Everything You Should Know about Vegan-Friendly E-Liquids

It is not a secret that we are living in an unhealthy environment. Of course, the biggest problems of all are air pollution and climate changes. However, people do not care a lot about their health. They get used to bad habits because it provides them with a short-term relaxation and joy. One of the bad habits that people around the world have is the consumption of cigarettes.

Smokers know that cigarettes are full of different chemicals. Those chemicals can negatively influence our overall health. Cigarette lovers can potentially have a problem with their lungs, blood pressure, fertility, etc. At least, that is something you can find on the packages of cigarettes. Unfortunately, even when everything around the cigarettes is clear, people do not strive to change that bad habit.

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century that helps us ensure comfort more healthily. One of the alternatives to smoking is vaping the e-liquids. That especially counts when we talk about vegan-friendly e-liquids that are experiencing popularity growth almost every day. You can get familiar with different brands that produce those products by visiting It is in your best interest to pick the flavors that will meet your expectations. However, before you do that, you should primarily get familiar with these products. We will discuss everything you should know about vegan-friendly e-liquids. There are a couple of interesting facts all the beginners should know.

According to 180smoke, you can also opt for prefilled vape pods like the STLTH Pods if you are uncertain about which e-liquid to purchase. After discovering them, it will be much easier to ensure the best possible vaping experience. Because of that, let’s find them out together.

Before Everything – What Exactly Are Vegan-Friendly E-Liquids?


As you know, e-liquids can contain different products. However, in this case, people can be sure the vegan-friendly type does not contain any animal products. They come with different juices that contain different plant-based and natural ingredients. Thanks to those ingredients, people have gotten the chance to enjoy different tastes.

Reasons to Use Vegan-Friendly E-Liquids

Of course, the description of this type of e-liquids won’t mean a lot to you. Every potential consumer would want to hear the reason why they should use them. First of all, everyone has the right to choose which products are good for their health. If you are not a big lover of animal products, no one should blame you because of that. The good news is that vegan-friendly liquids are not only a good option for vegans. We are sure that all the people will love them, and we will highlight some of the reasons that will confirm our statement.

Some people are simply sensitive to dairy. Despite that, they are also the type of people that are not lactose-tolerant. If you are one of those people, then enjoying the products will be available to you. Despite that, some people have ethical reasons to consume these products. That is also something people around you should respect. In the end, it is a much cleaner and enjoyable type of vaping. It is not something you can get with the animal-based e-liquids.

Different Between Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol


We have come to another important fact the future e-liquid consumers should know. The products make these products thanks to two different types of chemicals. Those two chemicals are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The good news for plant-based diet lovers is that both ingredients do not contain animal products. However, there is a small difference here. When we talk about PG, they come from petroleum. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin comes from natural plant oils.

We will let you choose the better option for you. However, there is something you should know. Vegetable glycerin allows people to choose between different lush and sweet flavors. If the supplier you choose is professional, he will never add different flavors to raise the quality of his products. On the other hand, the majority of companies will decide on producing products with propylene glycol. Because of that, we recommend you check both types and pick the one that meets your expectations.

Despite that, we need to highlight one more thing here. As we said, many people have ethical reasons to start vaping. Indeed, PG vegan-friendly e-liquids do not contain animal products. However, we can’t guarantee they are not tested on the animals before the company offered them to people. In most cases, they are doing that because they want to make sure the ingredients they contain are safe. On the other hand, the same rule counts for the additives products use to make the taste of PG e-liquids better. That may not mean a lot to you, but it would be good to mention it. Some people are strict vegans, and they do not make excuses for that type.

Other Ingredients of Vegan-Friendly E-Liquids

There are two more ingredients characteristical for vegan-friendly e-liquids. First of all, you will recognize them because they contain water. That may be obvious for most people, but it would be good to mention it. Despite that, all of them contain a small dose of nicotine. It is a substance that you can find in many plants including tomatoes, potatoes, and aubergine. That is another reason why we consider them as a good alternative to cigarettes.

Smoking Cigarettes Isn’t Vegan


Here comes an essential part that we should mention as well. The companies use animals to test the quality of their products. The producers were using mice, dogs, and rats in their labs to test the quality of their products. In some cases, they are using pregnant monkeys and see how their organism will react. These experiments sometimes last for months. We are sure that all the vegan will get angry when they find out that. That is the reason why smoking cigarettes is not a vegan-friendly habit. On the contrary, it is totally against the standards that vegan people establish.

Final Thought

We are sure that choosing the right vegan-friendly e-liquid is going to be much easier now. You now understand why smoking cigarettes is not a vegan-friendly habit at all. Despite that, it negatively influences your health in many different ways. On the other hand, you will not have that type of problem with e-liquids. Get familiar with famous brands and the products they offer. In the end, choose the flavor that meets your requirements and makes you feel satisfied.