details of each package carefully before booking to ensure that it meets your requirements.

Dress Appropriately for the Desert Climate:


The desert climate in Dubai can be extremely hot, so dressing appropriately is crucial for your comfort and safety during your desert safari adventure. Loose, light-colored clothing made of breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen will help keep you cool and comfortable. Additionally, wearing comfortable shoes or sandals that can handle the sandy terrain is essential.

Bring Essential Items for Your Desert Safari Trip:

When packing for your desert safari adventure, there are a few essential items you should bring. These may include sunscreen with a high SPF, sunglasses, a hat or headscarf, a camera, and a scarf or bandana to protect your face from the sand. You can also bring some cash for tips and souvenirs.

Stay Hydrated and Protected from the Sun:

The desert climate in Dubai can be extremely hot and dry, so staying hydrated is essential for your well-being. When you go on a desert safari adventure in Dubai, bring plenty of water with you and drink it regularly to prevent dehydration. Also, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen and protective clothing. This will help you avoid getting sunburnt or feeling uncomfortable during your adventure.

Be prepared for the dune bashing:


Dune bashing is an exciting activity where you drive a 4×4 vehicle up and down the sandy hills of the desert. It’s a thrilling experience that will pump your adrenaline and give you an unforgettable ride. While exciting, it can also be a bit bumpy, so wear comfortable clothing and secure any loose items in the car. It’s also essential to follow your driver’s instructions and hold on tight during the ride.

Experience Traditional Bedouin Hospitality and Culture:

Many desert safari tours offer the opportunity to experience traditional Bedouin hospitality and culture. This may include henna painting, belly dancing, and shisha smoking. Embrace these cultural experiences to learn more about the local customs and make your safari adventure even more memorable.

Don’t Miss Out on Camel Rides and Falcon Shows:

Camel rides and falcon shows are must-see activities on a desert safari in Dubai. It allows you to see the desert landscape and local wildlife in a unique way. It’s a great chance to take amazing photos and learn about the Bedouin way of life. Don’t miss out on these experiences; they will make your adventure even more memorable.

Try Traditional Arabic Food and Drink:


Many desert safari tours include a traditional Arabic dinner with live entertainment. This is an excellent opportunity to sample local cuisine, such as shawarma, hummus, baklava, and traditional Arabic coffee and tea.

During your desert safari adventure in Dubai, don’t hesitate to try something different and enjoy the delicious flavors of the region. It’s an opportunity to taste new foods and experience the local culture, so don’t be afraid to explore and try something new. You might discover some incredible new flavors that you’ll love.

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Capture the Moment:


Finally, don’t forget to capture the moment by taking plenty of photos during your desert safari adventure. The desert landscape and activities offer excellent opportunities for stunning photos, so bring a camera or smartphone. Some photography tips to remember include capturing the golden hour light during sunrise or sunset, playing with shadows and textures on the dunes. Also using a polarizing filter to enhance colors and reduce glare.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives, such as getting low to the ground for a unique perspective. And most importantly, remember to put down your camera or phone and enjoy the moment without distraction.