Web Hosting VPS Plans and Managed VPS Advantage

In the thriving of the internet and technology in this modern era, people are competing to create the best place in the digital environment to make their online establishment or website become more popular and able to give more advantages for their personal branding, business, and entertainment. In optimizing the website’s performance, it is not enough if you only optimize it from the content only and desert the infrastructure aspect like hosting server. Minding the server for a better user experience is also a vital thing to do, especially in website hosting are.

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Research has revealed that a website with a fast load-page duration will able to make the visitor coming back again for more and think that the website is credible, which means that they have a higher motivation to purchase something on your site if you are having an e-commerce site or the other business site. To provide the best experience and performance in speed and security, you need to use the service from the best hosting service provider. Luckily, in this article, we will talk further about the hosting VPS, the definition of hosting VPS, the managed hosting on hosting VPS, and also the plans on hosting VPS. Let’s get started before we waste more time in this intro section. 

VPS Hosting


What is the correct definition of VPS hosting? Before we are talking about the correct definition of a VPS hosting server, we should discuss the meaning of the hosting plus the server first to help you get easier to digest the explanation of VPS in the below section.

Hosting is a procedure that makes your website become easier and also accessible for many people in the world by using the connection from the internet as the accommodation in delivering the file or data from the database. As the specific description, whenever you have an intention to visit a particular website on the internet, the browser that you use on the computers will send the request signal or message to the server’s computer machine that in charge of managing the whole website. Next, the computer will verify and send the specific page or data requested from the database. All of the procedures are using the internet as the main platform to deliver the data from the internet users’ computer to the server computer. This whole process is named hosting activity.

The computer that responds to manages the website on the explanation above is called the server. The server has a function as the gadget for the hosting doer to place the data or files on the disk space or database. The database is the place to store all the files and data on your website’s hosting activity—a database table to affect your high performance if the storage space is running low. To overcome and avoid the problem, some users are upgrading their hardware from HDD to SSD to enhance the performance.


Since you get an insight about hosting and the server, you can now understand what the VPS server is (for more information visit VPSserver). VPS server stands for Virtual Private Server. This server works by mimicking the physical computer in reality and change it to become a virtual computer that responds to handle a lot of things in hosting activity as the real computer machine does. Since it is identified as the duplicates of physical computers machine in the internet environment, the performance and virtual private server’s ability is 1:1 with the physical computer. For instance, VPS also provides the database and data allocation as what the physical computer does in the real world.

VPS server also allows the user to optimize, change, and uninstall the software up to the operating system used on that server. The other incredible advantage of VPS is the privacy that is given to you, providing the full space that is only dedicated for you where later on, you can manage and optimize the resource for your website’s purpose. Space and resources will not be shared with the other users for any reason. The other user else will get the same area and resources for their website. Hence, everyone can be more focused on their site and never worry about facing the downtime problem or several issues else.

Managed VPS Hosting


Managed VPS hosting is a comprehended plan that you can choose. Managed VPS hosting is able to give you the best performance because the provider will assist you with maintenance, monitoring, and providing extra service in the security area. Managed VPS hosting is perfect if you have limited knowledge, skill, and experience in the website hosting matter. It doesn’t mean that you are not well-educated. In reality, maintaining a website and its server requires in-depth knowledge about IT because, in its practice, you will face technical issues like monitoring, performance measurement, and repairing in several areas if necessary. Many business owners prefer to choose the managed VPS hosting due to its effectiveness in boosting a website’s performance. 

If you are a well-educated individual with a lot of expertise in IT areas, you can consider choosing the unmanaged VPS. Unmanaged VPS is cheaper than the managed VPS because you will walk alone and get no support from the VPS provider in the practice of hosting a website. In short, it is sort of renting a building, but you need to fill it with interior furniture and to fix any problems that may appear along the way. 

VPS Plans

The best VPS provider also provides the comprehended VPS plans. VPS plans is a service offered to you and manifested in a bundle of packages. The most popular VPS plans almost available at any VPS provider are managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, Cloud VPS server, and the SSD VPS server. To choose which one is the best for you, you can try to find detailed information about the VPS provider’s official website’s features. You can try to make a direct call to their customer service and consult which plans may perfectly match your website needs.